The Best Dirt Bike Helmets of 2017

Dirt biking is definitely one of those sport in which an individual ooze up to prepare his/herself in the most demanding and versatile fields and settings. Dirt biking is the type of sport where risks and dangers are primary factors and, without it, gives no meaning to the sport. With this idea in mind, it is no doubt that the riding gears for such a sport must be top-notch and ready to work its purpose, and most importantly, keep the rider from injuries and provide the best of features for the best of experience.

Dirt bike helmets are definitely one of the most important elements of the entire dirt bike riding gears. Considering this fact, it makes it extremely important to pick a good helmet that would provide the best of protection, comfort, and design according to one’s priorities.

Dirt Bike Helmet Essentials

Riders may differ from a rookie dirt bike rider to a pro-dirt bike rider. With everyone’s own status, preferences and choices may also differ. However, the basics of having the right components in place are crucial.


The most basic of all basics is the element of protection. With a game like dirt biking where the players of the sport include, not just the individuals, but also their heavy bikes along with several others, it is important to regard one’s own safety to the maximum first. Therefore, a good helmet which ticks all the boxes of requirements set by the trusted board is mandatory. One should make sure that a helmet meets the minimum standard of safety.


Dirt bike helmets are available in numerous and distinct options. The material which constitutes the helmet plays a big role in determining several factors of its characteristics. These characteristics include weight, feel, looks, and also safety (hardness, rigidity, sturdiness). Some of the most popular and trusted materials include polycarbonate, carbon fiber, and fiberglass composite. These materials are the most used for biking helmets by big sports companies and meet industry standards.


It is no surprise that comfort, during a game of immense pressure and heavy twitching/lurching, is a vitality. The comfortable state of a rider, especially in the head area, ensures the smooth running and performance of the rider throughout the entire duration of the sporting event.

Some helmets also consist of liners which can be removed or detached from the interior section of the helmet. These linings serve distinct functions. Some of the most common functions include sweat-absorption, temperature control, and head comfort (these features are subject to consumer preferences).


The typical riding helmet usually weighs 1400 to 1800 grams. Weight is an important factor when considering its usage for long rides and competitive sports. A helmet which comes equipped with more features may tend to gain more weight, however, this is where proper research comes into play. Some helmets may weigh more than the others while providing the same features and benefits. A lighter helmet is always a preferable choice. This allows for more agility and gives lesser pressure, especially, in the area behind the neck.


The looks of a riding helmet influence a purchase. The shape of the helmet can also define the entire look and feel of the rider from giving them an edgy to a more casual look. The material that it is constructed of also plays a huge role in giving the defined texture outlook of the helmet. Graphics and color on helmets play as additional scores. Some riders may prefer a more subdued look while some may prefer to make heads turn with bright and attractive colors. Customized graphics on rider helmets are also often seen. These add personality and attitude to the entire look of the rider. This is however subject to personal preferences.

Reason of Purchase

There are several riders who play the sport of dirt biking professionally and some just as a hobby. Individuals who are into the actual sport are more advised to invest in a good and solid riding helmet which guarantees the best of protection, comfort, and design. A professional game can be very demanding, therefore, selecting the best to fit the requirements of the demands of the sport is a must.

Status of Purchase

A first-time purchase can be subject to experimentation. It is, however, highly advised to do proper research and be clear about what one’s priorities as to what are the elements that matter most. This can vary from comfort, protection levels, looks and design, or all the factors combined. For riders who are experienced and are looking for an upgrade from their current helmet, it is important to examine the pros and cons of the previous helmet and take into consideration the factors required for the next helmet purchase.


Recommendation #5: Bell Barricade Men’s MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Dirt biking nowadays is a sport, as much as it is leisure activity. There is a small amount of adrenaline rush when one is able to take jumps at extreme heights, do stunts and, all in all kick the dirt at a local motocross track. There is special gear for motocross riding and the helmet is the most special part of that, as there are many dirt bike helmets that pretend to be good with their attractive design, open shield, and large size but there are always safety and usability concerns raised when buying these. There are many manufacturers who make a dirtbike helmet that looks extremely appealing and advertise it under the cheap dirt bike helmet sections. The Bell Barricade Men’s MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet, a part of Bell’s collection of dirt bike helmets for men, looks to solve just that problem by showing a simplistic design, and function first philosophy, that makes it one of the best dirt bike helmets in the market. The design and the company’s reputation is what gets it going the most; discussed here is how the helmet is able to tick all the right boxes.


The Bell Barricade Men’s MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet has all the features that would impress customers; all of these are discussed in detail here.

