The Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets of 2017

Helmets are the best way of protection while driving a bike, but it gets boring just wearing a helmet. While wearing a helmet one cannot communicate or receive calls due to which they may accidentally miss some important call. This is the reason why Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are introduced. They help a person to receive calls, listen to songs, communicate with other bikers and provide navigation. Some guidelines for buying a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet are stated below.

Types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

In order to buy the best one, you need to have a better understanding of the availabilities in the area. There are two types of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets:

Pre-installed Bluetooth system

As the name suggests, these types of helmets have Bluetooth system installed while buying. The products used to make these helmets are of the top and best quality so it becomes costly most of the times. But as they assure that there will be no lack in installed products, they price you pay is worth it. There is pre-installation so there is no unnecessary bulk or oversize from any side. Also, they hide the installations easily and that make it look as presentable as always. They are user-friendly and highly suggestible.  

Helmet Capable Bluetooth system

Unlike the above category, this system requires further installation. The time taken for the installation depends upon the helmet and the Bluetooth device. The procedure maybe very slow or very fast. But it requires a more modern prep-work, having the choice to make your own adored head protector into a Bluetooth skilled rigging positively makes this sort more demanding. There are people who do not want to give up their favorite helmets which make this type best suitable for them.


Thing To Keep in Mind While Buying Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


Price is a consistent element with pretty much any item, which is the reason you ought to dependably have a spending range and not only a particular sum. You’ll never know when that best deal may come to your direction. Also, on the chance that you just have one correct value, you may pass up a great opportunity for it. With regards to this sort of gadget, the variety in cost comes down to what sort you’re going for. On the off chance that you need the packaged Bluetooth helmet than a plan to spend more. However, in the event that you as of now have a perfect helmet, you can simply purchase and introduce a different Bluetooth intercom, at a considerably less expensive rate.


The Personal Area Network (PAN) of Bluetooth devices is always restricted. The same is not with other wireless devices or signal radio devices. The range of these type of Bluetooth devices may vary from 33 ft. up to more than 2,300 ft. So, you should choose according to your convenience and riding setup.

Know your seller

When you decide on which motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth to buy, you should then know where you are going to buy it. It is very important to make sure that the seller is a well-known or a renowned brand. They may be costlier than other local sellers but they use reliable material and products and provide with a warranty and guarantee period.

Used or Brand New

There is no disgrace in utilizing a used Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. In that case, if you know somebody offering their old one, get the chance to grab it immediately, without spending excessively. In any case, if by any chance you can afford a new one, which would be more reliable.



GPS handling

One of the greatest advantages of Bluetooth innovation for bikers comes as GPS route control. Bluetooth-competent GPS gadgets interface with the biker’s headpiece and give them in-ear, turn-by-turn route. This implies at no time in the future pulling off the street to concentrate a guide or request bearings. Despite the fact that GPS gadgets have been produced for bicycles for a long while, the unavoidable issue with these gadgets was that the wind, movement, and natural commotions experienced while driving made them hard to hear and unquestionably hard to work while attempting to keep up control of a cruiser.

Listening to music

Numerous MP3 players, similar to the iPod Touch, can be associated with a Bluetooth gadget. This permits the biker to hear clear, advanced music inside the head protector while driving along the parkway. There is less impedance than on account of a handlebar radio and the music that one tune into in between the ride is private and for the rider’s pleasure as it is supposed to be.


Another enormous preferred standpoint of having a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth is the interaction dynamic. Almost all current mobile phones can be incorporated to utilize a Bluetooth beneficiary. Most cell phones like the iPhone require the situation of a little dongle for correspondence with a Bluetooth headset. Whatever the case, this will permit the biker to reply, close, and portable telephone discussions, essentially without hand through their Bluetooth headset.


 Recommendation #5 UCLEAR Digital AMP Pro Bluetooth Helmet Audio System – Dual Kit

UClear Digital AMP Pro Bluetooth Helmet is one of the best products in upgrade mode, available in the market. You can find a bundle of products in this kit starting from AMP Pro controller unit to speaker mount rounds. The AMP Bluetooth Helmet system is equipped on the base of HBC series with an enhanced AMP series which provides UCLEAR Digital AMP Bluetooth Helmet a more fast and stable processor. This device works out its connectivity on Bluetooth 4.2 which can be monitored and changed anytime and anywhere with a Clearlink App, a free app facilitated for the same. Moreover, the Pulse Pro speakers provides soothing and top-class sound quality. The  ABF technology completely eradicates the noise from the background while the DSP algorithms mix your voice’s “sweet spot” to produce appreciable sound clarity. Lastly, this feature of simultaneous usage by ten or more users within a range of 700m (0.43mi), makes it possible to add any number of riders using the duplex intercom technology completely that is available in the product.

