The Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras of 2017

Motorcycle Helmet Camera is an inconceivably prevalent path for you to archive and offer your brandishing enterprises on the web. Individuals are at present, taking advantage of the innovative technology of cameras like never before. While movies of bicycle trips and crashes will everlastingly stay prominent; an ever-increasing number of individuals are utilizing the energy of film to teach crowds about an extensive variety of themes, for example, individual well-being, preparing techniques, and training.


Today most cap cameras are coordinated units (like the GoPro) – comprising of a solitary minimized gadget that mounts to a protective cap or somewhere else without the requirement for a different computerized recorder.

The significant favorable position of this is that, there are no disorganized interfacing wires to stress over, and present day coordinated cameras are small and extremely lightweight to scarcely be seen when worn.

Be that as it may, one of the downsides of such a little unit is, to the point that there is for the most part, no incorporated playback or review office, as there would be with the LCD screen found on “ordinary” computerized cameras. Some cap cams can be fitted with a development unit that incorporates an LCD screen, however, the “lipstick” sorts are too little for this and must be connected with a PC, portable PC or computerized media player so as to view a film.

Points to be kept in mind

Helmet cams are very costly, so be straightforward with yourself about the elements you’ll utilize, and the ones that appear to be cool however won’t really have any utilization.

  • Storage

A few cameras come pre-worked with a negligible storage drive for direct saving, anyway you will require a secured digital (SD) card to utilize a head protector camera to its maximum capacity. An SD card is additionally helpful; in that it will enable you to, in a split second exchange your information crosswise over to your PC, or on the other hand utilize the USB link given. Higher spec models do offer Wi-Fi particular (either implicit or dash on) with the goal that you can stream your film to either your PC or telephone application.

  • Battery Life

Battery life is specifically identified with picture quality so expect anything from one hour to three and a half hours relying upon settings.

  • Image Quality

With most available offering diverse settings to either support definition or spare memory, cameras come with diversity in image quality. Full high definition (HD) or 1080p offers the crispest playback accessible, ideal for use on a TV. Tall high definition (HD) or 960p falls back somewhat on the quality, however in doing as such, brings down the record estimate taking into consideration a more drawn out take. Standard mode on most cameras now comes in at 720p, still, all that could possibly be needed in terms of clarity, to flaunt your most recent trip or fall can be achieved through this.

  • Other features

Ever imagined where that ceaseless plunge was, that you appear to pass on each ride? Beat specked cameras have worked on GPS, so you can pinpoint the correct area you shot. You can even utilize multiple applications to watch your recording.

Other Qualities that make it unique

  • Water-proof housing

This enables you to take your camera into the water by wrapping the camera in plastic that overall considers 60m immersion. The greatest enemy of cameras is water, which is the reason all cameras available are IP evaluated to counter undesirable harm.

  • Wi-Fi Kit

Download your recording to your PC or tablet is extremely easy as these cameras enable you to utilize your telephone as a viewfinder. Some come bundled with a remote control.

  • 3D Kit

Utilize a 3D framework that sets two cameras together and couple it with 3D glasses for a genuinely brilliant order.

  • LCD Bolt Ons

Not all cameras are accompanied with an implicit screen. This may mean you can’t fit your gadget into a waterproof packaging.

  • Apps

Almost the majority of the top models available have allowed the download of applications which let you see and alter your settings in a hurry. Android and iOS renditions are accessible.

Why should you use best Motorcycle Helmet Camera?

All men are bike lovers, or at least it is safe to assume 90% of the men are. There are two types of people who love bikes, one who can afford the bikes and those who cannot. The people who can afford the bikes can also afford to ride them and show them off to the world. The feel of riding a bike, people say, is completely different from driving a car. The air on the face, the miles of road ahead of you are some of the factors that are bound to bring out the excitement inside you. Bikes are also cheaper than cars, and this applies to the high-end ones also. Bikes are something every man needs to own at least once in his lifetime.

There is, however, there is a safety issue when it comes when it comes to bikes. The bikes, especially the superbikes, when ridden require specific safety gear. This safety gear, if worn, minimizes the injury that the rider and the passenger will experience in the case of an unfortunate incident. The main part of the safety, of course, lies in the fact that head injuries do not occur. This is prevented by the use of helmets and helmet cameras, as the name suggests, which are integrated into the helmet is much put into use.

What should you look for in a Helmet camera?

