The Best Motorcycle Gloves of 2017

There’s petite dispute that the sole most vital part of security you can perhaps wear on a motorbike is a helmet. Why? Because one needs their brain undamaged to be alive, and it would perhaps be pleasant if your face was not frayed in the occurrence of an impromptu conference with the asphalt. But that’s clear. What’s a harder query is- what is the subsequent, most vital gear of security one should use?

It’s arguable, but a number of bike riders pick motorbike gloves, and for a very valid purpose. It is untainted humanoid nature to lay your hands low in the occurrence of a collapse, and in a motorbike mishap, an individual’s hands can certainly have plenty of injury imposed to render them unusable. One needs to think about how much they use their hands- while working, writing, using the restroom, cooking, the list is countless. The main point is hands need just as much protection because they are pretty vital and without the hands being unharmed, your daily lifestyles can be affected. This purchaser’s guide tells you all about motorcycle gloves and how to select the perfect one.

Features of Motorcycle Gloves

Motorbike gloves have a number of detailed characteristics that are devised to do binary things that are grave when on a motorbike. They are:

  1. Shielding your hands from the milieu to maintain ease and adequate bike management while running the motorcycle.
  2. Defending your hands from damage and crash in the occurrence of a mishap.

To keep an individual contented and harmless when collapsing is the main aim of motorcycle gloves. That’s exactly what they are devised to do- things that your hardware stock specials basically are not efficient enough to do.

Seems simple, but their numerous diverse types and varieties from diverse manufacturers at diverse charges that will work inversely. There are a number of choices to select from- small, single-coated leather ones to striking filled-gauntlet bike race ones made using kangaroo, titanium and stingray. And yes, they exist. Conversely, there are some vital qualities one will find in approximately each genuine motorbike glove. They are:

  1. Qualities to guard you from motorbike-definite collision, for instance, toughened knuckles, palm sliders, binary-coatings in effect zones and many more.
  2. Pre-arched creation to permit easy clutching of grasps.
  3. Hardwearing closing routines, so that the glove does not slip off in case of a mishap.
  4. Aeration or climate defense- depends on what season or climate the glove is for.

Hence, it is important to get your hands on the best motorcycle gloves in the market. Motorbike glove producers, getting ages of response from bike riders and far-reaching reports of damages from motorbike accidents, prudently put together characteristics like these into motorbike gloves.

The price may be higher, but it surely will pay off if any mishap were to occur.

Things To Keep in Mind While Buying Motorcycle Gloves

There are a few spaces and features that an individual should look for prudently when buying motorcycle gloves. They are:

  • Fitting – This is by far the most important thing to look for when buying gloves. They must be tight enough for you to feel the controls and to not come off but at the same time, they should not, in any way, make your hands feel uncomfortable. So, keep trying on till you find the correct fit.
  • Sensation – It is important for the gloves to feel comfortable against the skin. If it gives you rashes and hurts you while you’re riding, there is no point buying them if they are going to hurt you. Pay attention to the feel, is there a lot of internal liner or is there very little of it or do they obstruct and hinder the movement of your fingers?
  • Structure – Pay attention to the construction of the motorcycle gloves. It has to be something you like and are comfortable wearing on a daily basis. The material and features matter the most, check for the inner layer and external sewing and the sort of material of your preference, be it kangaroo skin, cowhide or manmade.
  • Characteristics – The features are one of the most important things you should look for. You can’t use a regular motorcycle glove racing and vice versa.

Hence, the venting, supplementary guards, length, padding cushions, and your preference are what you should look for when checking the features.

Recommendation #5: Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves are premium quality riding gloves, especially suited for extensive usage in cold weather. Cold and chilly weather may often prove to be disruptive for bike riding as hands tend to become cold and lose grip. The situation calls for a premium product that will keep the hands warm. Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves is the among the best motorcycle gloves in such a situation. Crafted using the best modern technologies, Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves provides optimum protection from both cold and humidity. The Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves are beautifully made gauntlet-style hand gears, with leather reinforcements. It features a hook as well as a loop closure wrist-retention strapping along with a toggle and a draw cord around the upper part of the cuff. With so many features and reinforcements, these premium gauntlets will surely help make your journeys safe and comfortable.