Features and Benefits

  • The UCLEAR Digital AMP Pro Bluetooth Helmet Audio System – Dual Kit works on a reliable Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity which makes sure that the connectivity always remains strong. Thus, assuring you of very loss attenuation losses and stable connection for the same.
  • The ClearLink App is a user-friendly app by the developers to give customers the mobility to customize the settings depending upon the situation.
  • This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with cross brand compatibility can connect to any of the Bluetooth inbuilt devices such as GPS systems and smartphones.
  • This device works in all the weather and thus allows to customers ride with freedom and no tension of device being damaged.


  • Given the fact, that Bluetooth connectivity is being used, it should be of high quality and here it is, packed with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity.
  • The ClearLink App is about of box package which enables the customers to update and modify the specifications wirelessly from any Smartphone or tablet. Thus, making it one of the best bluetooth motorcycle helmet in the market.
  • There is no compromise on quality and audio experience as this UCLEAR Digital device has paired up with one of the best Ultra high-fidelity speakers Pulse Pro Speaker to provide the ultimate crystal-clear sound quality. powerful bass without loss of sound quality
  • The microphones are designed in varied versions of helmets that possess acoustic difficulties and require a stable and reliable high quality of audio performance.
  • It is tagged as one of industry’s most portable system with an advanced private intercom and music sharing facility.


  • The major issue of this device is about the drainage of batteries within a short span of time. The continuous usage of app for the customization leads to its fast degradation of the life of battery.
  • The continuous operation of the device on loud music may lead to distortion of bass. This is one of the frequently reported case.
  • Given, the reliable connectivity it has but it still suffers in getting paired up with multiple users (more than 8) at a single time.
  • Also, this bluetooth motorcycle helmet cannot be relied in those places where there are extreme conditions such as under direct sun or snowy places.
  • This sophisticated device has to be handled with a lot of care and is not meant for rough usage.

In this fast-moving world, the need to stay connected and allow oneself to be at its mental peace can be done through some handful devices in the market. Amongst all, the UCLEAR Digital AMP Pro Bluetooth Helmet Audio System – Dual Kit is the best bluetooth motorcycle helmet which gives the customers an amalgamation of full-duplex intercom with advanced Bluetooth capability as it enables you to continue the conversation or enjoy some music while you ride with no tension.

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Recommendation #4 TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

The helmet manufacturing has seen a boom worldwide due to great advancement in automobile technology. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth is a pretty popular Helmet and has been selling faster than hot cakes. The product is left very short in the stock of Amazon. The features and the developed technology in the helmet is something to be amused of. The reviews of the product have been pretty popular and so have been the sales. This Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is one of the best Bluetooth helmets.

Features And Benefits

  • The design of the product has been enhanced than its previous models. They have added several features to the design. It looks more rugged as well as gives a racer look. Even though the design is excellent and clicks to the modern generation, still it is pretty cheap and priced at a very reasonable price.
  • The product comes in five sizes- X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. The reason for the availability of the product in five sizes is its popularity. It has contributed to the product being one of the bestselling on the website
  • The helmet is pretty technologically advanced. It has been created in such a way that it is 20 percent smaller than other able competitors in the market. Still, it provides equal protection just like other helmets in the market. It provides comfort to the riders and keeps the helmet easy to carry than others.
  • There is a facility of one button release for front chin bar.
  • The tough material of the product is something which shall easily last for years and can be exhausted for a long time.
  • The batteries include 3 Lithium ones. Lithium batteries are the most preferred ones and hence, the product has improved its performance in this region as well.
  • The product uses the latest Blinc system. It is originally called ‘Blinc Mini’ and has the longest battery life. The product shall run for longer hours with heavy performances. The system provides a great deal of clear sound.
  • The latch system is stainless and this means durability of the product increased at a high rate. The feature might be rare but very important in making the product durable.