Helmet cameras are otherwise called micro video camera, bullet camera or lipstick camera. These are widely used in the field of motorcycle racing, where the rider integrates one of these into the helmet and records the video of him/her riding the bike which can be cast on to the screen. The helmet cameras are mainly used to provide a first-person view to the viewers watching the event online or on any other screen, for example, a TV. There are a lot of pre-requirements as to how a helmet camera should function and the features it should possess. The essential requirements and features of a helmet camera for it to be deemed the best helmet camera are the following

  • Price-This is, obviously, the most important feature that one has to look into while buying a helmet camera, rather, any product. The helmet camera has to be worth the price paid. The warranty of the product can be extended by paying a little extra out of the pocket.
  • Image Quality- Cameras always require a good image quality. The image quality of the camera has to be effectively looked into before it is bought. HD or 1080P provide the crispest playback, which is best suited for viewing on a TV. The 720P and 960P also provides a good playback, but doesn’t offer the quality for big screen viewing.
  • Camera Memory- If a video is taken in HD quality, the space occupied on the memory card is a lot. For instance, the space occupied by a 1 minute HD file can occupy as much as 200 MB on the memory card. The helmet camera, when bought, comes with a memory card. Additional memory can be purchased online as required.
  • Battery Life- Helmet cameras attached to mountain bikes have to be used for long periods of time of descent. For this purpose, the helmet camera must have excellent battery life so that the entire video of an event can be recorded.
  • Durability- These cameras are mainly used for rough purposes, like racing and mountain biking. Therefore, there is a good chance that it may fall down. In the event of such incidents, the camera breaking is not favorable. Thus, the helmet cameras must be manufactured with the much-needed durability and shock resistance.

Buying the best helmet camera

The helmet camera bought must possess the better end of the above qualities. Buying a helmet camera can be done in any automotive retail store, with the above specifications mentioned. Good cameras can also be bought on various online forums at reasonable prices.


Bikers are often provided with helmet cameras and these are designed not to affect the riding efficiency of the rider. Helmet cameras are also used by car racers, and can be widely seen to be used in Formula 1 events broadcasted on the Television. This article gives a brief overview on how to buy the best helmet camera and its purpose.


Top Products

Recommendation #4: Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Video Camera

Video Cameras have always been considered a rage worldwide. Every person wants to buy a beautiful video camera which could catch the amazing world on it. There is no doubting the freedom one gets by having a personal video camera. Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Video Camera is one of the best action cameras under 100 dollars. It has been regarded by some users and critics as the best action camera under 100. It comes in various variants and hence is also the best helmet camera for motorcycles.

Features And Benefits

  • The video camera is High Definition i.e. HD. This is the need of the hour. Everything in this world that provides entertainment either comes in HD or provides HD. Hence, the company has smartly provided the camera with HD Lens which makes the whole experience quite addicting.
  • The product comes in 270-degree rotation and hence, provides a larger view of record. This is almost a paradise for any video camera enthusiast. These people want to see and record the whole world. This facility of recording a 270-degree rotation is like an icing on the cake for the customers.
  • The camera is single shot and has the option to take intervals before clicking pictures. This shows that the camera has great control over the clicking of pictures and shooting of videos. Such minor facilities also help in making the product quite interesting and this is what the company has done with the product.
  • There is a facility of built-in laser for Shot Alignment.
  • The tough material of the product is something which shall easily last for years and can be exhausted for a long time.
  • The product has a feature of instant on the recording. Otherwise in other products, one needs to first switch on the camera and then proceed. But here, there is a button specifically for this purpose of instant recording and just needs to be pressed in order to do the needful
  • The camera is pretty versatile. The company is a well-known as well as respected name in the field of video cameras. With this product, the brand has lived up to its name and hence, their versatility is evident from their product. It is made for adventure and is rough and tough in order to take few bumps.
  • The inclusion of the 8GB micro SD Card is another feature. The space given is quite average and hence, might not be suited for the video camera addicts who simply wants to record every single thing or moment happening around them.


  • The design and looks of the product are pretty likable and have been the biggest USP of the product. It gives a rugged look and hence, is popular among the fans.
  • The camera has the option to take shots with intervals and this helps the customers by simply pushing the button. One can get the scenario ready according to their needs and then click the picture or video record the moment
  • The versatile camera has an important role in the success of the model. It has strong pixels and can zoom out and zoom in very efficiently. The product has been labeled as the flagship camera of the brand. The company is known for building great cameras and all. With this outing, they have upped their game to a next level and have their competitors facing a daunting task to launch a model better than this one.
  • The camera is perfect for the paintball fun. It has been used increasingly in such paintball arenas. They are rough and tough and offer durability.
  • The material of the product is very tough and hence, it lasts for a longer time also maintaining the quality.
  • The camera requires only 1 Lithium battery and hence, is not a major task to deal with the battery issues of the camera.
  • The video quality is on par with other higher priced cameras.
  • The price of the product is very reasonable and hence, many middle-class families can easily adopt it and hence it shall become very common. Becoming common helps the product a lot as well as the customers because it shows the success of the company.