  • The helmet is available in 3 shells and has various sizes so anyone, regardless of their head size, can buy it, and it will fit easily.
  • The helmet also contains an adjustable mouth vent for easy movement inside the helmet.
  • The lining of the helmet is made with antibacterial and antimicrobial materials, which keep away germs produced from sweat and moisture when one is riding.
  • The chin bar in the helmet is EPS lined and acts as a cushion to protect the chin area of the face during impact.
  • The face shield is integrated into the helmet and is present with a comfort liner that is moisture wicking as well as removable and washable.
  • The chin strap is padded and comes equipped with a D-ring closure.
  • The helmet is made of a polycarbonate shell, that uses hints of carbon fiber mixed with plastic, making it extremely strong and stiff, along with being extremely light weighted.
  • The patented Velocity flow ventilation system ensures that air goes through easily and one does not get suffocated.


Here are the pros, as to how the Bell Barricade Men’s MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet impresses clients.

  • The helmet is well built and the materials used are of very good quality, meaning it will last for many many years.
  • The locking system used is easy to adjust and holds the riders face in place. The muzzle in the helmet is well made and locks onto it easily.
  • The integrated face shield system protects the rider from dust and all kinds of extreme weather conditions while riding.
  • The helmet protects the rider in harsh conditions such as bad weather, and is well padded to allow good ventilation and usability.
  • Bell has an excellent 5-year long warranty going for its helmets, and a vast network of service centers present across many cities, this means that one can give their helmet for repair and get their issues solved.
  • The large size and the lining present inside it ensures that it can be used all year round, and one does not have to worry about weight of the helmet.
  • It is priced so well, that it will not break the bank when it comes to value, and will fit everyone’s budget.


There are cons which accompany the pros of one product, and this one has its own; here is why.

  • The helmet may seem extremely bulky for some people as it will weigh them down while riding.
  • At certain speeds, the face mask may not stay on at all times and is prone to fall off.
  • Fogging up of the visor is prone to occur at times due to humidity or even cold winter.
  • The helmet may slide sometimes gouging one’s head, and may slip at times which can cause discomfort for some people, disrupting a very good riding experience.
  • The quality of paint and materials used may chip off after a while and the helmet may have to be replaced.

Final verdict

The Bell Barricade Men’s MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet presents itself as a helmet that not only looks good and has excellent features, but is also very affordable, improving accessibility to those who are interested in dirt biking. The many features that it has to its repertoires such as the eps lining, the antimicrobial material, excellent 5-year warranty, face shield, padded chin strap and much more, are sure to impress those looking for a good dirt bike helmet that ticks all the required boxes and in the end gives one the satisfaction that they desire. This product qualifies as one of the most durable products, this makes the product value for money and stands up to the reputation that Bell has created for itself.

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Recommendation #4: 2017 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Factory Helmet

Troy Lee’s designers have built these helmets, by redesigning and adding innovation to the model and making effective use of new materials coming out with a product which is simply astonishing. The SE4 has been made in such a way that it has been improvised to a whole new standard by pushing their limits and employing all their innovative ideas into one creation, which is considered to be the safest dirt bike helmet. It is a premium full-face helmet, made of carbon Kevlar, which makes it durable and light weighted. These dirt bike helmets have been designed in such a way that there is space for the ears to understand the surroundings compared to the tight helmets which decrease awareness of surroundings. The dirtbike helmets of Troy Lee add to these features, an advantage of proper ventilation cleverly implemented to provide place for air intake to dry sweat, also pumping out moist and hot air formed inside the helmet.

Features and Benefits

The Troy Lee SE4 Carbon Factory dirtbike helmet provides excellent features and benefits, which makes it a probable choice when it comes to rough terrain racing bikes. The features include:

  • Safety. The helmets have been designed in such a way that safety is their second name. Starting from its light weight, to ventilators made for pumping moist air, to avoiding the eyes from facing any obstruction due to sweat, and also space around the ears which provides the user with ample awareness about the surroundings.
  • The helmets are made of carbon Kevlar, which makes it light weighted and durable. Being a full-face helmet, it automatically covers the face from any external force, cushioning the head from any injuries. The idea of Multi-Directional Impact Protection System is to deflect external energy coming from different impact angles and also ensuring safety of head.
  • The inside of the helmet is made up of three extensively divided layers in order to combat wind blasts by controlling the impacts. Troy Lee helmets eliminates neck straining by providing the user with prevention of pressure point or any form of discomfort by designing the helmet with a sum of 21 ports to enable proper ventilation.
  • In case of a bad crash, the cheek pads are provided with an emergency release system which comes in handy to get the head out easily.


