The Best Youth Motorcycle Helmets of 2017

Kids these days live in a world completely unimaginable ten years ago. While we grew up playing with kitchen sets and dollhouses which was the closest we got to impersonating the adults, kids these days have a plethora of toys at their disposal, which are far more technologically advanced and complex, just like their minds. Children always want to act like adults and imitate them, which is why the age-old kitchen set is so famous but their demands are much more than just this, they want to drive, they want to ride bikes as well. Back in the day such a feat would have been utterly impossible, because how can a child ride a bike? But given the technology of today’s world and the innovative minds of people, kids can now completely mimic the adults. Youth motorcycles, which are basically motorcycles in a smaller size, are fully functional with high quality wheels and a working engine. Now your child might start demanding or asking for one of these since they are the latest trend and provide the child with full blown entertainment. You may be nervous about buying them one because it may seem useless but riding will actually help your child develop motor skills, coordination and confidence.

How to choose the perfect motorbike

Choosing the right motorbike is the most important thing, since a motorbike is a bit of a hefty investment and your child’s happiness balances on it. Most kids are ready to ride motorbikes at a very early age, and it is important to choose a motorbike which matches their age and structure.

You may feel like purchasing a cheap bike which basically tends to be the smallest in size, but keep in mind that your child will definitely outgrow it. So, when buying a motorbike, make sure that you buy a universal motorbike for your child.

A simple solution is to buy a used motorbike, you will have the guarantee that it is safe and will save your pocket as well. Because if your child decides after the first crash that this hobby isn’t for them then you won’t incur a major loss.

Why size is important

Buying a motorbike which is too big or too small will definitely be a waste. Given that this will be the first time your child is riding a motorbike; they will want one which is comfortable. Because the first ride is always scary, so they need a motorbike which is apt for their size. A smaller bike will soon be redundant, and a larger bike which can be used in the future as well should not be so big that the child cannot handle it.

Most motorbikes come with a lower seat so that the child feels in control and can support themselves easily. A lightweight bike is also important as the child can easily control and maneuver it. This will give your child the confidence to keep riding.

The weight of the bike matters as well, because if the bike is extremely light then the child can easily mishandle the bike and go out of control whereas if the bike is too heavy then the child might not be able to use it properly.

While buying their first bike, buy one with a 50-cc engine and not more, a 100cc bike is usually too much for a child and the power can be intimidating. Sometimes the child is much more comfortable with a 60 or 70 cc bike so buy accordingly. The main aim is to ensure the child’s safety and that he or she enjoys it.

Safety Accessories

Just buying the motorbike is not enough, one needs to buy several safety accessories as well. Children are sensitive and not as strong when it comes to braving an injury, so you need to make sure that they avoid injuries as much as possible.

First and foremost, you absolutely need to buy the most important accessory, youth motorcycle helmets. You cannot expect your child to ride without a helmet since that is absolutely dangerous, and an adult helmet will not fit the child. Kids motorcycle helmets are designed in such a way that their shape is compatible with that of a child’s and are lightweight enough to not put burden on the child.

Knee pads, elbow pads and shin pads are also key essentials during the training phase since they allow your child to practice without getting hurt. A child is easily discouraged if they face any difficulty and an injury is one of them.

Training wheels are helpful too, they allow your child to understand the ergonomics and get a feel of the power of the bike beforehand. Training wheels ensure that the child doesn’t ride too fast too soon and he or she can learn how to control the power of the bike before having to balance on their own.


Recommendation #5: Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

The Razor Full Face Youth Helmet is one of the best youth motorcycle helmets. The helmet is designed with all the specifications and design to ensure overall safety. The motorcycle helmets for kids needs to be secured with extra padding and safety measures so that the child remains safe even if any accidents take place. This helmet is specifically designed for the children of age group 8 to 14 years and all the safety lock systems. The helmet can be used by youth for karting or any other purpose. The product is rated as one of the best products because it complies with all the safety standards as well as customer satisfaction with the product. All these specifications and designs come at an affordable price. So the product is of superior quality as well as value for money. Customers who have used this product have mentioned how durable and reliable this product is. The helmet comes in stylish look so that it doesn’t look boring for the kids. The manufacturer is also offering colors in this helmet so there are choices for youth.

Features & Benefits

The helmet comes with many great features which are difficult to find in any other product at such a price.

