The Best Motorcycle Covers of 2017

Motorcycles have always been a fascinating part of a boring life. There are so many different types of motorcycles on the road that you actually have to have a good discretion to recognize them all. There are multitudes of people crazy about motorcycles and since they were kids, they developed a fascination and made motorcycles their hobby. Some of them, are not really very lucky to own the expensive rides, but some of them are fortunate enough to buy one for themselves. There are many things that bikers prefer. One of them is a modification. Modifications are made to the bike according to the preference of the rider which increases the cost, but obviously makes the ride more interesting and efficient. Modifications are also made to make it more powerful. But once you own a bike, how much do you really care for the bike?

Not all the bike owners have enough room in their homes to park the bike inside. Many of them do not prefer parking it in the parking lot as the bike will be unsupervised there, and the curious minds will get lured towards it like a bee to the nectar. Also, if you live in a villa or a bungalow and park the bike outside many eyes will be attracted towards it. These eyes could be the ones adoring the bike and the other set of eyes could be boiling with envy and greed. It is very important to protect your bike from external circumstances. Thus, it becomes very important to cover your bike with a perfect motorcycle cover. The motorcycle cover should not just protect it from the natural elements but should also ensure the safety of the bike. Let us look at the buying guide of motorcycle cover if you are thinking of purchasing a new one for yourself.

Buying Guide

Below given are the factors you need to put in efforts to ensure that you find a suitable cover for your brand-new motorcycle.

  • Weather Resistant

This is one feature that cannot be compromised or overlooked. The cover should be resistant to moisture, sun, rain, wind, etc. This is because if your bike is parked outside on the road, it will be exposed to extreme weather conditions. This means there will be moisture which can lead to rusting, the sun and the wind that can damage the parts and rain that could damage the internal parts of the bike. The bike cover should be such that it provides shielding from all these natural effects.

  • Waterproof or Water Resistant

Not many people know the difference between the cover being waterproof or water resistant. If the cover is water resistant, the cover will be very rigid which means there will be no vents or openings for anything to enter to escape. If the cover is waterproof, there will be vents for the moisture to escape. If you go on a ride to a place where there are puddles of water and it splashes on your bike, you cannot expect it to dry instantly. There will be moisture settled in various parts of the body which has to be removed. So, if there are no vents present, the moisture won’t escape and damage the parts of the machine.

  • Protection against excessive heat

When your ride is parked outside in the street, it gets exposed to the sun as well as the UV radiation that the sun emits. You might have read the instructions saying that the bike should not be exposed to UV radiation. So, when you select a cover, make sure you look for this feature. The cover that you use should be UV resistant, and it should protect your bike from the excessive heat of the sun, since this can damage the parts of the bike as well as cause problems to the paint and the dye of the bike.

  • Heat resistant material

Apart from the heat of the sun, the body of the bike heats up when you ride it. After the ride is parked and turned off, the body is still hot for a while. If the fabric used for making the cover is not heat resistant, it will draft a hole in the cover which will make it useless after a while.

  • Security Matters

You will draw the attention of the people when you will be rolling on the street with that superbike of yours. You will not want any thief to have a bad intention. Remember the saying “out of sight, out of mind”? Well, this can be used to keep your bike safe. There are covers which completely cover the bike and some of them do it partially. It is always preferable to go for a full cover as your bike will then not grab attention and it can be parked safely.

  • Size

This is an important aspect as you would not want the cover to be too baggy or too short. For this, there is a guide to every bike and the size of the cover they should purchase. You should refer to that guide and then proceed to purchase it. Also, the cover should be easily transported and used. If it is too baggy, you will not be able to cover the bike efficiently as the cover will fit the bike perfectly. Make sure to compare your measurements with the sizing charts that are listed on the website you are searching for.

You might think buying a cover for your favorite motorcycle must be an easy task, given the work you did to buy your motorcycle. You might end up investing your money in a useless cover and worry afterwards. After all, it is hard earned money. Make sure not to invest in products that is worth it. On that note, the research is vital. You might also want to consider the above factors while buying the right cover for your motorcycle. Ensure to buy the best protection for your


Top Motorcycle Covers in The Market

Buying a motorcycle cover is vital as it acts as the sole protection to your motorcycle in your absence. Though the reliability is one most important factor to note, there are also many other things you should actually be judging. Considering the time taken by this daunting task, we have come up with the best products that are suggested by most of the experts in the industry.

Here is a compilation of the best products to solve your buying confusion in a much easier way.