  • The design and looks of the product are pretty likable and have been the biggest USP of the product. It gives a rugged look and hence, is popular among the fans.
  • The technological development made in the product is numerous and this leads to the widening of the scope of the product in future. Not only are people going gaga over the product but also are now eagerly waiting for the next in line.
  • The stainless steel is pretty important and helps the buyer by saving them from various durability issues and in return saving the money.
  • The material of the product is very tough and hence, it lasts for a longer time also maintaining the quality.
  • The shield is optically correct and has smart software inside it.
  • The product is 20 percent smaller and also at the same time very competitive among other bigger ones.
  • The price of the product is very reasonable and hence, many middle-class families can easily adopt it and hence it shall become very common. Becoming common helps the product a lot as well as the customers because it shows the success of the company.


  • The product has tried its best to not increase its price. This move has probably backfired as the quality of the material of the product is not good and durable. After one year, the product is expected to break or face a decrease in its performance level due to weak parts.
  • Poor customer care service is a big issue with the product as well as the company. They do not believe in the notion that the customer is always right. The service is the most important part of such products and the absence of such shall lead to disappointment and despair. The issue has been faced by several customers and hence, is the serious most let down by the company.

Final Verdict

The product is a great product with the reasonably priced tag as well as great performance level. It is quite popular in the market and among the modern generation due to specific performances of the product. It is sold faster than hotcakes online and already there is very few limited stocks available with It is not flawless and has its own share of issues. The biggest one includes the customer care disservice. But overall, this product can be rated 4/5 and is worth going for due to better durability along with reasonable price. It is very successful in the market and hence, is something worth buying.

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Recommendation #3:Hawk H-66 Glossy Black Dual-Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth

Hawk H-66 Black Dual-Visor Modular Helmet with Bluetooth is one of the best Bluetooth helmets available at an unbeaten rate. This helmet contains best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth system which allows the user to connect their mobile phones to play music and to answer the phone calls while driving the motorcycle. This helmet provides with scratch resistant body. It also provides with dual visor, that is, one main visor and another which draws back the sunlight and smoke providing ease to the driver when sun rays directly reflect in the eyes of the driver. It also provides user with open face as well as full face style. One can the convert the style simply by pressing a button. One can also hear GPS navigations using this device. The helmet looks very stylish and dashing in black colour. Also, Hawk is a very reputed company and is famous for its unique featuring helmets.

Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of Hawk H-66 Bluetooth motorcycle helmet are as under

  • It contains Blinc Bluetooth communication system which is compatible with most of the smartphones and GPS units.
  • While driving, one can hear music from any MP3 device, answer the phone calls, talk with other bike riders, hear GPS navigation, etc. using this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.
  • It also contains good battery life of around 4 hours if continuous talking and 100-hour standby.
  • It contains dual visors of which one is anti-scratch and another one is smoke and sunlight resistant.
  • The inner lining of the helmet is soft, removable and can be easily washed.
  • The controls provided to manage the Bluetooth settings on the helmet are water resistant.
  • The helmet contains highly sensitive mic which allows the user to talk with disturbance even on the speed of 80 mph.
  • The helmet also contains proper air ventilation system which provides comfort to the user while driving.
  • It contains glove friendly body and is easy to release.
  • This helmet provides open face as well as close face style to wear helmet. One can change the style just by pressing one button.
  • This helmet is made up of very high-quality material which provides safety to the user.
  • It contains graphics on its front and back side.
  • Hawk H-66 also contains high level smart technology which adjusts the automatically adjusts the volume as per the traffic noise and wind disturbance.
  • It also contains LED indicators which are useful in many functions.
  • The technology it uses is very user friendly.
  • This helmet is available in classy black color with very stylish look.
  • The outer body of the helmet is a strong ABS thermoplastic material.
  • It is a DOT certified helmet which shows the superior quality of the helmet.


The advantages of Hawk H-66 black helmet with Bluetooth are as under;

  • The most important advantage of this helmet is its visor with anti-scratch and sunlight as well as smoke resistant facilities.
  • The inner lining of this helmet can be easily washed which helps in keeping lining sweat and odor free.
  • This helmet is DOT certified.
  • The helmet contains Bluetooth facility which allows the user to stream music, make phone calls, GPS navigation, etc.
  • The helmet also provides open face style under which one remove the face mask without taking off the helmet.
  • The mic present in the helmet is very efficient and allows the user to talk even when the bike is at the speed of 60 mph without any disturbance of air.


