BMW Genuine Motorcycle Men GS Dry Riding Jacket Black Review

BMW Genuine Motorcycle Riding Jackets is one of the top quality and heavy-duty products which not only serves the purpose of ever changing weather durability but also is best you can get for the price being paid. These long-lasting jackets have been amongst the top rated and reviewed products which just conforms your demands of a perfect riding jacket.  The proper ventilation, pure quality, water repellent, complex yet comfortable knitting of the jacket with all the major safety measures being taken care to assure the rider of risk free riding all-round the year.


This GS dry jacket is amongst many of the on-demand stuffs throughout the year whether it be summers, rainy season, spring, autumn or extreme winter season. This product is designed in such a manner by the innovative team of BMW that it keeps and gives the customer a full proof package of enjoyable riding on flat roads, cliffs, tough terrains and much more.  The jacket is loaded with all the necessary stuffs ranging from less absorptivity to no fading of colour to comfortable interiors, thus making it one stops destination for your best motorcycle riding jacket.  

Who it’s For

  • For highly experienced riders who need a heavy-duty jacket in all weathers.
  • Touring motorcycle riders who go on long excursions.
  • This heavy-duty jacket is well suited for motorcycle riders who often cruise at night on unlit roads.
  • Professional riders who go for off terrain racing and cruising.
  • This jacket is suitable for riders who are looking for a one-time investment in a jacket which is durable and comfortable in long rides.

Buyer’s Guide

The most important thing for any buyer is to have proper guidelines and reviews which not just compels you to buy but also ensures that you don’t have to face the orchestra for the money being spent.

Comfort and Durability

BMW Genuine Motorcycle Men GS Dry Riding Jacket Black / Anthracite – Part I provides the customer an all-time high-quality jacket with resistance to any kind of rough weather. This makes the bike riding journey comfortable and Z – liner design gives proper ventilation.

Water proof and Chest pockets

Whenever you buy any jacket, these are the two things on which every company comes out as a cropper as it fails to live up to the mentioned cycle of expiry. This waterproof not just add years  to it but also make it an alternative option for wearing while you are not riding also.  Secondly, the increased chest pockets hides fold-out, button-on and reflective areas.

Meticulous knitting and design

The GS dry jacket comes with efficiently designed and knitted spacer fabric to improve air circulation. The jacket includes 2 patch pockets that is absolutely waterproof – 2 chest pockets including removable, button-on reflection zones – 1 sleeve pocket on left, 1 pocket on lower back – Connection zipper at waist of 40 cm. This 6 pound weighing jacket is equipped with NP2 protector and material reinforcements in major areas and thus making it best choice for off – road riding also.

Resonance to International Standards

The jacket is in complete synchronisation with the international standards and also is approved and certified by the premium certification institutes.

Pricing & Purchasing Details

The GS dry jacket is available at one of the most competent prices and thus, is not too costly to be bought given the brand name it carries with itself. The jacket is available in black/ anthracite shades and can be transported anywhere in USA.

Presenting the Product


The BMW Genuine Motorcycle Men GS Dry Riding jacket is a one of a kind jacket offering comfort and protection for road and Enduro excursions. Ample ventilation pockets are built into this jacket to allow effective ventilation. The Dry jacket has a number of reflective areas with chest pockets that conceal fold out and button on reflective areas to increase visibility. It is waterproof and wand wind tight with its unique integrated Z-liner. NP2 protectors are present on the back, shoulders and elbows to impact in the fall. This BMW jacket is specially reinforced with material layering which provides support in the areas which are heavily impacted in case of a fall. Special NP2 armor pads are also present around the jacket which adds to the safety. The integrated Z liner is a multipurpose ventilator as well as water tight packing liner. It can be opened in case the jacket gets too stuffy and helps in providing additional ventilation.

Product Information

  • Brand: BMW
  • Model: GS Dry
  • Item Weight: 6 pounds
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BMW8553400
  • Folding : No