Recommendation #4: Nuzari Waterproof Polyester Outdoor Motorcycle Cover, Large – Black

When on a motorcycle ride, the thing that will always scare the rider is that they may lose their bikes due to bad weather (winds, hurricanes or even tornadoes and even sometimes heat). Even exposure of certain parts to heavy rains and allow water to seep in and resulting in temporary or permanent damage and causing a great deal of money during service. Most of the components present in the motorcycle are expensive to repair such as the wiring to the electronic systems and sometimes exposed engine parts by which those parts are only waterproof to a certain level after which it is not able to bear the pressure and leads to full damage. There are few companies that make covers that are waterproof but their elasticity and retention levels only work up to a certain point after which it goes and never comes back causing leakage of water into the components and their imminent loss. Thankfully there are motorcycle covers that do just the job and come in various budgets, although the only issue is that the quality they come in or the features that they wish to offer do not satisfy the customer. The Nuzari Waterproof Polyester Outdoor Motorcycle Cover, however, aims to solve that all those problems all while being ridiculously affordable so that many people are able to buy it. Also, the proposition it is able to bring to the market just might make it, one of, if not the best motorcycle cover on the market.


The Nuzari Waterproof Polyester Outdoor Motorcycle Cover, Large – Black is a cover that is built to satisfy riders of all types of bikes and has exciting features all of which are discussed in brief here

  • There are various sizes available for different types of bikes such as superbike, touring, sport touring, and even cruisers and vary according to different lengths of the bikes. The measurements are:
  • For anyone owning a sports bike, one can choose a cover that is approximately 90 inches long and 50 inches high.
  • For sport touring bikes the cover can measure up to 97 inches in length and approximately 57 inches high.
  • For touring bikes, the cover measures 104 inches in length to about 56 inches in height.
  • For cruisers, the cover measures about 108 inches in length by about 60 inches in height.
  • There are reflective strips which are present on the outside of the cover to make sure that cars do not bump into the motorcycles, in the case of parking near them or next to them.
  • The cover also contains a cover design on the side, which means one will not have to second guess themselves if they have installed it properly or not.
  • The motorcycle cover also has a windscreen protector so that scratches are not made to the windscreen during installation and it acts as a soft cushion to prevent impact.
  • The cover also has an elastic bottom that is also heavy duty, and with the provided luggage strap it will ensure an extremely snug fit and protect the motorcycle from winds and heavy rain.
  • Sometimes the temperatures of the heat pipes under the hot sun in a motorcycle can go up to 150 degrees and the interior heat shield present in the cover prevents burning or even melting of components.
  • There are breathable vents to allow air to pass through the motorcycle up to a certain level and minimizing tipping of the motorcycle due to high speed and gusty winds.
  • The cover is available for various brands, so one is not spoilt for choice when selecting for that particular size and bike available in the market.
  • An innovative feature of the cover is the cut outs present which allow cable locks to pass through and ensures a certain amount of security and allows peace of mind to the person.


  • The cover is large in size and is easy to put on any bike including the windshield.
  • The size means that there is little breathing space inside and can be easily removed without any hassle.
  • The materials used are very durable and the elastic present in the bottom of the cover is very strong and thick which ensures that it will not break under any condition.
  • The price of the cover is so cheap that it is guaranteed to be a sales success.


  • The color of the cover in the top region may fade over time due to fabric present inside the cover breaking down.
  • Some places in the cover may not be stitched properly and the piece may miss a few spots here and there.
  • The cover can be a little bigger for some bikes as their parts may be designed in a way that it is difficult to fit inside that cover.
  • The waterproofing feature may not be 90% accurate as many units pretend to have that, but pass it on to be fake. One needs to be careful while investing in this cover and see it is from the original manufacturer.

Final Verdict

The Nuzari Waterproof Polyester Outdoor Motorcycle Cover, Large – Black brings a proposition to the market which is unlike any other and with the large size, reflector cover, waterproofing and smart shield system, it is meant for those who want to protect their bike at the maximum level all while being very affordable. Unlike other motorcycle covers that claim to be the best by having fancy designs and high price tags, this cover presents itself in a very simple appearance all while being simplistic in nature and functions to fulfil the purpose of being one of the best motorcycle cover available in the market.

