Hawk H-66 Glossy Black Dual-Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth Review

Hawk H-66 black Dual Visor helmet has a lot to offer to its users and probably that’s the reason it has been preferred by most of the passionate riders. The helmet comes with a Blinc Bluetooth. The stylings get better in the helmet be it open face or full- cover styling. The USP of the product is its dual visor functioning which is rare in this range. The visor helps as a sun shield to the rider and the other one as an anti-scratch. Also, the Bluetooth that comes pre-installed helps you in easy communication with all other riders. The package includes a good or rather we should call it a high-quality helmet, a manual for both Bluetooth and helmet, a batt for Bluetooth.


When a passionate rider starts his ride, stopping him from hindrances can be a painful, and the manufacturers have very well understood it. The making of this Hawk H-66 has been done keeping all the factors in mind. Good ventilation, the inclusion of Bluetooth, the comfortable fit, great styling, two visors, sunshield etc. But you need to understand that if you need a great product there is always a price that you need to pay for it. Protection standards have been well taken care of, so if an overall fair performance is your choice then this is a helmet for you.

Who should buy it?

  • If you are a passionate rider.
  • If you wish to have a safe and comfortable ride
  • If you are ready to bear the price of this comfort
  • Great for heavy bikes
  • The bikers need to have a good knowledge about a Bluetooth helmet.

Buyers’ Guide

It won’t be an easy task for you to choose a Bluetooth helmet when you have such a huge list to coose from. We have tried making your choice easy by adding reasons that can make you buy this Hawk H66.

  • The device comes with a Blinc Bluetooth, this is enabled within the helmet, this also helps the rider to connect with other riders falling into the range of this device.
  • The shell or the body of the helmet is a fiber made or to be more specific then it’s an ABS thermo magnetic covering, which makes it more strengthening and reliable.
  • The control pattern or the way you can push up the buttons has been ensured that its easy for the rider wearing a glove. We do understand that the product needs to be waterproof, but nothing to bother this helmet comes with same.
  • The visor is quick enough to control and anti-scratch, so that a moment of rash may not bring any harm to your helmet.
  • The drop-down visor that may help the rider to have a clear view even in heavy sunny day. It actually comes like a benefit for the users in places with high temperature.


You can easily buy this helmet and make it part of your collection. We won’t even speak a lot on price range as the basic features that the product offers is fair enough to make a win-win deal. So you can buy your Hawk H-66 Glossy Black Dual-Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth – Medium from any source suitable to you.

Product Description

The helmet has grabbed a good portion of market when it comes to Bluetooth helmets of this range. There are many things that we really liked about the helmet while reviewing it.

We were really impressed by the touch and feel of the helmet; the ABS thermoplastic shell makes it more interesting.

The modular design of the helmet has been well spent time on by the manufacturer.

The best part is that if you have interest either in a full-face helmet or an open helmet, both can be satisfied with this helmet, it’s just a flip-up button away for transformation.

The product comes with two attractive visors, the role of a visor becomes important when it comes to helmet in this category. Any command to the helmet happens quickly making the rider face no disturbances.

We won’t speak of noise cancellation in this helmet, we would suggest the riders to either use an ear plug or go for a higher range, if you are a high-speed rider and wind noise hampers your ride.

The inner looks of the helmet are impressive and the lining inside can be anytime removed and washed, but we suggest you to let it be done by a professional.

The ventilation system that the product gives is rare in this range, and probably that is the reason why the riders have preferred it.  Further to it the chin strap has been made really comfortable, with a quick release closure and the strap keeping option.

The company has worked well on the safety measure. It is to ensure that the product has high safety standards and the same has been approved by DOT certificate. There is a sticker or a graphic on the back, and the same is non-removable.

We are very impressed with this range as it comes with Smartphone compatibility. iPhones can be made compatible for a good response. Moreover, the GPS devices can be connected too with the helmet to ensure a high-performance range.

The helmet weighs somewhat 4.8 pounds, which makes it really a light weighing Bluetooth helmet being offered in this range. The Bluetooth installed in the helmet makes the communication hassle free. The mic that has been installed is a noise cancellation mic, so that the voice can be well heard.

The battery is replaceable and at the same time it comes with an endurance capacity of 4 hours and on a standby mode it can resist up to 100 hours. This lithium battery gets fully charged for use in six hours. The communication that it favors is with DSP filters.

The volume can be maintained according to the need, and as mentioned earlier the functionality buttons are all waterproof. The regular features like music streaming, control over functions with gloves, LED indicators, communication between to two riders, GPS instruction and navigation audio, and radio audio connective to phone, has all been put in this helmet.

We are very happy to see all these features in this price range and the same has been well taken care by the manufacturer.


  • The existence of dual visor is really impressive for the riders
  • The Bluetooth capacity is really impressive
  • The light weight of the helmet makes it really great.
  • The noise cancellation mic is another adding benefit to the helmet.
  • It though has worked on safety measure but DOT certificate makes it a qualifier


  • We haven’t come across any major put offs for this helmet. There are some who have hiccups on the pricing, but we really feel that if you have all these facilities in this range under a good brand name then going ahead with the choice won’t at all spoil your purchase.
  • We would expect you to not expect wind noise reduction in the helmet, as you need to raise your range for the same.
  • Social proof
  • On an average, all the customers have rated the product to be in a range of 3.5/5. This includes the cost benefits of the helmet at 4.5/5. People have called the helmet durable too. The features have again been ranked at 4.5/5. The sizes available are regular and the finish is another good factor about this helmet.


Alternative Choice #1: IV2 Helmet

The overall design of the helmet is really very impressive and the ventilation makes it impressive choice. Also, the inner lining can be removed and be washed for a cleaner ride

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Alternative Choice #2: HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet (Matte Black, Medium)

This helmet has a special benefit of its poly carbonate shell, which makes it light when it comes to weight and reliable in this model category.

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Alternative Choice #3: ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Sun Shield Mp3 Intercom (XL, RED)

If a good full-face helmet is your choice then this can be a good option in your criterion. The build quality is impressive and the outer look is groovier.

Check lowest Price


If your choice list includes a good helmet with all basic features and good Bluetooth connectivity then this helmet can very well fit in your terms. We won’t refer it if by any means you are looking for any type of advanced functioning.

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