Features and Benefits

  • Supple drum dyed cowhide outer covering

The outer covering of these gloves is made of supple drum-dyed cowhide leather which makes these light and durable. The complete absence of vents, panels or gaps in the outer cowhide covering ensures that the outside cold or rain finds no way in.

  • Leather Reinforcements

The Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves have tougher leather reinforcements at places on the outer covering. These tough leather reinforcements are located across the palm area along the base of the fingertips, and all along the bases of the thumb and the little finger along the outer perimeter of the glove. These reinforcements provide added protection from the cold, while, adding to the durability of the gloves.

  • 100G Thinsulate

The gloves use 100 grams of Thinsulate for inner lining instead of bulky inner linings. This makes the gloves easier to handle and reduces the load on the hands without compromising the protection from cold.

  • Waterproof Dry-Tech Midliner

Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves use a premium Dry-Tech Midliner under the tough outer covering. This Midliner is waterproof, and is also equipped with drying technology, especially developed for these gloves. This Midliner makes the gloves completely waterproof and helps keep hands dry, warm and protected.

  • Integrated high-density knuckle armor

The back side of the gloves has been fitted with reinforced high-density knuckle protectors. These knuckle protectors are strong and flexible, aiding in providing an easier and stronger grip while protecting the upper side of hands from cold while riding.

  • Vibration dissipating gel palm

The heel of either palm is fitted with adequate cushioning filled with a vibration proof gel. This gel filled soft cushioning below the palm helps in dissipating any vibrations or distortions caused by motorcycle or the track. The gel-filled layer also helps in creating enough heat insulation between the handle of the motorcycle and the palm so that no heat dissipation occurs.

  • Pre-curved user-friendly design

The gloves are designed in a user-friendly way with the portion along the fingers pre-curved for effective grip and handling. Both, the exterior and interior, are well lined and insulated having a friendly design. The pre-curved areas, along the fingers, along with protective knuckle armor make the grip action easy and comfortable even for longer hours at a time.

  • Articulated full-flex expansion panels on fingers

While riding in adverse weather conditions for long hours, finger flexing seems to be a serious problem. To tackle this effectively, the Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves feature a full-flex expansion panel at the knuckle of each finger to prevent issues such as finger fatigue and finger flexion.

  • Secure hook and loop wrist closure

The Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves feature a unique type of glove having both a hook and a loop wrist. This 2-way secure wrist closure ensures that the wrists, and hands are protected from the outside cold, while also providing no discomfort at the wrists.

  • Toggle and draw cord at the top of the cuff

Further aiding the wrist closure, the top of the cuff area is protected well using a toggle and a draw cord. This toggle, draw cord combination at the upper side of the cuffs seals away the cold weather further.


  • The gloves are cold resistant and protect the rider’s hands from cold even under adverse conditions.
  • The gloves are extremely lightweight due to the usage of Thinsulate and makes riding easier and more comfortable
  • The gloves provide very good protection of hands and knuckles from weather, vibration or shock.
  • Better grip, courtesy of pre-curved fingers, ensure that long rides are equally comfortable
  • Gauntlet style friendly design makes the gloves look sleek and stylish while being tough and protective at the same time.
  • Hook and Loop Velcro wrist closing seals out the cold while being easy to use.
  • Waterproof gloves due to the presence of dry-tech midliner.
  • Available in 6 different sizes.


  • Lack of air-ventilation or channelling systems, makes these gloves unsuitable for usage in warmer conditions or hotter temperatures.
  • The occasional size-chart mismatch might occur, buying one size higher than the usual size is recommended.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves seems like a superb product. With these top-notch features, dedicated to protecting the rider from cold and rain, these premium quality gloves have it all. Available in 6 different sizes and variants to choose from, these gloves provide optimum protection to your hands, making them one of the best motorcycle gloves to choose from.