Features and Benefits

  • Is windtight and waterproof due to the attachment of a membrane as Z liner which is a zipper on chest and back.
  • Special waterproof bonding can also be opened to provide the right ventilation directly against the torso.
  • The integration of NP2 protectors on the back, shoulders and elbows gives added protection alongside the reinforced material on open areas.
  • Knitted spacer fabric in the back allows improved air circulation along with the vents.
  • Chest pockets have a fold out button on reflective attachment which allow extra visibility in conditions.
  • It is suitable for motorcycle riding and touring on long excursions
  • Waterproof, water repellant and wind tight jacket allowing a seamless fit.
  • Equipped with NP2 protectors and material reinforcement in critical areas.
  • Reflective imprints on the chest, arms and back is set to international standards.
  • Stretch inserts on arms with eyelet lining and knitted spacer fabric in the back for improved air circulation.
  • Equipped with 2 waterproof patch pockets, chest pockets including removable button on reflection zones, one left sleeve pocket and one lower back pocket.
  • Additional reflective patches on the chest area and back to improve visibility.
  • The Velcro around the waist allows the jacket to be fastened securely and prevent the jacket from becoming loose.
  • The sleeves are fitting yet perfectly ventilated.
  • Specially integrated material give the motorcycle jacket a sturdier outlook.
  • The color allows an extra visibility factor
  • Additional direct chest ventilation is possible on this jacket.


Pros & Cons

Waterproof and water repellant lining allows for cruising in a rainy climateCannot be used as a summer jacket as it will be uncomfortable
Integrated Z liner gives additional waterlocking ability.Expensive
Has additional reflective patches which give improved visibility.It is considerably heavy
Extra heavy duty given the extra lining.Non Folding
Has a number of pockets which make it very handy.
Special NP2 protectors provide additional safety.


Social Proof

After scouring through the internet looking for pros and cons of this impressive jacket we can say that it is definitely well appreciated by everyone who has bought it. The jacket has been liked by everyone so far.

A certain customer left a review on one of the sites saying that “It is definitely worth every dime I spent, I bought this jacket two years ago and it has kept me dry in heavy storms as well in one of my excursions. You really can’t go wrong with the BMW gear” The average score given by this happy customer was a full 5 stars out of five.

One customer although was a little miffed by the fact that in particularly hot days, the jacket isn’t very helpful. Indeed the jacket isn’t particularly made for summer days but for every other weather this jacket is as sturdy and heavy duty as it gets and provide you with complete protection and leaving you bone dry in the storms. This fantastic jacket has been rated 5 out of 5 on Amazon and a splendid 4.8 on another major biking site.

Alternative Choices

Though the jacket is a top notch quality product but if you don’t find available in the stock or can’t be transported to you for any reason then, you need not worry as there are other three relevant replacements for the same.

Alternative Choice #1 : BMW Genuine Motorcycle Motorrad TourShell jacket, men’s – Color:     Mineral Grey / Deep Sea – Size: EU 52 US 42

This trip layered jacket and removable jacket by TourShell is a complete package of high level safety and comfort whether it be in the form of water repulsion during wet climates, proper ventilation, removable NP protectors at customisable heights and most importantly it weighs just 9 pounds. This non foldable, high temperature resistant zip vents and good build armour gives you a royal and encouragement to ride without any fear in any season.

Check lowest Price

Alternative Choice #2: BMW Genuine Motorcycle Boulder 2 jacket – size M

This multipurpose jacket is  an exclusive set of fashionable jacket which also serves as a perfect blend of safety and long lasting quality fabric. The intricate design of the jacket comes with Cordura 500 of breathable coating which allows  congestion free air circulation and adjustable waists and cuffs. This Boulder 2 version from BMW weighs just 9 pounds.

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Alternative Choice #3: BMW Genuine Motorcycle Men Rallye Riding Jacket Grey/Blue US 50 Euro 60

This jacket is not just exemplary collection of grey and blue colour jacket with complex knitting but also about its reliability in tough weathers which may either be very hot or cold. The jacket is new in the market and is highly appreciated due to its new NP protectors which delivers optimum protection and an improved fit. The jacket guarantees of comfort with extra chest pockets and superior quality of ProTechWool material mix comprising polyamide and wool with a carbon finish which resists itself from any ill effect of the ever changing weather.

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More often than not you are stuck with a slightly wet sleeve lining or collar because of the non sealable lining which lets water slip in. But this BMW jacket allows the rider to enjoy a sealable and a secure jacket which prevents the water from entering. Visibility is also an important factor when it comes to cruising in different climates as visibility may differ and the jacket needs to be reflective enough to prevent any damage. You need to have jacket which is provided with a special lining and armor so that in case of an accident which can occur in case of long excursions.

This jacket ensures that visibility, safety and protection better than any other jacket. The NP2 armor gives additional protection and risk management along with the material reinforcement. The Z liner, a special facility in built into this jacket gives a proper sealed tight feel which can be opened when ventilation is required as well. The product reviewed above is the perfect solution to all woes related to long excursions and is bound to accompany you on many trips.  

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