  • The helmet for youth is equipped with extra padding so that it comfortably fits the kid and doesn’t become difficult to use.
  • Another remarkable feature of this helmet is that there are 17 vents in the helmet. These vents are enabled to ensure that the helmet stays cool all the time and the environment system inside doesn’t become uncomfortable
  • The product is also CPSC approved so the quality of helmet is assured
  • The design of this helmet is sleek so it can easily fit heads with a size of 21.5 inches to 23 inches
  • The helmet is light-weighted and weighs just 1.8 pounds. It remains quite comfortable on the kid’s head


  • The affordable price of this helmet is the best feature. There are a lot of features in this helmet which comes at such an affordable price
  • The ventilation system of this helmet is noteworthy. It keeps the head cool and doesn’t suffocate the child. As a result, the child will enjoy his moment and not worry about the helmet issues
  • Another remarkable feature of this helmet is its light-weight. The helmet is so light on the head of the child that it puts no additional strain on the child and leaves a worry-free experience
  • The padding secures the head from very efficiently and the child is safe
  • The helmet is breathable as the materials used in it ensures that the environment remains airy
  • The proper fit is the most important prerequisite when looking for kid’s motorcycle helmets. Razor full face youth helmet fits properly on the child if he/she is of the mentioned age group.
  • It can be worn in all weather conditions


  • The helmet is not for any motorized sport
  • Many customers have complained that the helmet has many cons. The product is not as claimed and calling it just a Styrofoam helmet with a flimsy health guard.
  • The strap is also loose and doesn’t fit the face properly. This creates a trouble as the helmet doesn’t remain stable on the face and may keep moving while in use.
  • There are some problems with the padding as well, as many customers feel there is not enough padding
  • Customers complained that the helmet is claimed to be ATV helmet but actually it is not and is merely a bicycle helmet

Final Verdict

So, the final verdict is that this helmet is quite amazing for the kids of age group 8 to 14 years. The product with these features is total value for money. Razor full face youth helmet is offering so many features at an affordable price and is giving a tough competition to other products in this range. The stylish look of this helmet and different options available in colors is what catches the eye and kids have loved the way the helmet looks. The helmet is a top choice for every parent who wants their kids to have a care-free experience without worrying about the safety. This affordable helmet can be worn in any season as the vents in the helmet ensure that the environment doesn’t become too hot to bear. There are minor setbacks with the helmet like the strap doesn’t fit and slides down easily, which is a disadvantage. Also, some customers felt issues with the padding, though the padding is enough as it is not meant for motorized sport used. So, if someone is looking for a good helmet that has all the provisions for safety then, this is the best option.

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Recommendation #4: LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

There are a lot of children who are indulged in motor sports and adventures. These sports are dangerous and require specific gear and equipment for the protection of the youth. The LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is one of the best youth motorcycle helmets that comes as a protective gear for motorcycle and power sports for the children. LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet has an internal padding that is very thick to be able to provide comfort and more stability. It is an oval shaped helmet from the inside whereas the outer shell in the chin area has been combined with a soft and wide base edge. This helps in the reduction of any interference with back protector and is built to decrease the risk of shocks. It has a shock absorbing function that is developed against the risk of head trauma.

Features and Benefits

Here are the main features and characteristics of the LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet: –

  • This is one of the kids motorcycle helmets that is manufactured by a top motor cross equipment brand called LS2 which is bestselling and recognized worldwide.
  • This product comes in three sizes ranging from medium to extra-large and has about four colors in all the sizes.
  • The helmet has an enhanced and uninterrupted airflow with the help of laser cut perforations.
  • The weight and dimensions of the helmet vary by sizes.
  • This motorcycle helmet for kids is suitable for people who are interested and involved in motocross adventures even in harsh road conditions making it one of the best compared to other manufacturers.
  • This helmet has been certified as durable and also has a policy of exchange and return in case of faulty product.


This product has its advantages as a protective gear. Some of them are as follows: –

  • This is one in many youth motorcycle helmets that come with actively stretched knee panels to accommodate knee braces with minimal restriction.
  • This helmet has an integrated ventilation system inbuilt with funnels air through the channels that are made in the outer shell.
  • It provides free movement completely due to the moisture wicking TruMotion 4-way stretch chassis.
  • The internal padding of the helmet is made of dry Lex with proper sanitized treatment.
  • One of the best parts about the helmet is that it has an ultra-lightweight design for the most convenience of the buyer.
  • This helmet has been certified as a protective and safety gear from the department of transportation.
  • The item can be shipped anywhere in the United States and also to some countries other than the United States.
  • The helmet has gotten a collective customer review of 4.9 stars out of 5 on
  • The seller has provided many discount options on the helmet including gift cards or discounts on payment by a specific card.
  • is offering free shipping on this helmet and also a fast delivery option by paying some nominal extra charge.