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Recommendation #4: Klim 5034-000-130-000 Mojave Pro Glove MD

All men are bike lovers, or at least it is safe to assume 90% of the men are. There are two types of people who love bikes, one who can afford the bikes and those who cannot. The people who can afford the bikes can also afford to ride them and show them off to the world. The feel of riding a bike, people say, is completely different from driving a car. The air on the face, the miles of road ahead of you are some of the factors that are bound to bring out the excitement inside you. Bikes are also cheaper than cars, and this applies to the high-end ones also. Bikes are something every man needs to own at least once in his lifetime.

There is, however, there is a safety issue when it comes when it comes to bikes. The bikes, especially the superbikes, when ridden require specific safety gear. This safety gear, if worn, minimises the injury that the rider and the passenger will experience in the case of an unfortunate incident. Among these, the one which is on the lower end of the priority list, yet deemed very important, are safety gloves.

Features and benefits

The company is deemed a global leader in the manufacturing of safety gear for bikers and are also pioneers in the designing and development of gear related to bikers. They also produce safety gear for snowmobile riders. This product, like all other products produced by the company is rated among the first ten products in the “best motorcycle gloves for riders” list available in the online forum. It is also rated the best vented off road glove available in the market today. The various features of this product are

  • Fully ventilated chassis gloves provide the required comfort and safety to the riders. Continuous handling of the accelerator can sometimes numb the hand and cause cramps on the hand if there isn’t sufficient blood flow or air flow inside the gloves. As the product is porous so that ventilation takes place, the risk of suffering from cramps or numbness eliminated.
  • The presence of Single layer petards microevent perforated leather on the palms provides an amazing grip to the rider and sweat also is absorbed instantaneously so that the rider doesn’t lose grip on the acceleration handle.
  • There is a breathable elastic spacer mesh at the wrist closure which contributes to increased breathability and a secure fit. This prevents the biker from stopping frequently to adjust gear.
  • Night time visibility is an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration for riding bikes as most of the long bike rides may include riding at night. For this purpose, the product is equipped with 3M Scotchlite reflective material on the back of the hand. The safety of the rider is thus enhanced.
  • The Velcro provided at the base of the wrist ensures that a secure fit of the glove on the hand is possible, thus decreasing the number of times the biker has to stop and adjust the gear.
  • The dexterity of the product has been enhanced manifold by the presence of the feature of rolled up fingertips and this has also been deemed to increase durability of the product.
  • The safety of the rider, as said before, is at risk while riding. The gear, hence should be of use to the rider and the passenger if some unfavorable incident does happen. For this very purpose, the gloves have been made abrasion resistant with the presence of a stretch mesh which also increases breathability of the product.
  • The product also ensures hard core dirt protection. This prevents the rider from having to replace the gloves more often than required.

The above features are responsible for the product to be rated one of the “best motorcycle gloves” ever produced.


  • The single layered petards microevent perforated leather palm is also deemed to increase the dexterity and the breathability of the product.
  • Extra protection is provided by the extra leather that is provided on the side of the wrist.
  • Poron XRD extreme impact protection pads provide ultimate safety to the knuckles by providing efficient impact protection.


  • The price of the product is quite high. But this works out in the benefit of the company as the product is only purchased by the owners of superbikes and such people generally do not find a difficulty in purchasing these.
  • The sales of the product is hindered by the fact that most people do not prefer to wear gloves while riding bikes. Only the people owning superbikes aware of the existence of such safety gear can appreciate the safety provided by this product.

Final Verdict

Buying biking gloves is not a big deal. But for people who look into specifications of every product they buy, it can turn out to be a nightmare. The above article gives a brief overview of the best motorcycle gloves in the market.