The disadvantages of Hawk H-66 black helmet with Bluetooth are as under;

  • Though helmet provides air ventilation system, it is not that much efficient. One has to open the visor to get air.
  • One of the biggest disadvantage of this helmet is that the visor is not fog resistant. This makes it difficult for the driver to drive during snows and winter season.
  • The Bluetooth system keeps on connecting and disconnecting many times due to some disturbance.
  • The thin chin contains cheap Velcro that irritates the driver as it starts sticking.
  • The battery of this helmet gets drained out very quickly and the battery life starts reducing after using it for particular period.
  • The microphone is not able to resist disturbance in the voice while riding through tunnel.

Final Verdict

Thus, Hawk H-66 glossy is a best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with Blinc Bluetooth system that provides facilities like music streaming, phone calls, bike to bike communications, and GPS navigation hearing. It is made up of ABS thermoplastic material which provides high safety to the users. The mic of the helmet is also very efficient to talk while riding at high speed. It contains unique feature of dual visor with smoke and sunlight resistance facility. Thus, considering all the above factors, it is a worth buying Bluetooth helmet.

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Recommendation #2: Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System

Sena has come up with yet another technological marvel with the Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System. The product is impressive in terms of size as it dimensions are a meagre 10.7 x 3.1 x 6 cm and it weighs only 95 gm. Lithium Metal batteries are required to power it and are included in the packaging as well. The Sena 10C-01 includes a unibody design for Bluetooth 4.1 and video camera along with a smooth, stylish finish. It is CAPA certified and also has the safety ratings of CE, FCC, IC.

Features and benefits

Since the Sena 10C-01 is an all-in-one device, it has several features and their respective unique benefits.

With the help of batteries, the talk time of the device lasts for 17 hours while the video recording time lasts for 2 hours. The battery is made of Lithium Polymer and takes approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge. Sena 10C-01 can store up to a maximum of 32GB worth of footage on its micro SD card. The Bluetooth is of the latest Bluetooth 4.1 with a Headset profile as well as a hands-free profile with advanced audio distribution and audio video remote control features. The intercommunication device that is built in supports up to 4 riders and has a working distance of up to 1.6km in open terrain. The audio has a built-in SBC Codec with wide volume control (capable of going up to maximum 48kHz. The built-in FM radio system supports worldwide FM radio stations with a frequency rate of 64 – 108 MHz. The radio stations can be preset according to the preferences of the buyer with an automatic scan function. The Sena 10C-01 has great optical view of a wide range (125 degrees) with the aperture f/2.0. The video recording quality can be adjusted to either 1080p with 30fps or 720p with 30/60fps. It can also take photos of 3.5mp in three modes: shot, burst (5 pictures at a time) and time-lapse (single shot in 1/10 seconds). The footage recorded can be watched on the computer, laptop or tv as it has a micro HDMI TV-out.

In the box, aside from the main recording unit, there are several other parts that sustain easy usage of the product. It includes:

  • A clamp unit and a glued surface mounting plate to ensure stable placement.
  • A lens cap.
  • An Allen wrenches.
  • A helmet speaker along with speaker pads, hook and loop fasteners and foam speaker covers.
  • An attachable boom microphone along with a holder to keep it in place, hook and loop fasteners for the microphone and holder and microphone sponges.
  • A wired microphone along with a hook and loop fastener.
  • A cigarette charger.
  • A Micro USB power and data cable.


  • The product is of high quality fit and finish and an excellent build.
  • The Bluetooth operation is flawless with quick pairing with other devices.
  • Exquisite multitasking of phone, radio and intercom with prioritization of one task.
  • Without usage of camera, battery operates for over ten hours.
  • It can easily be attached to a full-face helmet or a modular helmet.
  • It can intercom 3 riders at once without any interruption.
  • The product has a built-in FM radio that can intercept radio stations all over the world.


  • Absence of a manual for the device in the box. Although the Sena website and app offer information, it is still lacking.
  • The instructions for the use and enabling of the camera are not easy to understand.
  • Internal date and time settings cannot be changed in the device itself. It has to be changed through the application or the website.
  • The device has only 2 hours of battery life with the video camera operating.
  • The Sena application is not very efficient in integrating the use of the device with the application itself.
  • Though by itself it is moderately sized, the Sena 10C-01 sticks out very visibly while wearing a helmet that is not visually very appealing.