Every product has its advantages and some disadvantages as well. These can help the buyer form a concrete decision on buying this helmet or not. Here are some of the drawbacks of the product: –

  • The sizes shown on the website are European standard sizes so they may fit smaller as expected.
  • The larger sizes that are extra-large and double extra-large are not plus sizes, rather they are of an athletic fit.
  • This motor cross helmet is not foldable and so it might be inconvenient for some people to carry along.
  • This product is a little expensive and buyers might be hesitant in investing.
  • It does not come with an automatic guarantee and warranty. If the buyer wants it, they have to request it directly from the seller and pay an extra amount for the same.
  • The shipping does not include all the countries over the world besides United States and some other nearby ones.

Final Verdict

The LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is a premium product that comes in the category of safety and protective headgear used for motorsports and other adventures. This product has a lot of benefits for people who love to go on motorsport adventures such as being scratch resistant, integrated ventilation system, surviving harsh weathers, etc. All the products have some pros and cons, not leaving this helmet an exception. All these benefits and backlogs are discussed above which make the buyer decide whether to choose the product or not. Finally, the product has gotten a positive review from other buyers and sellers and therefore becomes a good choice for adventurers.

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Recommendation #3: Youth Offroad Gear Combo Helmet Gloves Goggles

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Youth Off-road Gear Combo Helmet Gloves Goggles is one of the most preferred types by Youths, which come in different sizes where the first thing for choosing Helmets, Gloves, and Googles is to check for its size whereas the size matters a lot. This Youth Helmet is of the weight which is not greater than 3 lbs., specially designed for Youths and not for adults. It is designed to meet its DOT standard and of course, it’s a DOT certified which is verified and certified by CAPA [Certified Automotive Parts Association] to ensure its quality standards.

Why is it necessary for a DOT certification?

In order to check whether the product meets its quality standards like the product fitness, the quality of material used, and the resistance towards its corrosion.

Certified Automotive Parts Association will certify the CAPA quality seal in the parts used for manufacturing which meets the quality standards.

Features and Benefits

This section lists out the prime features and benefits of Helmet Gloves and Goggles.

For Helmet

  • This helmet is designed to mainly meet its Department of Transportation (i.e.) requirements of DOT standard.
  • The liner which is available in the helmet is easy to remove and also it can be washable by machines without any damage.
  • The interior structure of the helmet provides users with a soft and comfortable oriented feeling.
  • It is designed in such a way that the Air Supply via Exhaust, Intake and Channel vents is of maximum one which comforts users for a safe driving.
  • Because Youths mainly goes for stylish looks, it is set to have a 3-point sun visor for its style.
  • Even though the Helmet weighs less than 3 lbs. however, it is not preferable for children under age 5 to use it.
  • In order to keep the goggles, fit with the helmet, it is manufactured with Sculpted shell comprising of side traction plates.

For Gloves

  • It is designed in order to provide users with a better grip by following the Pre-curved pattern which is of less fatigued.
  • The Gloves are also provided with flexible thump panel and reinforced double layered structured palm.
  • It also has flexible and better wrist arrest with an aircrane hand cuff of shorter length.

For Goggles

  • The lens used here in this goggle is of Hard Coated Lexan Lens which provides users with a clear and comfortable vision.
  • The lenses can also be replaced and it is also available in the stores separately.
  • For comfortable use, this goggle is made up of Urethane frame and also it comes with an easily removable nose guard.
  • This goggle is made up of 1 ¾” woven strap with the material of anti-slip silicone.


  • Intake Vents, Channel Vents, and Exhaust Vents provide users with maximum air flow to avoid humidity conditions with the youth motorcycle helmets.
  • The kids motorcycle helmets are weightless which in turn attracts the kids to have a look at it. This also became a lifestyle for riders of the present age.
  • The kid motorcycle helmet comes under various sizes whereas the Small is of 18 ½ to 19 ½ inches, Medium comes with 19 ½ to 20 ½ inches, also Large of 20 ½ to 21 ½ inches and XL of 21 ½ to 22 ½ inches.
  • Various colors of Helmets are available for attraction including Yellow, Red, Pink, Green black, Blue black, pure Blue, etc.
  • This Combo product is of affordable rate so that it can be used by every level of users.
  • Hard Coated Lexan Lens provides kids with a clear vision, and also it can be replaced if not satisfied.
  • Compliance with government regulatory measures to ensure safety of person (driver/rider). This product provides enhanced safety against any injury to the head which is vital for the life sustenance during any case on accident.