  • The composite shell construction using Kevlar as a built composition makes it more protective to serious injuries. This structure helps in controlling the high or low speed wind impacts on the helmet.
  • The helmet is internally constructed by using foams serving as cushion in case of severe jerks on the head. These foams reduce pressure points of the neck and also have a capacity to soak the moist air, which develops inside the helmet.
  • The helmet is externally of a full-face cover, which means that the eyes are also kept protected from any external agent that can cause any form of obstruction.
  • The helmet is provided with, all in all, 21 ventilation ports which eliminates the moisture, and heat of the air, keeping the user from sweating and also to keeping the head calm, collected and cool.
  • The MIPS application serves as a safety measure during accidents, in case the helmet pulls and rotates in various directions, hence keeps the slide relative to the head and neck adding as an advantage to rotational violence protection caused by impact coming in different angles.
  • The fit is incredibly perfect and also provides the ears with a space around it in order to keep the user aware of the surroundings. The high-end helmet is provided with a side to side vision port which enables any goggles to fit into the eye port easily.
  • The helmets come in many colors and varied designs, adding to the enriching the performance of the helmet.


  • The cost of the helmet can be regarded as one of the demerits as dirt bike helmets come with many reforms and designs.
  • The helmet sports a non-removable and an immobile visor which hangs in sight.
  • The make of the helmet can cause problems related to air drag or wind blast, which causes air friction when trying to control high speed during any motorcade.

Final verdict

Troy Lee helmets have surpassed every protective measure to describe its efficiency in the purest forms. After trial and error, one would need to agree on its safety designs and effective innovative ideas, making the helmets the best choice for a value for money purchase. The technology of this helmet is built in such a way that it gives the user the feeling of adding extra horsepower to the speed with less air drag and smooth execution. These helmets come in various colors and cool patterns making it look timeless and stylish at the same time. Hence, for one of the best dirt bike helmets, Troy Lee’s SE4 helmet proves to be worthy of its appraisal offering users with premium class motocross off road helmets.

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Recommendation #3: Scorpion EXO Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip up Adventure Touring Motorcycle

If you are looking for a splendid dirtbike helmet to suit your biking needs on all terrains, then Scorpion EXO Unisex-Adult Adventure Touring Motorcycle is just the right option for you. The product comes with attractive colors of silver, orange, and Hi-Viz. It is also available in myriad sizes, that suit the preferences of individual customers, which include- X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large. Scorpion EXO weighs 5 pounds with approximate dimensions of 15 x 11 x 11 inches. The product comes in three shell sizes and with a provision of a warranty for five years. Indubitably, the DOT Certification has secured it a place in one of the most coveted dirt bike helmets.

Features and Benefits

  • Can be used, both, as a full-face helmet (ADV), or a touring dirtbike helmet with an externally attached visor.
  • The helmet includes a distending eye port for the biker’s enhanced vision.
  • The helmet includes a convenient operation for the chin bar which can be regulated very easily.
  • Scorpion EXO is among the coolest dirt bike helmets, with the equipment, that can adjust to any daylight and lighting conditions.
  • The helmet is equipped with internal drop-down Speed view sun visor and KwikWick II Liner.
  • The product could be extensively used as a dirt bike helmet with the face shield off.
  • The shell of the helmet is made up of Advanced LG Polycarbonate and Dual Density EPS, which adds to its durability and stability.
  • The dual vent position in the helmet acts, both, as a defroster and a ventilator, which is an excellent feature for the biker.


  • The versatility of the helmet that could be used both ways provides an alternative to, both, full faced helmet and a light aerodynamic helmet.
  • The billowing eye port provides a great peripheral vision as well as full-fledged downwards visibility.
  • The chin bar could be easily operated and lifted up whenever necessary with minimum hassle.
  • The face shield has an anti-fog tint which helps the biker during swampy conditions while biking.
  • The composition of the shell makes it robust and sturdy, increasing its overall longevity even in extreme conditions.
  • The helmet is essentially lightweight and does not feel bulky or heavy when worn.
  • The windshield is very light and has tinted goggles which come down with the press of a single button, making the helmet simple and convenient to use.
  • The dual density EPS sustains the helmet and provides first-rate energy displacement.
  • Intake vents and outtake vents improve the breathability factor and keep the helmet cool, dry and free from sweat.
  • The face shield also provides 100% UV-A and UV-B protection during scorching heat or blazing sunlight.
  • The cheek pads allow the easy wearing and removal of glasses or shades while biking.
  • The internal pockets are accustomed to hold speakers for establishing communication even while biking.
  • The metal visor can be folded, which helps in handling of the helmet by the biker.
  • The product is DOT Certified, and is thus of credible quality.