  • The camera has issues with the quality of the material. This is for some part of the camera. To maintain the reasonable price of the camera, they compromised with the quality of some parts of the camera. After one year, they most probably come out.
  • Space issues of the camera are a big deal. It offers only 8 GB Micro SD Card. This is very low in space as compared to the other cameras in the market.
  • Not much technological advancement in this camera. They have impressed the viewer with their quality of camera but not much has been added to it.

Final Verdict

The camera is wonderful for the customers looking for a reasonably priced rough and tough product. It offers great camera and video quality but at the same time has flaws like memory issues. It is a very decent product which shall be rated 3.8/5 and is perfect for those who do not use cameras or make videos regularly. The price is pretty low and is selling very fast on

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Recommendation #3: Tachyon 1080p BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System

Tachyon 1080p BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System is the best camera under 100 and is the last word for every bike rider to capture the best snaps. The experience every biker has during his ride is best captured without any distortion. The camera system charges automatically while riding and it can auto start at the time of ride and auto stop when the engine stops. The video captured by this camera is of HD quality and it captures many brilliant and sharp pictures. The camera can be even mounted on helmets, luggage racks, handlebars and so on. It can be placed anywhere on the bike and fully depends on the vision of the rider. The camera is also the best used in cars as a dash cam. The camera is rated as the best action cameras under 100 and is the most demanded product in the market today

Features and Benefits

The motorcycle Camera system of Tachyon is known for its best quality features. The features of the product include the following.

  •    The videos captured by this camera is of HD quality and with brilliant and sharp visuals.
  •     The auto-stop and start function of the camera make it suitable for the rider to capture snaps more brilliantly without the need of frequent charging.
  •    The camera continuously keeps charging by itself with the ignition system.
  •     The camera quality is speechless, as it will capture the high clarity snaps even at a night time ride.
  •    The visuals in the dark light are brilliantly captured with the help of settings adjusted in the camera.
  •    As soon as the camera is fixed on the bikes, it will start its operation within seconds. The camera system contains three sets of tripods and different types of camera mounts.
  •    The camera is covered with a dust proof cover and a protection cover from rain and storm.
  •    The lens of the camera is adjusted for long sights and has wide angle lens to get a more distant view.
  •    The product is patented and has a Direction Mounting System.
  •    The battery is durable for more than 2 hours, and it continuously charges itself at the time of the ride.
  •    The charger capacity is of 12V and has a style as of a cigarette lighter.
  •    The fastening of the mounted camera is done through a dual lock of 3M.
  •    The product also includes a memory card with 16GB memory and a USB cable along with it.
  •    One button operation makes it easier to use, and it works by a single push to start and single push to stop.
  •    The recording can be done for longer hours and the charging is also very simple.
  •    The camera has also the ability to record the video for every 15 minutes, and the file is saved automatically.
  •    The camera has also an individual video editing software particularly developed for the editing purposes.


  •    The camera has used the latest technology and because of this reason it is the best-valued product in the market today.
  •    The video quality, ease of use, and the stylish accessories make the product a trend among the teenagers today.
  •    The wider lens feature of the BikerCam enables the biker to capture high quality and brilliant snaps without any distortion.
  •    The camera can also be mounted on the dashboard with the help of the Dash cam mount that is available along with the accessories set.
  •    The single button operation enables the biker to start and stop the camera functions with a single push and the camera starts and stops automatically at the time of engine start and stop.
  •    The camera battery is charged with the power delivered from the car’s power.
  •    The looped recording system enables the recently captured files to pile up at first, making it easier for the user to search for the desired captured video.
  •    There are two memory cards available with the product and they are 32gb and 64gb size respectively.
  •    Allows more than 2 hours of recording at a time.