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Recommendation #3: Scorpion Bixby Classic Motorcycle Glove G25-045

Scorpion Bixby Classic Motorcycle Glove G25-045 is the classic leather glove that is specially crafted, with utmost sincerity and dexterity. This glove is used by motorbike riders to give them that extra fine grip on the vehicle. These gloves have padded area that is raised according to the sculpture of the hand of the rider. It provides extra protective layer at abrasion zones. The overlaid leather protects the hands of the rider in all possible ways. This product is one of the most highly demanded creations of the Scorpion Brand. It aims to cover all the risk areas that are exposed to be affected while riding.

Features And Benefits

  • The material used in the product is of high-quality goatskin that is weaved to provide utmost care to the palms and fingers
  • The backside of the glove has a cushion-like structure that provides padding to the backside of the rider’s hand and palm area.
  • It enhances the grip of the rider as it has a leather coating on the grip area. The grip area mostly focuses on the palm and pinky of the rider and the leather coating is provided in those spaces.
  • These gloves and made by keeping in mind the suitability of the hand movements inside the glove. It provides flexibility inside the glove as it has accordion stretch feature.
  • The most important feature of this glove is its closure. The rider has to stretch the band hook it on the sides and close it in the form of the loop. This provides ultimate grip and firmness that a rider wants.
  • The glove has the entire security features but still, it is light on the skin and does not weigh down the rider’s hands. Despite being made with the best material, it has a weight of 6.4 ounces.


  • It provides the riders with the most powerful and secure grip as the material used provides the gloves to have a texture suitable for gripping the handles and equipment of a motorbike.
  • The hands of the rider are protected to all sorts of damages as the backside of the hand has padding which acts as a barrier in times of emergency.
  • The leather coating on the essential areas of the hands that are palm and pinky which are responsible for the grip of the hands.
  • The gloves have an accordion stretch that allows the free movement which is natural to the rider. This adds on to the flexibility feature of the Scorpion Bixby Classic Motorcycle Glove G25-045
  • The gloves have feather-like weight on the hands of the rider which is why it is so much preferred by the riders.
  • The design of the gloves is robust and provides the ultimate manly feel to the owners. The design is made with utmost dexterity and sincerity.
  • The gloves are worth every penny invested on them. Their life is very long and survives all the wear and tear while riding. Also, the warranty provided makes the product stay on with the owner for years together.


  • Scorpion Bixby Classic Motorcycle Glove G25-045 has size issues as the proper measurements and standards are not set by the company.
  • The pinky finger that is responsible for maintaining the grip of the rider is often way too long in the glove sizes which give a sort of discomfort and feeling of insecurity to the riders.
  • The life of Scorpion Bixby Classic Motorcycle Glove G25-045 does not justify the amount of money the rider invests on this product.
  • There are limited variety, shapes, and sizes to choose from the product. It has just 2 colors that are brown and black.
  • The leather that is provided in the Scorpion Bixby Classic Motorcycle Glove G25-045 has a very soft texture which feels like that it would not withstand the wear and tear it has been exposed to.
  • The gloves are not comfortable to be worn as the material stocks on the hands of the rider.
  • It does not adequate coverage to the riders as it does not cover the wrist part of the hand and it is exposed to all sorts of risk.

Final Verdict

The Scorpion Bixby Classic Motorcycle Glove G25-045 is a part of essential that every professional biker owns. These gloves have a sturdy and robust structure. It tries to inculcate as many features it can. Its design tries to protect all the risk zones of the hand while provides the most powerful grip to the riders. If the Scorpion sort the sizing issues, these gloves would be one of the top players in the market with no competition. A standard measurement and reduction in the size of the pinky finger would make the product a must-have in every rider’s list.

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Recommendation #2: Gerbing’s 12v T5 Hybrid Gloves-Men’s-Motorcycle

Gerbing’s 12v T5 Hybrid Gloves, as the word says, is a hybrid variety of different types of modern gloves. It works under 12 Volt Direct Circuit. The 12 Volt power can be taken from the motorcycle itself. The induction system needed for this is about 2.2 Ampere. It weighs about 1.9 pounds. It has a dual temperature controller, because of which, we feel the gloves as a clothing.