  • The air flow in the helmet could be a little tricky during extremely warm conditions when it fails to provide sufficient ventilation.
  • The helmet is more exclusively designed for being a dirtbike helmet and is not suitable for hardcore adventure sporting.
  • The ventilation is not as good, as compared to other superior quality helmets like Xd4.
  • The fit is a bit small for people with a larger build around their head which has proven to be rather uncomfortable in some cases.
  • The helmet does not provide sufficient noise reduction while biking at a super high speed.
  • The visor does not get attached to the middle portion of the helmet, and thus starts vibrating at higher speeds acting as an unnecessary hindrance to the biker.
  • The face shield is hard to clean as dirt refuses to come off, as it does in other helmets.
  • The helmet is absolutely redundant during heavy showers and downpours when the fog condenses on the inside, in the absence of a pin lock visor.

Final Verdict

Scorpion EXO indubitably has received positive comments on its excellent performance and service. On the whole, it looks extremely stylish and adds an air of professionalism on the biker. The drop-down visor is just what you need if you choose to wear glasses while biking. The shield view is also great and panoramic, which has impressed quite a few fastidious customers. The face shield is easy to operate; the product comes with a service of a five-year warranty period, in case of any unfortunate breakage. Although, there have been some occasional complaints regarding the breathability and the component attachments, but it could easily be overlooked for the attractive features it offers at a very affordable price. Altogether, it is a worthwhile purchase.

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Recommendation #2: Fox Racing V3 Dirt bike helmets – Seca Ken Roczen LE


There are a lot of people who are indulged in motor sports and adventures. These sports are dangerous and require specific gear and equipment for the protection of the people. The Fox Racing V3 Dirt bike helmets – Seca Ken Roczen LE is one of the best dirt bike helmets that comes as a protective gear for motorcycle and power sports. The Fox Racing V3 Dirt bike helmets – Seca Ken Roczen LE has an internal padding that is very thick, and is able to provide comfort and more stability. It is an oval shaped helmet from the inside whereas the outer shell in the chin area has been combined with a soft and wide base edge. This helps in the reduction of any interference because of its back protector, and is built in such a way that it decreases the risk of shocks. It has a shock absorbing function that is developed to prevent the risk of head trauma.

Features and Benefits

Here are the main features and characteristics of the Fox Racing V3 Dirt bike helmets – Seca Ken Roczen LE: –

  • This dirtbike helmet is manufactured by a top motor cross equipment brand called Fox which is bestselling and recognized worldwide.
  • This product comes in three sizes ranging from medium to extra-large and has about four colors in all the sizes.
  • The helmet has an enhanced and uninterrupted airflow with the help of laser cut perforations.
  • The weight and dimensions of the helmet vary by sizes.
  • This dirt bike helmet is suitable for people who are interested and involved in motor cross adventures even in harsh road conditions making it one of the best dirt bike helmets as compared to other manufacturers.
  • This helmet has been certified as durable and also has a policy of exchange and return in case of faulty product.



This product has its advantages as a protective gear. Some of them are as follows: –

  • This is one in many dirt bike helmets that come with actively stretched knee panels to accommodate knee braces with minimal restriction.
  • This helmet has an integrated ventilation system inbuilt with funnels for air to pass through the channels of the outer shell.
  • It provides free movement completely due to the moisture wicking TruMotion 4-way stretch chassis.
  • The internal padding of the helmet is made of dry Lex with proper sanitized treatment.
  • One of the best parts about the helmet is that it has an ultra-lightweight design to provide more convenience to the buyer.
  • This helmet has been certified as a recommended protective and safety gear from the department of transportation.
  • The item can be shipped anywhere in the United States, and also to some countries other than the United States.
  • The helmet has received a collective customer review of 4.9 stars out of 5 on
  • The seller has provided many discount options on the helmet including gift cards or discounts on payment by a specific card.
  • is offering free shipping on this helmet and also a fast delivery option by paying some nominal shipping fee.


Every product has its advantages and some disadvantages as well. These can help the buyer form a concrete decision on buying this helmet or not. Here are some of the drawbacks of the product: –

  • The sizes shown on the website are European standard sizes so they may be smaller than expected.
  • The larger sizes that are extra-large and double extra-large are not plus sizes, rather they are of an athletic fit.
  • This motor cross helmet is not foldable and so it might be inconvenient for some people to carry along.
  • This product is a little expensive and buyers might be hesitant in investing in this helmet.
  • It does not come with an automatic guarantee and warranty. If the buyer wants it, they have to request it directly from the seller and pay an extra amount for the same.
  • The shipping does not include all the countries, all over the world, besides United States and some neighboring countries.