  •    All product range Tachyon Bikercam do not include memory cards along with the accessories. This may be considered as a disadvantage.
  •    The rainproof and dust proof cover used for the camera protection is plastic made and it may break at the time of hard hits or may break over time.
  •    The recording for a session lasts for only 2 hours and the session expires after the adjusted time.
  •    Due to charge while recording functionality, the camera may have sudden power variations causing damage to the system.
  •    While charging, it is recommended to use the built-in adapter or else the camera may damage.
  •    The camera size is pretty high thus making it heavy and difficult to carry.

Final verdict

Tachyon 1080p BikerCam Motorcycle Camera System, the best helmet camera for a motorcycle is the highly demanded bike camera system among teenagers today. The looping technology and continuous self-charging make the product more attractive. Moreover, the product captures continuous high-quality snaps without any distortion and can even capture in wider angles giving more distant view images. For every bike rider who loves to own a BikeCam can go for the Tachyon 1080p BikerCam as it is worth the prize. For more information, one can visit the official website of Tachyon.

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Recommendation #2: Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System

Sena has come up with yet another technological marvel with the Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System. The product is impressive in terms of size as its dimensions are a meagre 10.7 x 3.1 x 6 cm, and it weighs only 95 gm. Lithium Metal batteries are required to power it and are included in the packaging as well. The Sena 10C-01 includes a unibody design for Bluetooth 4.1, and video camera along with a smooth, stylish finish. It is CAPA certified and also has the safety ratings of CE, FCC, IC.

Features and benefits

Since the Sena 10C-01 is an all-in-one device, it has several features and their respective unique benefits.

With the help of batteries, the talk time of the device lasts for 17 hours, while the video recording time lasts for 2 hours. The battery is made of Lithium Polymer and takes approximately 3.5 hours to fully charge. Sena 10C-01 can store up to a maximum of 32GB worth of footage on its micro SD card. The Bluetooth is of the latest Bluetooth 4.1 with a Headset profile as well as a hands-free profile with advanced audio distribution and audio video remote control features. The intercommunication device that is built in supports up to 4 riders, and has a working distance of up to 1.6km in open terrain.

The audio has a built-in SBC Codec with wide volume control (capable of going up to maximum 48kHz. The built-in FM radio system supports worldwide FM radio stations with a frequency rate of 64 – 108 MHz. The radio stations can be pre-set, according to the preferences of the buyer with an automatic scan function. The Sena 10C-01 has great optical view of a wide range (125 degrees) with the aperture f/2.0. The video recording quality can be adjusted to either 1080p with 30fps or 720p with 30/60fps. It can also take photos of 3.5mp in three modes: shot, burst (5 pictures at a time) and time-lapse (single shot in 1/10 seconds). The footage recorded can be watched on the computer, laptop or tv, as it has a micro HDMI TV-out.

In the box, aside from the main recording unit, there are several other parts that sustain easy usage of the product. It includes:

  • A clamp unit and a glued surface mounting plate to ensure stable placement.
  • A lens cap.
  • An Allen wrenches.
  • A helmet speaker along with speaker pads, hook and loop fasteners and foam speaker covers.
  • An attachable boom microphone along with a holder to keep it in place, hook and loop fasteners for the microphone and holder and microphone sponges.
  • A wired microphone along with a hook and loop fastener.
  • A cigarette charger.
  • A Micro USB power and data cable.


  • The product is of high quality fit and finish and an excellent build.
  • The Bluetooth operation is flawless with quick pairing with other devices.
  • Exquisite multitasking of phone, radio and intercom with prioritization of one task.
  • Without usage of camera, battery operates for over ten hours.
  • It can easily be attached to a full-face helmet or a modular helmet.
  • It can intercom 3 riders at once without any interruption.
  • The product has a built-in FM radio that can intercept radio stations all over the world.


  • Absence of a manual for the device in the box. Although, the Sena website and app offer information, it is still lacking.
  • The instructions for the use and enabling of the camera are not easy to understand.
  • Internal date and time settings cannot be changed in the device itself. It has to be changed through the application or the website.
  • The device has only 2 hours of battery life with the video camera operating.
  • The Sena application is not very efficient in integrating the use of the device with the application itself.
  • Though by itself it is moderately sized, the Sena 10C-01 sticks out very visibly while wearing a helmet that is not visually very appealing.

Final Verdict

The Sena 10C-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera and Communication System is a powerhouse device combining the best of new-age technology with sleek design for one’s adventurous exploits. It was created with the intention of giving motorcyclists and explorers all around the ability to record their feats in high quality not only in their memory, but also to show off anytime to friends and family.  The camera itself is a very nice feature and the device definitely gives one their money’s worth and therefore can safely be declared as the best action camera under 100. Though it has some issues with the battery life and functioning of the web application in both Android and Apple devices, it offers excellent quality control with the camera and video recording along with the overall use as well.