Features And Benefits

  • Heat insulation is extraordinary in these gloves. Heat insulation is made using three-layer arrangement. The top layer is a leather, mostly made from aniline leather which helps in keeping up the dyes intact. The second layer is a Nylon membrane. The third layer is a porous tricot brushed knitted fabric which helps in the circulation of heat inside the hand and fingers.
  • They also have a waterproof membrane on the top to get rid of water molecules which penetrate gloves during a rainy season. The waterproof membrane is from Hipora brand. Hipora brand has three layered water sealing technology which makes this brand highly secure and durable.
  • Since all insulation techniques are made with many layered membranes, in order to make the product weightless, Microwire membranes are used. So, the final product becomes weightless and user-friendly.
  • The product works under the 12V battery, for which the power is taken from motorcycle itself. The lasting capacity of the battery is a more important aspect one needs to consider. If the battery is always connected to a motorcycle, then you will continuously receive power for gloves. If the battery is taken away from motorcycle’s power, then the battery may last maximum for 7 hours.
  • In order to spread the warmth evenly on all parts of the hand, Microwire heating technology has been used. In this technology, micro-size granules of heating elements are inserted in the gloves, this causes the heat to spread evenly throughout the entire surface of the hand.
  • Different sized gloves are available in the market. One needs to measure the largest diameter of the hand and that gives their size. Always measure the sizes in inches. The size should be measured in free hand without any clothing. The sizes are available from 2XS to 3XL.
  • Wrist adjuster is present in the gloves to tighten or loosen up the gloves.
  • The product comes with the gloves only. You need to purchase battery, splitter and other accessories as per your requirement.
  • A manual comes along with the product and hence understand the usage completely before using it.


  • It can be worn during rainy days where only the outside part gets slightly wet, the inner glove and the hand remains warm and dry.
  • Many gloves come with only one size. These gloves have small, medium and large sizes so one can buy accordingly.
  • The gloves are made bulky and big to compensate the heat loss from inside to outside. In this way, it provides very good heat insulation.
  • These gloves are made up of leather but the quality of the leather is very pure and they provide a soft feel on hand. Hence, it is among the best motorcycle gloves available in the market.
  • Since the handle of motorcycle causes itching to few sensitive skinned people, wearing the heated gloves will reduce the itchiness.
  • It has positive reviews with people and its rating on e-commerce sites are very good. Hence, buy this product if you are searching for well-heated gloves.
  • Though there are many different types of gloves in the market, hybrid gloves are the best since it provides the necessary softness and warmth required.


  • You may sometimes feel hotter if sun’s temperature is too high. The heat from the sun may cause the gloves to heat up sometimes.
  • The body of the gloves is made up of leather, Nylon with tricot lining. Tricot lining is the part which provides softness. If Tricot lining tears, you may not feel the softness.
  • The gloves are a little heavy, and hence lean bodies would not prefer these heated gloves.
  • One cannot really predict what size gloves one needs, and hence sometimes you end up ordering wrong size gloves, even though size chart and its measuring techniques are provided.
  • If the gloves are not worn properly, fingers do not heat up and palm alone heats up more. In that case, you have to remove the gloves and wear it properly else some serious damages may happen.
  • If the gloves are handled roughly, the micro-granules around the center of the hand get disabled causing the gloves to lose its power to spread the even warmth around the hand.

Final Verdict

Hope this article brings enough information about the product Gerbing’s 12v T5 Hybrid Gloves. Hybrid gloves come from very rare brands and many are costly. But, Gerbing’s 12v T5 Hybrid Gloves can be bought it is not only a good brand, but the gloves it offers are also cheap.