Final Verdict

The Fox Racing V3 Dirt bike helmets – Seca Ken Roczen LE is a premium product that comes in the category of safety and protective headgear used for motorsports and other adventures. This product has a lot of benefits for people who love to go on motorsport adventures such as being scratch resistant, the integrated ventilation system, surviving harsh weathers, etc. All the products have some pros and cons, not leaving this helmet an exception. All these benefits and backlogs are discussed above which make the buyer decide whether to choose the product or not. The product however, is unique and worth investing in because of its supreme quality. Finally, the product has gotten a positive review from other buyers and sellers and therefore becomes a good choice for adventurers.

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Recommendation #1: Shoei VFX-W Helmet – Grant 2

Being a fan of dirt bikes and rolling it on the streets, it is important to know that safety is equally important to having fun and speeding on the streets. For someone who rides dirt bikes, one must remember that the helmet is a must. If you do not have a fancy duty jacket or sports shoes it will not matter, but a good and durable helmet is the most important accessory. The helmet is important because you never know when you will fall off the bike and your head will be crushed on the ground in the next moment. When you meet with an accident, there can be a head injury, neck injury or face injury, even worse, a fatal combination of all. Shoei has launched yet another trendy best dirt bike helmet that is known for being heavy duty and will protect you against any damage to the head, or face, or neck. It is one of the best dirt bike helmets in the market at present.

Features and Benefits

  • Keeping the most important factors of a helmet in mind, the helmet should be light in weight plus durable. If the helmet is bulky and not your size, there can be problems such as, your neck will hurt if you wear it for a long time, the risk of the helmet falling down, etc. In this helmet, you will not face any such difficulty. It is light because of the material used to manufacture it, and it provides trustworthy protection also.
  • Ventilation and air circulation are equally important to have a comfortable ride. The rider may feel suffocated if there is no air circulation, which can lead to a lack of attention and a feeling of being captivated, which can lead to wrong decisions too. This helmet has been designed in such a way that it has an adequate amount of ventilation throughout the helmet. The rider gets fresh air to breathe and does not feel suffocated even at high speed.
  • Important to note that sweat is dangerous and annoying to the riders. Riding in the hot temperatures causes the body to sweat more which makes you drink more water and need for frequent urination spoils the fun of riding. The design is extremely unique as it provides a 3D Max Dry system. This means that if the body is sweating, the sweat will dry off quickly without causing any problems.
  • The helmet is quality assured because it is certified by DOT, which also means that it has passed all the safety tests. It is also certified by the Snell-M2010 which ensures complete protection and safety.
  • The helmet is manufactured using a unique engineering method called matrix technology. This engineering design makes it safe and long lasting. The technical term is called Advanced Integrated Matrix. Integrated matrix makes the helmet strong enough to withstand shocks and provides comfort.


  • First of all, talking about the built quality and mechanism of the helmet. The technology used is Advanced Integrated Matrix which means that the helmet is made of interwoven fiber material which provides strength, and security to the head and the neck.
  • Another important thing is that the helmet is a full faced helmet. This means that if a rider meets with an accident and hits the head, the helmet will not only absorb the shock on the head but it will also prevent the jerk that will injure the neck or the face.
  • There is a light layer of cushion added in the interior of the helmet. This provides comfort and safety, along with shock absorbance at the same time. The reviews are not bad about the cushioning feel.
  • There is a minor sound canceling effect, which can reduce the noise of the bike entering your ear and help you focus on the traffic. The loud noise of the bike engine might damage your ear in the long run.


  • Disadvantages about this helmet, we do not have many. One thing that bothers is that it is a little overpriced than other helmets having the same features. This is due to the high-quality material that is used in the helmet and the safety assurance, but the amateurs should not really be buying this.
  • It is suitable for semi-professionals and professionals because of the pricing and the features. It is not really worth spending money if you have just started riding a dirt bike. The features that are provided in the helmet are required by the riders who use the bike in competitions and rough terrains
  • The helmet weighs about 5 pounds. The technology and engineering used to manufacture the helmet material, is safety assuring, but it is not really safe as others in the same price range, making it one among the best dirt bike helmet.

Final Verdict

The helmet is available on the online platform as well as in the offline stores which make it convenient for the user to buy. The helmet is a good buy if you wish to pursue dirt bike riding as a hobby. It is not really useful for the amateurs, but they can always buy it, as it will be useful in the long run.

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The basic elements of a riding helmet include protection and safety, shape and design, and comfort and structure. With these basics in place, a purchase can be further modified into personal preferences. It is a good thing to invest and upgrade the budget if one is looking for a perfect riding helmet as these riding gears will definitely serve much more than its price.

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