Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet Review


To buy a helmet that belongs to a Bell Qualifier category, a fanatic buyer shall never look at his pocket twice before buying it. The basic reasons a buyer hardly thinks about the cost before buying a high-quality helmet is the comfort and safety that it offers. It’s anyhow not a good advice to drive rashly, but for the bikers a speeding ride is more like a passion, and Bell Qualifier adds safety to their passion. Bell Qualifier is a full-face helmet, unisex when comes to design and we won’t call it to be too expensive when it is loaded with such great features.  

Who should buy it?

When Bell Qualifier is in question, I won’t just include fast and passionate bikers only in the list rather a regular user can enjoy the goodness. So, if you are any of the following then the helmet is a perfect crunch for your set of accessories:

  • If you are looking for a light weight helmet
  • If you don’t wish to spend huge on a smart helmet
  • If you are a regular long-distance rider
  • If you are a passionate rider

So, if you fall in any of these categories, then this well-built helmet has been customized only for you.

Buyers’ guide

A buyer generally ends up becoming very choosy while buying any accessories for his bike, and when it’s a helmet the buyer need to be really sure for the following:

  • The built of this Bell Qualifier helmet is impacted with polycarbonate shell, and the same makes it really light weight
  • You just need to click of Release Shield option so that the shield can be replaced without any hassle and any tool kit.
  • The helmet is anti-fog, scratch resistant, and comes to you with an enabled UV protection.
  • Padding at the wind collar or near the neck reduces the wind hits and calms down the road noises, and lets the same not reach you.
  • The interior fabric can be removed and washed so that you can keep the helmet clean for usage.
  • It also comes with two cheek pads, the speaker’s pockets come built-in, and the strong chin pad, makes it an overall good option.
  • Also the high warranty structure of five years is attractive.


We were really impressed with the Bell Qualifier’s pricing range, the features that the product has can be found in higher range too, and thus it sounds like a win-win deal in this range. So if you are well satisfied after reading this review, please go and grab your Bell Qualifier today.

Features and Specifications

There are certain features that one gets to understand about the helmet only when you actually use it. Though the set of features that the company’s guide speaks about is interesting, but the real pros and cons can’t be judged, unless used. So, for the sake a sacred buying, we have thoroughly tested each and every feature for your good buy:

  • The helmet comes with all necessary features at a very effective cost. We even tried comparing the list of features with a high ranked HJC, the list was quite similar but the huge cost difference made us love Qualifier.
  • The best feature that we liked about Bell is the Intercom Adapter kit. So, if you wish to use the kit then simply remove the cover in the left, and attach this intercom with it. The intercom is quite satisfactory, we would definitely not count in a wow category, but has all that you basically need.
  • The high-quality ABS used to build the helmet can be felt once you take it in your hands. We didn’t find any particular flaws when it comes to design and graphics. We would efinetly like to point that if you are looking for a very crowded graphic, then you may call them simple. But in our count these helmets have a class of their own.
  • The helmet comes in variety of sizes like XXL, X-small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.  The sizes fit in to a head size starting from 58-59cm. when it comes to the shape, though you may feel it to be plain but we feel there is slight round shape given, probably to allow good fit. Also, the inner Lenin can be removed and wash so that the rider stays tidy and odor free. We feel that the look and inner quality is really good.
  • The qualifier has a better say when it presents itself with a Transitions Photo chromic face cover. Though the shield darkens when the UV radiation is high, and lightens in less, but the flaw to it that it takes a bit longer to change the effect, this may create low sight for the rider, probably for few seconds that’s it. But the issue with this visor defect has been sorted only with high range helmets.
  • Another great feature is the click release option in the helmet. Though we weren’t very impressed with the positions that it takes. Like the first click shall not let the lid go off easily, keeping a gap of 15mm. Other part that speaks of the 2.28mm of face cover, we find it to make the design a bit clumsy.  We felt the dissatisfaction when we saw that Bell comes without a face shield lock, though its thick enough to go off, but this shall attract better safety standards. But overall the visibility gets thumbs up from us.
  • We have rarely found a lower range helmet with effective ventilation facility, but Qualifier has definitely amused us, and this is one among many reasons. The chin bar has been facilitated with one on each end that opens up a good bar to let the air flow. Also, the one on the top helps the rider to stay cool headed.
  • Noise cancellation is a reason that may let you prefer another helmet when it comes to Qualifier. We would call it a bit louder when we compare it with others in higher price range, but in the same range the effect is again recommendable. Thus, we won’t call it bad, but better than worse effects in this range.
  • It is a light weight helmet, the large size of being 1567gm approx. but like any other good helmet it provides great balance together e with its light weight feature.


  • Excellent product in this price range
  • The build quality is another amazing feature
  • The face shield standards make it a recommendable choice
  • The ventilation facility in the helmet amazed us.
  • It is good to go with Crdo and Sena intercoms, and the way to fit it in makes it amazing.
  • The wide range of colors and graphics shall give you tough time to pick the best among the wows.


  • As stated above its noise cancellation is a bit less, but anyhow in this range we call it very good.
  • Qualifier couldn’t qualify in the face shield locking, we definitely would love if this too comes in
  • Many may have sizing issues, but we feel for a normal shaped head it’s a good choice.
  • The click releasing, lets the visor go off too large in the first go.


Social Proof

The qualifier managed a good support of 73% of its users. The users feel have ranked quality at 71%, comfort is a bit more to 72%. Safety measures taken by Bell make it 74%. Quietness though has been covered in cons by us, but even we feel that in this range it deserves a75%.


If you stay not so convinced you may also think of comparing Qualifier with following:

Alternative Choice #1: Bell Revolver

We would range it in a bit higher price category, but even this one has almost all the features like light weight, good viability etc. But velocity flow for ventilation system is on a higher range.

Check lowest Price

Alternative Choice #2: Duke DK-120

When it comes to safety standards Duke facilitates with FMSS-218, the ventilation option is really good, but etch helmet has been worked with noise reduction

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Alternative Choice #3: GDM DK-140

A DOT certified helmet, with a washable liner, to ensure a good facilitation to the user. This too hasn’t been completed with noise reduction and the visor has no high standards set.

Check lowest Price


We have overall loved to review this helmet and find it high on the regular standards. There may be some variations if you are actually trying to compare it with the helmets of a variant range. But if you are actually looking for perfection then we would definitely not suggest you this one. So, for all those who were looking for feature smartness in this range, then this helmet is only for you.

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