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Recommendation #1: GoPro HERO5 Black

An action camera is more or less a digital camera used for filming the adventurous actions while you yourself are indulged in it. Action cameras are generally used for filming outdoor sports and are often mounted on helmets, surfboards, etc. The GoPro Hero 5 is the recently launched action camera and probably among the best action cameras under 100 till now. It holds all the features of the previous GoPro models and adds to it some new, advanced, and cool features.

Features and Benefits

  • Hands-free control- Instead of controlling the device by touching, now you can give simple voice commands on which the device would operate. It will save you several efforts and time.
  • Editing- You can easily preview the shots, can play back them, can change settings, and even trim your shots.  
  • Durable- The body and lens are so designed that they can bear minor accidents and are durable. And, yes! The Hero5 Black is waterproof to 33 ft. (10m), without any housing.
  • One button control- It incorporates a single button to control turning on and off of the camera. When turned on, it goes directly to recording.
  • Unmatched video stabilization- Hero5 Black can record jerk-free, smooth videos while being mounted on your favorite gear. It uses effective electronic image stabilization technique.
  • Sharing- You can easily have a GoPro Plus subscription. If subscribed, your device will automatically upload the recorded video to the cloud so you can easily view, edit, and share them.
  • Stunning resolution- It records 4K videos up to 30 frames per second, and, can capture 12 MP photos in single, time lapse, and burst mode.
  • GPS- GPS enables the device to calculate the exact location of where the photographs are taken or the videos are recorded.
  • Field of view- It presents an option to select the field of view in most of the modes of operation. Once you use it, you can easily find which one suits you.
  • Prolonged Battery- GoPro claims that the battery (1200 mAh) may last anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the frame rates, resolution selected, whether the EIS is disabled or enabled. Moreover, the battery is removable.
  • Audio Quality- It incorporates two mics and a processor which automatically switch among them to eliminate wind noise to the greatest possible extent


  • Hero5 Black is cheaper than the previous Hero4 Black model and will surely fit your budget.
  • It has a 1.95 touch screen on the back so you can easily view the video being recorded and can control it.
  • Automatic uploading of photos and videos on the cloud helps you to access them from anywhere without actually carrying the camera with you. You can then edit and share the shots from anywhere to anyone.
  • It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Both of them find a great use when it comes to sharing the media or to control the device remotely.
  • One can easily control the GoPro remotely by using an app called ‘Free Capture App’. It uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to turn on the camera and start recording. One more app (relatively newer) is ‘Quick App’.
  • You can easily get a 60-days free trial pack of GoPro Plus by visiting the GoPro’s website or a trial pack of 30 days by signing into the Free Capture App by an android device.
  • The audio part of a video is automatically saved as a WAV file so you can easily edit it using any audio editor.
  • MicroSD cards up to 64 GB can be inserted into it.


  • The dimensions are slightly larger than the previous ones and hence Hero5 Black would not fit into any cover designed for previous GoPros. However, it will fit into the Karma (GoPros new drone).
  • The Hero5 Black is an advanced version of what was there in Hero4 Black. However, the older batteries will not fit into the new GoPro.
  • You cannot find an option to disable the Wi-Fi in the menu bar.
  • The OS (operating system) however, is slightly slower than what you would expect from a modern touch screen device.
  • The Voice Command won’t work while the device is off, meaning you cannot turn on the device using your voice command.
  • It would be slightly complicated to put in or take out the SD card as the slot is provided close to the battery slot.
  • You cannot use EIS in 4K resolution. That limits its functionality by a bit.
  • The 4K videos are automatically reduced to 1080p while uploading and sharing and hence it will not actually matter if you shot the whole video in 4K.    

Final Verdict

In straight words, it can be the best buy if you are willing to buy an action camera that provides the best image quality, wide range of view, high battery backup, and many other eases and comforts. This is, no doubt, among the best action camera under 100.  Well, it could be a wise and the best choice also because it is cheaper than GoPro Hero4 Black.  

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It is amusing to catch your ride and re-experience a portion of the best minutes again and again; you can alter in into your own perfect work of art, transfer it and offer it to your companions. You can explore different avenues regarding many camera points and never miss a moment of your riding. That is one motivation behind why riders are lining up to purchase the most recent devices, however, the second reason is the more down to earth one: for safety purposes. Hence, this is the device you need to have with you.

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