Shoei GT Air Wanderer TC 5 Full Face Helmet Review

The Shoei GT-Air Wanderer TC-5 Full Face Helmet is the absolute all-rounder with the various features it introduces. Needless to say, this is indubitably the helmet we’d need to fully enjoy our frequent rides. The composite three-shelled aerodynamic shells were tested using wind tunnels and developed in the state-of-the-art facility in Japan. This cuts down a lot of noise from both wind and traffic. The interior liner is removable and can be washed as and when needed. We, therefore, have no worries regarding bacterial growth inside. The Shoei GT-Air Wanderer TC-5 Full Face Helmet is without a doubt just what we were looking for.

Who should buy these?

  • The helmet is a great choice for professional bikers riding extensively.
  • Protects the face from turbulent winds while biking and also cuts down noise.
  • For people engaging in the daily commute, the helmet also stands as a worthwhile investment as it cuts down heavy noise from the traffic.
  • It fits relatively in all head sizes.

Buyer’s Guide

The helmet with its extensive aerodynamic properties is the right choice for all the bikers who emphasize on breathability. Sweat accumulation is not a problem at all with the multi-piece EPS liner. The shells are composite and three in number, with a molded air spoiler that reduces drag and lifts also decrementing the net pressure received during extensive biking. The sun shield which is QSV-1 does its best job in protecting your face from the blinding glare of the sun. The switch to operate the inner sun shield is easy to operate and blocks 99% of the UV rays. The upper and lower intake vents are also suitably positioned to enhance maximum breathability and are large in size to provide for ample space during biking.

Materials and Interiors

Let us take a look at the material highlights and much more further:

  • The helmet also includes a breath and a chin guard.
  • The shell structure is made up of amalgamation of resilient materials like fibre and organic shells, which improve the durability of the helmet.
  • The cheek and chin guards prevent excessive air to hinder the biker’s performance and at the same time reduces the noise received.
  • The interior has enough space to fit our eyeglasses and the chin strap is especially useful with its E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick-Release System) that allows quick and hassle-free removal in case of an emergency.

Things to consider while buying a full-face helmet

Bikes have always been considered somewhat of a symbol of freedom and free spirit, and while it truly makes you feel like you are one with the wind, safety should be of primary importance. You may see a number of helmets available ranging from a three-fourth face helmet and even a full face one. Choosing the right helmet can be a daunting task and if you have decided to buy a full-face helmet then here are a few tips.

What to look for

A full-face helmet, as the name suggest covers your entire head as well as your face. A full-face helmet also has a face or wind shield which is like a flap which you pull down to ensure that the wind does not get in your face. Technically, these helmets are the most durable and provide you with maximum safety unless improperly chosen.

To begin with, one needs to know how important the outer shell, comfort padding and retention system is. All of them together comprise the helmet and a sturdy outer shell helps in lessening the blow.

The comfort padding is the part of the helmet that is in touch with your skin, when looking for a helmet you need to ensure that the comfort padding fits snugly on your head and rest lightly against your cheeks. If there is a gap between it and your skin that means that it is loose and is potentially hazardous. You can check the fitting of the helmet by trying to place a finger between your cheek and the helmet.

The helmet should rest firmly at the temples, with the center of gravity balanced so that the helmet stays properly.

The chin strap should be such that once you secure it then you should be able to pull your helmet off. You can try moving your head from side to side and if your skin slightly moves with the helmet then it is a perfect fit.

Full face helmets can feel stuffy and uncomfortable so see for helmets which come within built ventilation systems. These will allow you to use the helmet in any weather without feeling uncomfortable. The face shield too should be such that once in use it should not touch your forehead or nose.

In conclusion, if you know what to look for then buying a helmet is not as intimidating as it looks. So, choose wisely and stay safe.

Pricing and purchasing details

The helmet costs is a little pricey and amazon along with revzilla offers free shipping. The product also comes with a warranty period of 5 years. The product cannot be folded and could be readily purchased online from sites like amazon, revzilla and eBay.

Social Proof

The product has received an altogether positive response from a lot of users- who have testified to the funky design and comfortable airflow of the helmet and to paying a few extra dollars for its improved features. Customers also love the ‘fog-free insert’ and the integrated visor system. Amazon has around 37 customer reviews for the helmet, 70% of which had scored the helmet an impressive five stars, 22% of them have scored it four stars, 3% have scored three stars and 5% of them have scored it two stars.

Although a lot of customers have complained about the uncomfortable fit of the helmet and the inner drop down shields which causes a lot of air to flow in between while riding, on the whole, the extensive features introduced by the helmet for the price it offers is certainly a lucrative investment.

Shoei GT-Air Wanderer TC-5 Full Face Helmet – Large


There are a lot of people who are indulged in motor sports and adventures. These sports are dangerous and require specific gear and equipment for the protection of the people. The  Shoei GT-Air Wanderer TC-5 Full Face Helmet – Large is one of the best motorcycle helmets that comes as a protective gear for motorcycle and power sports. This helmet has an internal padding that is very thick to be able to provide comfort and more stability. It is an oval shaped helmet from the inside whereas the outer shell in the chin area has been combined with a soft and wide base edge. This helps in the reduction of any interference with back protector and is built to decrease the risk of shocks. It has a shock absorbing function that is developed against the risk of head trauma.