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Recommendation #3: Badass Moto Gear All Wx Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Badass Moto Gear All Wx Waterproof Motorcycle Cover; Heavy Duty, Night Reflective, Windshield Liner, Heat Shield, Lock Pocket, Taped Seams, 96″; For Small Cruisers, Adv. is one of the best motorcycle cover which is tough and durable. It is designed for American bikers, and is made of thick, long-lasting materials that not only will keep any kind of bike of any shape and in good condition, but also is specially designed for Cruisers, Baggers, Touring, Adventure bikes among others.

Features and Benefits

  • Due to its functional design and style, it is perfect for everyday use.
  • It withstands harsh weather from strong winds to rain, and will keep the bike safe from these for long periods of time. This also includes the fading caused by the harmful UV rays which can be prevented by the Clima Shield Plus.
  • The stratum has a double layer flap which completely conceals the bike from all sides averting water from entering. Apart from that, it has a special Moisture- Guard system that keeps water from accumulating on the cover, keeping it dry and retention at bay.
  • There is a thick cotton lining inside the seam which is stitched mainly to avoid scratches that are so often caused by the windshield.
  • A sturdy strap that is attached from under the bike keeps the whole cover intact in case of strong winds. This belly strap is already seamed into the polyester and needs to be attached once the whole cover is put.
  • A bag with a belt is provided with the cover for carrying the cover or storing it conveniently.
  • It comes in six types, namely ‘Half’ which is for occasional outdoor use, ‘Indoor’ which offers water resistance but is mostly for indoor use, ‘Ultralite’ which is specially used for travel, ‘Ultralite Plus’ which even offers a vent and a storage bag, ‘WeatherAll’ sturdy and for everyday outdoor usage, ‘WeatherAll Plus’ which is also for harsh rough usage and provides a heat shield.
  • All the types come in three standard sizes, small with bikes and scooter up to 86 inches, medium for cruisers that are up to 96 inches and large for the baggers and adventure bikes that are up to 97 inches.


  • One of the best aspects of this motorcycle cover is that it comes with a lifetime warranty with full cover.
  • It is extremely affordable and well worth its price, as it offers a whole range of functions and security covers.
  • With the special WeatherAll plus guarantee, it completely covers the gear, this makes the gear ready for any weather, any time of the day.
  • It keeps the vehicle safe from the ultraviolet radiations and also prevents water retention. It is designed in such a way that the fabric is breathable but resistant to moisture.
  • There are special joints in perforations for the wheel so that it is safely locked in for more safety and security.
  • The cover has special eyelets that are designed specifically for the wheel lock. This adds to safe keeping for the bike.
  • It has a special Alarm system that comes with a cover and works as an anti-theft device.
  • It offers free shipping within the United States and also worldwide shipping with additional shipping costs added to the product pricing. This will include handling, maintenance, etc.
  • It is the perfect cover for travel as it comes with a strapped bag which can be easily stored and carried. The cover is also extremely light-weighted which is an added advantage.
  • The cover also has a light aluminum coating to keep it safe from mufflers and other hot motors. This is the heat shield lining provided, especially over the exhaust, that will prevent it from melting, burning, or being affected in any manner.
  • The special fabric keeps dew from accumulating on your seat.
  • It comes in many attractive designs and colors and is perfect for dirt bike, cruiser, tour bike, bagger or any adventure bike.


  • The windshield installation needs extra careful installation and could prove to be ineffective if done wrongly.
  • The belly strap provided to keep the cover sturdy during unruly weather is slightly difficult to attach as it needs to be joined from below the whole bike which can be tricky unless you have assistance. It is also difficult if you have limited spacing as the elastic can be difficult to remove in case of an urgency.
  • Before purchasing, you must know your model, usage, need, preference, and size properly as there is a strict returns policy. The sizes come in small, medium and large; the types come according to your usage i.e. indoor or outdoor.
  • The lifetime warranty cover is for selected countries only.
  • Some extra services and uses such as rough all weather cover or the heat shield come only with certain expensive models.

Final Verdict

This bike cover is one of the most versatile covers that are sold, today in the market, for such an affordable price. It is multi-skilled as it performs multiple functions, and keeps the bike safe; secure. The cover is useful for both indoor and outdoor use, traveling purposes and also some added functions such as a vent, heat shield, sturdy bike strap, storage strap bag and all-weather resistant. The only two aspects to be careful about before you purchase it, one is the size of your bike. Know your model, size, and the specific usage. The next is the warranty. Make sure you know the warranty cover and whether it is applicable for your country.