Even though this product is manufactured with lot of advantages there are still some points to be focused to enhance the popularity of this product. They are

  • This combo product being a DOT certified one; it doesn’t satisfy the current NHTSA DOT requirements.
  • These combo products are inexpensive, but it can be designed more stylish in order to attract the kids.
  • With the kind of Exhaust vents, Intake vents, and Channel vents provided with this product doesn’t satiate the ventilation needs of the riders. This could still infuse more pressure to work on the ventilation area of the helmet.

Final Verdict

Youth Off-road Gear Combo Helmet Gloves Goggles is well suited for the kids which come in various sizes with safe quality. This combo product is very affordable, and this product is worth for its money. The materials used for manufacturing this combo product are verified under DOT certification which meets the industrial quality standards. A quick review of all these facts ensures youths to rely on this combo product for their day-to-day needs.

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Recommendation #2: CKX 101682 TX-218 Whip

One of the most important things along with adventure and risks, is the safety of the bike riders. For a bike rider, the device that is most important to ensure safety is the helmet. If you do not have a nice jacket or some fancy shoes, that would work, but not having a high-quality helmet will put your life in danger. There can be various accidents such as head being crushed on the ground or a strong jerk on the neck. In such cases, you might have a neck injury, or damage your face, or a life-threatening head injury. The brands have come up with a stylish best full-face motorcycle helmet which will protect you under any circumstances. Talking about CKX Whip, it is one of the most chosen youth motorcycle helmets in the market at present.

Features and Benefits

  • The most assuring and satisfying thing about a helmet is that it should be light in weight. If the helmet is heavy, there can be problems such as neck pain, uncomfortable ride, distraction, etc. CKX Whip is designed in such a way that it is light as well as efficient. The helmet is light because of the material used to manufacture it is very light along with it, it provides complete protection also.
  • The air circulation inside the helmet plays an important role. If there is not enough circulation within the helmet, the rider may feel suffocated which can lead to a lack of attention, nausea, dizziness, etc., while being on the road. This helmet has been designed in such a way that it allows proper ventilation and air circulation throughout the helmet. This way, fresh air flows in and out making the ride comfortable.
  • Sweat is another thing which makes the rider cranky and inefficient. Riding in the hot temperatures causes the body to sweat. Wearing a helmet plus a jacket and tight shoes, causes this problem to irritate furthermore. The helmet design is unique which provides a 3D Max Dry system. This means that if the body is sweating, the sweat will dry off easily without causing any major inconvenience.
  • If you are worried about the material used, you should know that the helmet is DOT certified, which means that it has passed all the safety tests. It is also certified by the Snell-M2010 which ensures complete safety and quality.
  • The helmet is made using a matrix technology. This unique technology makes the helmet strong and durable. The technology is called Advanced Integrated Matrix. This makes sure that the helmet is strong enough to absorb shocks and provide comfort at the same time.


  • The best thing about this helmet is its built quality and mechanism. The designers and manufacturers have used Advanced Integrated Matrix design which means that the helmet is made of interwoven fibers which provide strength, and protection to the head and the neck. Apart from protection, the helmet is also longer lasting.
  • The helmet is a full faced helmet, which means that it is designed in such a way that it covers the full face and neck providing complete protection. This means that the jerks and shocks will be absorbed irrespective of the part which meets with the accident.
  • The interior of the helmet is soft and has a light layer of cushion. This provides shock absorbency, comfort, and safety at the same time. There have been very positive reviews about those who are using the helmet.
  • The helmet also provides sound canceling effect up to some extent. This is essential because the prolonged exposure to engine noise can be harmful to the ears. To prevent this, the helmet is designed in such a way that the noise will be cut and you can enjoy your ride without wearing ear plugs.