Product Information

  • This helmet has an aerodynamic shell design for professional riders.
  • It is manufactured by a top sport and adventure equipment brand called Shoei.
  • This helmet is in the shape of an immediate oval and weighs about fifteen pounds.
  • The helmet is certified by the Department of Transportation.
  • It comes with a scratch resistant shield coating and gives maximum protection from harmful UV rays.

Features and Benefits

Here are the main features and characteristics of the Shoei GT-Air Wanderer TC-5 Full Face Helmet – Large: –

  • Ventilation System– this helmet comes with a maximised ventilation system in which the upper air vent is placed in a way to increase air volume inside the helmet. The lower intake vent is easy to operate as it is large and convenient. The upper vent intake is placed to be able to optimise its performance behind the wind screens. There is a lower intake vent called defroster vent that is placed to reduce fogging on the shield and to increase air passage. The neck vent is large enough to allow exhaustion of air inside the helmet. These vents also include breath guards and chin curtain to be able to help the rider breathe easily through the passage.
  • Sun Shield Visor System– this helmet comes with a built-in sun shield on the glass for allowing the rider to give relief from the rays of the sun in a single motion. The visor system is placed to meet ANSI Z80.3-2010 standard for eyeglasses that do not require prescription. The forehead area on the helmet is elevated slightly to accommodate the shield from sun rays and allowing the helmet’s integrity and liner to stay in place and intact. There is a large switch on the helmet that is easy to reach and activates the inner shield from the sun rays.
  • Aerodynamic Shell Design– the helmet’s design has aerodynamic properties that has an extensive tunnel which is also wide. It has been tested by professional riders and given a feedback. It has a multiple piece liner with EPS that enhances absorption and impacts the ventilation. Its design is fit to suit most of the head sizes comfortably as it contains three shells and four EPS liner sizes. It also provides increased options to fit most sizes comfortably. Finally, the design on this helmet includes molded spoiler for airway that reduces drag and lift and also reduces the pressure on neck of the rider while riding in speed.
  • Advanced Integrated Matrix– this helmet comprises of such high-performance materials of fiber that are made along with elastic organic fibers to give it the shell structure. It is extremely lightweight, rigid and resilient. This helmet also comes with a chin strap that is placed for the protection of the rider while riding in speed. The strap has a standard chin strap clip for buckling it to make sure it is secure and bolted.
  • Shield System– this helmet has a CNS-1 shield system which is three dimensionally curved from both the sides. This system replaces the previous one as it is wider and taller than that system. This shield system also comes with a pin lock anti fog lens on the front area to be able to provide wider coverage of the shield. It has a dual ridge window bead that elevates contact with the shield to reduce noise from the wind during high speed riding. This CNS-1 shield coating is scratch resistant and provides complete protection from harmful UV rays from the sun.

Pros & Cons

  • This helmet has a scratch resistant technology to provide clear coverage and vision to the riders even after accidents.
  • The helmet is adequately spacious to be able to wear glasses and also to provide passage for air to ventilate properly.
  • The helmet is designed in an aerodynamic way so as to fit most head sizes comfortably and is available in many sizes too.
  • The fiber it is made from is lightweight yet rigid and resilient and has an advanced technique used while making.
  • It has a sun shield system to prevent the rider from the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • This helmet is heavy and not easy to carry so it can become a little inconvenient for riders to take on long trips.
  • The helmet does not come with a reflective finish of the shield, instead it has a cosmetic and flat finish to it which can be a problem to some riders.
  • This helmet can only be shipped to addresses that are in the United States and not outside of the country.
  • Some buyers complain of the high price of this helmet as it costs quite a lot to be investing on just a bike helmet.

Alternative Choices

Recommendation #1: Shoei GT-Air Wanderer TC-5 Full Face Helmet – Large

The Shoei GT-Air Wanderer TC-5 Full Face Helmet – Large is a brilliant choice for riders who are looking for a long lasting and all-rounder helmet for safety and aesthetics. But every product comes with its own advantages and disadvantages not leaving this helmet as an exception for the same.

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Recommendation #2: Shoei Terminus RF-1200 Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet

There are other choices and options for people who want to invest in other similar products, if not this one or are looking for helmets that handle other concerns. One such helmet is the Shoei Terminus RF-1200 Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet which is primarily used as a racing helmet and differs from the former one in size and features. This product comes with a five-year warranty and also includes ear pads as the helmet is used for extensive motorcycle sports and adventures.

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Recommendation #3: Shoei Men’s RF-1200 Anthracite Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

One other option is the Shoei Men’s RF-1200 Anthracite Full Face Motorcycle Helmet which is smaller than the previously mentioned helmets. This helmet focuses more on eliminating wind noise without blocking the essential road noises. There are many other companies and other helmets that differ in features, sizes, price range, etc. Such helmets are available on almost all the seller websites like amazon and even the company websites.

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A rider knows fully well what type of helmet he or she wants and requires and can buy it accordingly. We’d suggest that the buyers should look into the product details and scrutinize each element carefully if they are opting to buy the helmet second-hand.

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