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Recommendation #2: Guardian by Dowco – Weather All Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

Spending a lot of money on a motorcycle and researching on critical criteria like- design, model, style, mileage and others, ensures that you buy a good motorcycle. But if you don’t spend some amount on accessories to keep the vehicle long lasting and give it all round protection, your money will go in vain. It is essential to buy a good motorcycle cover to protect the bike from harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfall, and harsh summer, or even dust. Guardian by Dowco motorcycle cover is a really good brand to buy good quality covers.

The quality is top notch and the material used will keep the bike absolutely safe and protected from all the weather conditions. The cover is loaded with so many features and all this comes at such an affordable price tag that it is unbelievable.

Features and Benefits

This motorcycle cover showcases some great features and has many benefits of using it.

  • The cover has full body size, and so it will cover the motorcycle entirely giving it an all-round protection and coverage
  • The cover comes in different sizes like- Medium, XL, XXXL, etc. The varied sizes are available for different types of bikes.
  • The material used in the cover is waterproof but breathable.
  • Cotton fabric is used in windshield area, so that it doesn’t give any scratches to the bike.
  • Another wonderful feature of Guardian motorcycle cover is that it comes with moisture guard vent system to prevent any buildup of moisture inside the cover.
  • There is strap inside the cover which helps in securing the bike. So, if the bike is parked outside and high winds are blowing, the cover won’t come out as it has safely secured the bike.
  • There is ClimaShield Plus Technology used in the cover which protects the motorcycle from getting faded due to the UV rays, rain, and mildew.
  • The cover comes with heat shield coating.
  • Security feature is also added in the cover.
  • The cover comes in a bag which is compressible, so that it doesn’t occupy a large area and is easy to carry.


Guardian by Dowco motorcycle cover is one of the best motorcycle covers as it is not merely a cover but comes with add-on features that enhance its quality and makes it a durable cover.

  • It can be used to cover the motorcycle both indoors and outdoors
  • The cover comes in full body size so whether you have a scooter, motorcycle, or sports bike, it can keep the vehicle protected
  • The cover comes at an affordable price. There are too many features and a very affordable price tag to keep the motorcycle protected from harsh climatic conditions and increases its performance and durability.
  • The layout of the cover is designed keeping in mind all the practical conditions. There is space on the cover to pass the lock from it overall adding to its security which is a big advantage.
  • There is shiny coating done on the cover so that the vehicle parked can be seen from a distance
  • The cover also features double taped seams. This seals the cover when it is used to cover the vehicle. As a result, it doesn’t let any foreign materials enter the shielded cover.
  • The moisture guard vent system enabled in the cover doesn’t let it settle on the vehicle and make its escape from the cover
  • The water-proof coating is done on the motorcycle to protect from rain.
  • A heat shield which is made up of vented aluminized coating is there on the cover and so it doesn’t melt if the silencer or the motor is still hot. This is an added benefit of this cover.


There are some minor defects with the product as experienced by many customers who have bought this motorcycle cover.

  • There are some problems with the waterproof coating on the cover. It claims of protecting the vehicle from heavy rains but it was not even able to protect the vehicle even from the dew from the night.
  • The cover may not last as long as claimed by the company as many consumers who have used this cover say that the cover only lasted for less than a year. However, the durability of the cover also depends on keeping it in proper conditions.
  • The quality of the cover may not be of supreme quality as claimed. Many consumers found that their cover ripped off within weeks.

Final Verdict

Overall, it can be said that the Guardian by Dowco motorcycle cover is really amazing and it can be given a high rating for its mega features. The cover is truly equipped with all the features and keeps the vehicle protected. There are some minor setbacks experienced by some consumers but it is possible that the cover didn’t last longer because it wasn’t kept properly.

The cover is of full size, added with security features, a belt, and can be kept indoors as well as outdoors giving it an all-round rating. The brand is a trusted name and manufactures good quality covers. This cover is value for the money compared to its cost, and one should definitely buy this cover if they are keen on keeping their vehicle safe from the external elements.