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Recommendation #1: Alpinestars SP-8 Men’s Leather Street Racing Motorcycle Gloves

Alpine has come out with yet another one of the best motorcycle Gloves, The SP-8 Men’s Leather Street racing gloves, these motorcycle gloves are highly reliable and are the top of its kind. This product, being of the best Alpine stars has mad, provides full protection and makes mobility of your hands smoother and more manageable. The product is made out of full-grain leather with rugged knuckle protection which makes it your best buy! The product is definitely one of the most prized possessions of a motorcyclist because of its amazing features. The product does not just ensure mobility but also safety and comfort. The technology used in these particular motorcycle gloves is not the one you would get to see anywhere. The glove does not simply hold the looks and the attractiveness but is the one that survive and stay. The product is long lasting and stays with you through the thick and thins of locations and weathers.

Features and Benefits

  • This product, being the proudest project of the Alpinestars, is made out of full-grain leather which makes it more viable and scrape resistant.
  • The product has the heat stamped logos on it with the highest quality of knuckle protection features.
  • The product also is taking your safety rather earnestly and making the product even more buttoned up and giving it the EDA Padding on the fingers and thumbs to make driving safer.
  • For comfort and mobility, the stretch flex panel is to be contained on the wrist.
  • This product is fit for almost everyone with its hook up technology for personalized sizes.
  • Another one for comfort; the product is constructed with the pre-shaped finger hem.
  • The bridge on the third and the fourth finger do come in rather handy; In case of a slide the bridge protects the other fingers from getting damaged.
  • The product is engineered Ergonomically and with sheer intelligence which makes the reinforcing of the palms easy.
  • The product is light and weighs 9.6 ounces
  • With its amazing durability and design, the product is rated with 4.9/5 stars.
  • The product is made out of 74% Leather, 16% Polyurethane, 10% Synthetic suede.
  • These also consist of a Velcro band cuff closure for durability.
  • The product also looks fancy and elegant with a logo printed on the top.


  • The product comes as a gift to the riders out there and provides amazing mobility.
  • This product consists of the high-quality leather which is scrape resistant.
  • The SP-8 Men’s Leather Gloves take mobility and comfort of the regular motorcycle gloves on another level.
  • The product is highly viable and reliable.
  • This product is the one used in the long terms because of its incredible durability and lasting design.
  • This product makes the bike riding experience safe and fun at the same time.
  • The motorcycle gloves are most comfortable ones in the market.
  • The product is skillfully designed and is highly durable during all times of the year.
  • The product works just fine for even long stretches of time.
  • After being tested in different locations with the harshest of climate, the product performed wonderfully.
  • The product is available in over six colors which make it even more attractive.


  • The price of SP-8 Men’s leather gloves is proven to be higher than the regular motorcycle gloves available in the market.
  • There is a noticeable airflow on the skin while wearing the gloves.
  • The product is said to have poor ventilation while in use.

Final Verdict

The product is surely a must buy for all the bikers out there, not only because it ensures full comfort and mobility but because it does take safety to another level and is carefully designed. The product is known to compliment your motorcycles. They are highly durable and even look great! A must have for the drivers. The product also works best in any part of the world, be it hot or cold, humid or dry, etc. The Alpinestars SP-8 L Men’s Leather motorcycle gloves can also be adjusted and are size personalized. These are without a doubt the best and a must have product. They possess the features and the benefits of all the gloves in the world combined in one. Although the product is said to be a little over priced but with the features it provides and the technology used in them, it seems reasonable. Professional bikers all over the world have come out and had only good things to say about the Alpinestars SP-8 Men’s Leather Street Racing Motorcycle Gloves. According to some actual reviews, the product is durable, long lasting and stays intact through all the climate conditions. It is safe to say that these gloves are the one to disappoint.

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Final Thoughts

It is clear that buying the perfect and best motorcycle gloves is not an easy task. However, if these things are kept in mind, it can make the task a little easier and help you select the perfect one. Take into consideration the type of motorbike you are riding, what weather the gloves need to suitable for and what your budget plan is like. These things will further help you to etch out a visualization of how you want your glove to be and what important features it needs to carry. Also keep in mind to that gloves are mainly for protection and not show. So, while buying a pair, pay more attention to the quality, material, important features and arena of use instead of the appearance. These few things are sure to make buying a pair of motorcycle gloves, comparatively easy.

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