  • There are not many disadvantages of this helmet. One of the disadvantages is that it is a little overpriced than other helmets in the same range. This can be due to the high-quality material that is used in the helmet and the safety assurance but it cannot be the first choice for an amateur.
  • This helmet is not really for the professionals, or the people who travel long distances on the bikes. This makes it a choice for amateurs and youngsters who pursue their hobby of riding bikes but only in short distances.
  • The helmet weighs around 4.3 pounds. The technology used to manufacture the helmet is safety assuring, but keeping physics in mind, it does not really have that strength to protect the head from heavy shock.

Final Verdict

The helmet is available on an online platform which makes it convenient for the user to buy. The helmet is a perfect piece of protection, durability, and safety for the riders who do not wish to travel long distances and be safe at the same time. It is an ideal choice for the young people who have just started riding a heavy duty bike or it can be an ideal kids motorcycle helmet.

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Recommendation #1: Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet

Established in 1994, one of the oldest and premium helmet companies around the world, Vega has its own factory based in Ningbo, China. The company has been known to incorporate both safety and fashion into its designs since inception. There are very few companies which design kids’ motorcycle helmets since most them only design helmets for usage by adults. Fortunately, Vega has been known to produce customized and exclusive range of youth motorcycle helmets for the young generation out there. Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet is one such model introduced by the company. Throwing light at the physical specifications of Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet, the helmet has three different colored tech graphic options namely blue, red and pink. The helmet looks quite contemporary which is definitely going to suit the requirements of young riders. Weighing a total of 4 pounds, the dimensions of the full-face helmet are approximately 13.8×10.2×10 inches. The helmet is offered in three different sizes small through large so that every young rider can find their ideal fit. Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet is ideal for kids since the liners can be interchanged within all the three sizes as the kids grow. Being a full-face helmet, it offers all-round protection to kids because of which parents do not have to worry about the safety aspects of Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet. Young riders who are looking forward to purchasing the Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet can look into the following mentioned features, pros and cons which would help them make a sound decision and avail all round protection for themselves. The following mentioned details would enable the young riders to compare between products as well and choose the best accordingly.

Features and Benefits

  • The body of the helmet has been crafted using thermoplastic. The material is known to possess high strength, high performance, high impact resistance and is recyclable. Other than the aforementioned properties, the thermoplastic is quite lightweight which is suitable for young users.
    • The air vent systems located on the chin, forehead and cheek area prevent heat and humidity from accumulating inside the helmet.
  • The interior liners are crafted using soft fabric which would prevent any sort of irritation or itchiness.
  • The liners can be removed and washed easily which would prevent sweat and grime from accruing.
  • The rear exhaust located at the back of the helmet ensures a maximum amount of airflow.
  • The glass shield has a variety of color variants and can be easily replaced.
  • The helmet company, Vega offers a warranty of 1 year on the Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet during which any repair or replacement can be done by the users.
  • Regarding the certifications, DOT is one such important safety standard that must be ensured before a helmet is even put on sale.
    • Another important safety standards certification is ECE which is followed by more than 50 countries.
  • The Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet is both DOT and ECE certified.


  • Very few companies out their design youth motorcycle helmets. So, the young riders can experiment with something exquisite and trendy as Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet.
  • Being full face, Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet is practically much safer when it comes to taking into consideration road accidents. Moreover, this full-face helmet would also protect young riders from rain and debris.
  • Most of the times people don’t prefer to wear helmets because of the discomfort caused due to heat and humidity. But the well-developed system of ventilation in this helmet is definitely a win-win for the young users.
  • Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet offers noise cancellation which would eliminate any unnecessary noises and distractions while riding.
  • The glass shield has been designed using a scratch resistant material.
  • Vega offers complimentary protective logo bag along with the helmet which can be used for easy storage.
  • The shields are available in 9 shield tints and mirrors along with embedded anti-fog features.
  • The helmet is ideal for day to day use.
  • Being a full-face helmet, it would provide all round protection to the young riders without compromising on the comfort level.


  • There are other brands offering even more designs and features.
  • The fabric stitching and inseams of the interiors may seem a bit problematic to some.
  • Being a full-face helmet, it can be a bit difficult to remove in emergency scenarios.

Final Verdict

Apart from offering all round protection with crucial safety standards, the helmet gets an excellent score when it comes to style quotient as well. Lastly, being one of the few helmets designed especially for the young generation, Vega Mach 2.0 Junior Full Face Helmet is definitely worth the buy.

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In conclusion, buying a motorbike for your child isn’t as tedious as it may seem. Some amount of research and knowledge is enough to get you through the task and make your kid the happiest one on the planet. Take all steps keeping in mind your child’s safety and you’re good to go.

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