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Recommendation #1: Guardian by Dowco

Buying a motorcycle is a heavy investment for a lot of people and taking care of it is the primary concern of the buyers. Also, some people use their vehicles for sports and adventure activities. These require specific gear and equipment for the protection of the adventure vehicle. The Guardian motorcycle cover by Dowco is one of the best motorcycle covers that comes as a protective piece of fabric for motorcycle and similar vehicles. This cover designed specifically to protect the two-wheeler vehicles like motorcycles or scooters. The Guardian motorcycle cover by Dowco is the best motorcycle cover in the market that is used for heavy duty and everyday outdoor use. The covers have been made with climatized technology that provides maximum protection against harsh weather conditions like rain, mildew, UV rays, etc. All the covers are designed in Wisconsin, USA by using premium fabrics and technology   

Features and Benefits

Here are the main features and characteristics of the Guardian motorcycle cover by Dowco: –

  • This motorcycle cover is manufactured by a top sport equipment brand called Dowco.
  • This product comes in five sizes ranging from medium to triple extra-large and also has other types including adventure touring, cruisers, scooters and sport.
  • The motorcycle cover is made with premium fabrics including climatized technology and is designed in Wisconsin, USA.
  • The weight and dimensions of the helmet vary by sizes and types of vehicles, motorcycle and scooter.
  • This product is suitable for people who are interested and involved in motorsport adventures even in harsh weather conditions like rain, mildew, etc. making it one of the best motorcycle covers as compared to other manufacturers.
  • This motorcycle cover has been certified as durable and also has a policy of exchange and return in case of faulty product.


This product has its advantages as a protective piece of fabric for vehicles. Some of them are as follows: –

  • The Guardian motorcycle cover by Dowco is lined with premium 300D polyester fabric which makes this motorcycle cover waterproof as well as breathable.
  • This motorcycle cover come with a heat shield that is placed in places underneath the cover where it meets the pipes that are warm immediately after a ride.
  • The motorcycle cover also has soft cotton fabrics that that are made for the protection of bike from scratches.
  • All the covers by Dowco are featured with vent system that acts as a guard for reflective moisture. In fact, it prevents the motorcycle from building up moisture under the cover and also helps in night time visibility.
  • One of the best feature about the cover is that it has an elastic shock cord which is sewn at the bottom of the covers for a snug and proper fit.
  • This motorcycle cover comes with a belly strap made with polyester webbing sewn in the cover for preventing the cover from flying off against high winds.
  • It also has a drawstring making it easy to carry.
  • The item can be shipped anywhere in the United States and also to some countries other than the United States.
  • The motorcycle cover has gotten a collective customer review of 4.6 stars out of 5 on making it the best motorcycle cover.
  • The seller has provided many discount options on the helmet including gift cards or discounts on payment by a specific card.
  • is offering free shipping on this motorcycle cover and also a fast delivery option by paying some nominal extra charge.
  • It comes with a full lifetime durability and warranty verified by the manufacturer.


Every product has its advantages and some disadvantages as well. These can help the buyer form a concrete decision on buying this motorcycle cover or not. Here are some of the drawbacks of the Guardian motorcycle cover by Dowco: 

  • The sizes shown on the website are standard sizes so they may fit smaller as expected because the vehicle type differs and may or may not be appropriate for all the types of motorcycles or scooters.
  • The larger sizes that are extra-large and double extra-large might not be plus sizes, leaving a possibility that they will not fit customized motorcycles or scooters.
  • This motorcycle cover is not tear resistant and so it might be prone to tearing off by animal paws or anything else that is sharp and pointed.
  • This product is a little expensive for a motorcycle cover and buyers might be hesitant in investing.
  • The shipping does not include all the countries over the world besides United States and some other nearby ones.

Final Verdict

The Guardian motorcycle cover by Dowco is a premium product that comes in the category of safety and protective piece of fabric that is used to cover motorcycles and other two wheelers. This product has a lot of benefits for people who love to go on motorsport adventures such as being water and dust resistant, UV protection, climatized plus technology, cotton lining for scratch resistance, heavy duty material, surviving harsh weathers, etc. All the products have some pros and cons, not leaving this motorcycle cover an exception. All these benefits and backlogs are discussed above which make the buyer decide whether to choose the product or not. Finally, the motorcycle cover has gotten a positive review from other buyers and sellers and therefore becomes a good choice for people who want to choose a good quality and durable protection for their vehicles.

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Motorcycle covers are one of the most important accessories when you buy a bike for yourself. The bikes are super expensive and you would not want them damaged or being stolen. One of the best ways to select a cover for yourself is to go online and when you search for the covers, check for the compatibility. Also, you can go to a retail store and ask for the guide. This way you will be able to buy a perfectly sized cover for your bike which will protect it against all the odds no matter what. Make sure that you choose the product that provides maximum protection to your possession. All these products, considering the reputation of the providers in the industry, are pretty self-explanatory but then we have come up with the differences to help you come up with the one that suits your motorcycle.

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