Final Verdict

The Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System is a powerhouse device combining the best of new-age technology with sleek design for one’s adventurous exploits. It was created with the intention of giving motorcyclists and explorers all around the ability to record their feats in high quality not only in their memory, but also to show off anytime to friends and family.  The camera itself is a very nice feature and the device definitely gives one their money’s worth and therefore can safely be declared as the best action camera under 100. Though it has some issues with the battery life and functioning of the web application in both Android and Apple devices, it offers excellent quality control with the camera and video recording along with the overall use as well.

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Recommendation #1: HJC RPHA MAX Modular Flip-Up Touring/Street Helmet

There are a lot of people in the world who love to ride bikes and these include a good number of women too. The bikes that are ridden vary from person to person, depending on the type and brand of bike each one can afford. Be it a Ducati or a Vespa, the rules for riding a bike are the same. Safety gear is an important thing to be kept in kind and on the body while riding. The safety issues are same for a bicycle and a high-end motorbike. The feel of riding a bike, people say, is completely different from driving a car. The safety issue when it comes when it comes to bikes is quite worthwhile to note. There have been thousands of unfortunate incidents that are happening across the globe right now and no person is for sure, interested to be a part of this statistic. Among these, the helmet acquires the top position in the list of priorities. Among these, riders prefer Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for ease of communication.

Features and benefits

Helmets are by far the most important piece of equipment required by every rider, be it even for a 100-meter trip on roads. No other piece of equipment can near the use of a helmet while riding a bike. This helmet is a very popular product and is mostly used by the racers and professional bikers when they are travelling long distances on their bikes. The various features of this bike and the benefits to the rider due to this are the following

  • Motorcycle helmet Bluetooth is very much preferred by the professional riders in the streets while racing. However, more importantly, the structure of the helmet is more crucial. This product is made of advanced PIM, which is a combination of carbon fiber, fiberglass epoxy and other chemical substances that impart maximum strength to the helmet for ultimate safety.
  • Convenience of use is also a crucial factor for the sale of a product. This helmet boasts of a Single button one handed chin bar release. This is very convenient for the rider if he/she wants to get some air on the face for a while, as wearing a helmet may lead to stuffiness and ventilation problems.
  • The best part of the product is its shield replacement system. This product has a Rapid Fire II Shield Replacement system which provides ultra-quick, tool less and simple installation of the product for ease of cleaning and use. This is of great use when the biker is notified on a ride on a very short notice.
  • The safety measures on this helmet is very high. The motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth can help in ease of communication with fellow riders, but can also prove to be distracting and can prove fatal to riders who ride at very high speeds nearing 150 miles an hour. The helmet showcases a two-stage closure mechanism, which includes the compression of the shield into the eye port socket and providing an extremely secure seal for ultimate safety of the rider
  • It consists of ACS (Advanced Channel System) for the ventilation. The rider may feel claustrophobic and thus lightheaded if the helmet does not incorporate proper ventilation facilities. The ACS ventilation facility is the best in the market and has been integrated with this product. In addition to this, the helmet also consists of a system which allows the full front to back airflow flushes which helps in air ventilation.
  • This helmet is the lightest helmet ever designed by the company and it weighs an astonishing 1.5 kilos. For a helmet comprising of the features this helmet has, the integration of all those features into one and a half kilos is nothing short of a miracle in designing.


  • It has been tested by various government and private organizations for safety standards and it has passed all the tests performed easily. The durability of the product, along with the other features of this product meets and exceeds the D.O.T standards, which are the highest in the field of safety testing for helmets.
  • A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is one which is highly in demand among the bikers in India. This helmet can be transformed into a motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth with ease.


  • This product provides only a 5-year limited warranty which is way lower than the ones provided by similar products.
  • The product does not ship to all the places around the globe, causing the rider inconvenience in getting hold of one of these.
  • The warranty does not cover the damage caused due to the negligence of the rider or its misuse.


Buying biking helmets is not a big deal. But for people who look into specifications of every product they buy, it can turn out to be a nightmare. The above article gives a brief overview of one of the best products in the market.

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The motorcycle helmets, specifically the ones with Bluetooth facility makes it more secure to communicate over a wireless or even through two-route correspondence with close-by bikers. The rider never needs to stop to peruse a guide, on account of broad GPS Bluetooth usefulness and durability, rechargeable batteries guarantee a lot of spare time out on road. It is all about choosing the product that suits your requirement.

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