Alpinestars SP-8 Men’s Leather Street Racing Motorcycle Gloves Review

Alpinestars SP-8 gloves are made up of full leather and have greater protection against the slide. They have the Alpinestars patented formula of 3rd and 4th finger bridge. The Knuckles are made up of advanced molded polymer. The safety has not been compromised while making those gloves as there is perforated knuckle protector. The padding is a great comfort while riding.


Alpinestars is one of renown manufacturer of safety gears like elbow guards, jackets, knee guards and is providing their best since 1963. The Alpinestar SP-8 Men’s Motorcycle Gloves are not an exception in this case. These Gloves are specially made for street sports riders for extreme level protection but, nowadays these are worn by Motorcycle riders too. The protecting gears help in various conditions, especially while riding in the cold climate zones. Sometimes due to cold weather and the wind, the hand holding the clutch and accelerator gets frozen down. Due to this, there is a problem in operating the clutch and gear and this can be very fatal at times while you are on long rides. This product is designed to handle those extreme conditions during a long motorcycle ride nonetheless they will also protect you during a street racing too.

Who Should Buy It?

A glove is a great option for all those:

  • Who wants to have a safe and successful ride.
  • Who don’t want to have any kind of malfunction, while they are riding.
  • Who are passionate about comfort and style.
  • Who prefer Alpinestar safeguards and riding gears more, than any other company.
  • Who prefer full grain leather construction than other designs.

Buyer’s Guide  

During a motorcycle ride of more than 500 KM or above and extreme conditions, you should take care of the safety measures first and apart from helmet, jackets and elbow/knee guards, gloves play a crucial role in your safety while riding. If you are going for a motorcycle riding gloves you should take care of few things like the padding, manufacturing material, size and other things.

  • The first thing to look for while buying a motorcycle ride is its padding because the padding near the palm can cause pain while in the long ride if they are not placed accurately.
  • The comfort is the main thing while buying any guards so go for a size where you will be more comfortable while riding miles and miles.
  • Next is the textile or the material from which it is made. Now a leather glove with a good cushioning will not only be user-friendly but will also bear more tear than any other material.
  • The knuckles play a crucial role in the safety of your hand because in the case of an accident the knuckles of your hand are more prone to get damaged.
  • Vents are also crucial because of there is a poor air flow inside the gloves then it may lead to sweating of your hand and this can be dangerous at times. Furthermore, vents will help your hands to prevent from heating up while in extremely hot conditions.

Pricing & Purchasing Details


The Alpinestar SP-8 Men’s Motorcycle Gloves are the best buy in the price they are providing. The best price of The Alpinestar SP-8 Men’s Motorcycle Gloves is $99.95. You can buy the product at best price here

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Product Description

The product shown here is a basic level Gloves which has a low budget but this product is powerful when it comes to safety. There is an aggressive styling along with some changes in the knuckles styling and is completely different from the previous set of alpine star gloves. These gloves are designed ergonomically to provide maximum protection and comfort. Furthermore, the material makes the glove more resistant to wear and tear. Here is an in-depth review of the Alpinestars SP-8 Men’s Motorcycle Gloves.

  • Safety

The third and fourth finger bridge is Alpinestars patented technology. This helps profusely while sliding during an accident. Apart from this the knuckle guards also help in saving your knuckles from a tear in a slide. The full grain leather material is designed to provide you a good abrasion resistance.

  • Design and styling

The design of the product looks classy along with full leather construction. The styling of the gloves is a bit different to other Alpinestar gloves with respect to the Knuckle protector as they are made up of advanced over molded polymer. The product is available in various color combination. The palm replacement is placed ergonomically and of the synthetic pattern. The cuffs are made up of perforated leather and also the finger sidewalls are perforated as well. These cuffs are having hook and loop closure mechanism that gives a personalized fit. You will also find a heat stamped logo on the knuckle of the product.

  • Comfort and fittings

When it comes to comfort and fittings, Alpinestar comes on the top 10 list. This product is nonetheless as you will find total comfort around the finger, palm, back of the hand, thumb finger and wrist due to Eva foam padding. The elasticized wrist and the Velcro cuff closure gives the best fitting while you are in a ride but to avail excellent comfort you need to choose your size very carefully as to get the best of it. There is also a stretch flex panel on the wrist portion which helps you to get maximum comfort.

  • Other important things

There are other important features of the glove that gives it a touch of classiness are the finger design and internal seams which are kind of pre-shaped and are anatomical in nature. Furthermore, the logos are embroidered and printed on fingers and the wrist to mark the authenticity of the gloves.


Pros and Cons

Ergonomically made palm reinforcements.Velcro is less sticky.
Best fit and comfort in the price tag.Ventilation may disappoint a bit as it is a full winter glove.
Durable PU knuckle protection.A bit of tight fittings on your desired size.
Maximum flexibility due to stretch flex panel on the wrist.No wrist or finger protection provided along.
The wrist, fingers palm portion are manufactured with Eva padding.
Finger construction is with internal seams and is pre-constructed.


Social Proof

These are basic level gloves and there is not much a hustle about these gloves but maximum users on the product selling site gave it positive reviews.

  • One customer is totally satisfied with the looks and the comfort but urged for more protection on the fingers and the wrist part.
  • There is a problem with the fittings but still gave maximum comfort to the customers.
  • The leather is soft for some customers but protected them well in cold conditions.
  • As they are full winter gloves hence they didn’t provide much comfort to those riding in hot conditions.


If you are not onto these gloves then there are some other alternatives to these gloves as well.

Alternative Choice #1: Alpinestars SP-1

The Alpinestar SP-1 is a great set of gloves for those who are fond of leather gloves. These are made up of full grain leather. For the palm and finger construction goat leather is used to provide the best comfort. The knuckles are made up of profiled carbon which provides excellent resistance during a slide. The padding and cushioning of the gloves are much thicker to give the best comfort inside.

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Alternative Choice #2: Alpinestars SP-2

These are yet another alternative to Alpinestars SP-8 gloves in the full leather constructed a range of gloves. These are designed to give seamless style and protection. The palm and finger portion is made up of palm and goat leather. The rider fatigue gets reduced to pre-curved rider protection.

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Alternative Choice #3: Alpinestars SP Air

As the name suggests, these gloves are of mesh type that means they are specially designed for all weather and climates. These gloves are designed with full-grain leather. The mesh inserts are strategically designed so as to get optimized air flow. These gloves come with perforations on the back of hand and palm side as well.

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Alternative Choice #4: Alpinestars GP Plus

These gloves are specially designed for racing tracks. The Knuckles protection is made up of TPU injections so that they can withstand maximum impact. The ventilation is a great specialty of these gloves which helps to keep the hand from sweating. The glove has an external fourth finger protector as well.

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Gloves are for safety and Alpinestars SP-8 gloves are totally made for that. These are made for full winter protection, therefore, it may be a problem when wearing these gloves in extremely hot weather conditions. In the case of protection, there needs to be more protection on the finger portion. The velcro needs to be a bit sticky. Apart from that, the gloves are fantastic for a winter ride.

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