HJC RPHA MAX Modular Flip Review

This HJC helmet is an admirable product of the brand and has some flip-up features that it does come up with. Undeniably the helmet is a market ruler; it does come up with the facility of solid body that makes it more reliable, and its capacity of grabbing the head is a good safety measure. The product definitely uplifts the ventilation standards and the noise control functioning makes it a good choice for its users.


The introduction of this model could be really dramatic when we took it to review. It’s strange to see HJC introducing a helmet in this range but when we looked at the specifications the deal convinced us. On a normal node if a person sees the RPHA Max, it would be an unavoidable thought that it looks really like SyMax III, but once you try to differentiate the features and specifications the book may come up with a newer chapter to it. Furthermore, don’t just make a final verdict by just taking a glance at the helmet, there is a good difference between both the models, which can be felt only when place on the same table. Off course the flip-up visor is the selling point of this helmet. And then the functionality of the Switch gear, so get ready you have lot to get in this helmet.

Who should buy it?

  • If you are a long route rider.
  • If you are a biker looking for safe ride
  • If you are a routine rider looking for a comfortable helmet
  • If you have specific features that can be found only in this helmet like its visor.

If these are your needs or you fall in any of the above-mentioned category then this helmet is made for you.

Buyer’s Guide

The synchronization of Carbon Fiber, Aramid, and the non-woven fabric with an organic origin makes it a great choice for the lovers. The light weight of the product is another adding benefit. Though there are certain benefits that one needs to understand before they end up buying this helmet.

  • The helmet comes with different sizing facilities ranging from XS to XXL. This in other words mean that shall fit into your head and the sizes shall make it even comfortable for you.
  • The rider always enjoys a ride that keeps him off the sunshine. The HJC comes with a one touch option that shall change the position of the sunshield in three different positions.
  • This full-face lid helmet has all that you need. The noise cancellation feature of HJC is just recommendable.  The laboratory specification specifies that it’s just 84dB at 100 kmph/ 62.5 mph.
  • We do understand that you like to show off your face too while riding on high speed, this helmet though has a compact sizing and gives a good view of your face.
  • HJC had always been great at showing off the efficiency than concentrating more on looks. This works on a simple yet efficient ratchet system that provides a smart yet quick and no-tool removal and installation system. In other words, the company puts in a lot of efforts to make the ride comfortable for the rider.
  • As mentioned before the company works well on the interiors to provide great efficiency. It has a self cooling facility which has been enhanced by the new organic fabric. The lightweight comprising of a fabric that happens to be odor free makes it just a great buy.

Buying Details

You may buy this helmet either online or offline. Though there are no major differences between the price range, but it all depends on the mode you rely on. Most of the websites have ranked it 4.6 on a scale of 5, and this rating definitely involves all the factors inclusive of price range. You can anyhow follow the most trustworthy link to buy HJC RPHA MAX Modular Flip-Up Touring/Street Helmet.

Product Description

The helmet is though very fascinating when you just see the classy look, but when you are a buyer you ought to know certain facts that are far above the looks. Nothing less than a tick mark on all the needs can be taken when it comes to invest your savings on a dream-come-true helmet. So, these are the major features that we found worthy:

Safety: the layers made of Aramid that works well on the safety parameters, which is further supported with a carbon fiber accompanied with a fiberglass. We really won’t prefer recommending you this helmet if you were actually looking out for a dual homologated lid, as this one has passed the minimum safety criteria, which makes it eligible for an open lid drive. Off course the chin guard has scored well in our list still we won’t determine it at a score of 100% a bit less shall be desirable rather.

Wind Noise Reduction: Most of you would have been fascinated by the fact that this HJC helmet offers 84db at 60mph, but that’s just a figure there is much more to it. Though we always suggest the riders to wear an ear plug while riding, as the noise cancellation totally on the bike that you are riding. Though there are certain differences when it comes to a comparison with Schuberth C3. Undeniably the good part is that HJC took an initiative to add a soft curtain in the chin and neck area that helps to keep the breeze off the helmet. And the remaining good work is done by the noise reduction functioning.

Size:  This HJC RPHA MAX is made in three different shell sizes; we find this to be a positive factor.  This three-lid factor makes it more shock resistant and that extra padding for larger sizes is just a perfect working. Generally, the helmets that don’t have such lids end up looking huge on a XS size head. This HJC product comes in variant sizes like X-small, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large.

Ventilation: in this part once again there is a mixed review; it’s a good part that there are two air venting ports, one in the brow and the other one at the chin. Now when you flip to see inside, it’s an applauding work that HJC has done to let the air in through head so that the riders of places with high temperature can feel the cool. But the presence of visor near to the face at times creates fogging in the helmet, even when it’s hot outside.

Visor: As mentioned visor is placed near the face but it comes in with a Pinlock functioning which voids the issue of fogging. As mentioned earlier the lid could be set in different positions, though people may feel it off in the starting but once you get used to it you may find it consistently working with the visor. Moreover, the Rapid Fire II visor technology used in this helmet can be used with a great ease.

Chin Guard: Another unique selling point of this helmet is its push up chin guard functioning. So, with just one push button the guard rotates and comes upwards. Though the functioning is easy but many may need to use both the hands to operate it, but we believe it’s totally on the frequency of usage.

Comfort: This is one of the basic reasons that most of the riders opt for this HJC helmet, the manufacturers have well worked to make it comfortable. The padding can be removed and washed, but its good if you put in some professionals at work. Though the people with square heads may find it tough t use, else this is a helmet for all.


We have been discussing the product a lot now so to grab a quick view at the pros then:

  • The styling is a major factor
  • The quality has been made really high
  • The sun shield factor works for good
  • 3-shell sizing
  • The ventilation gets covered in pros


  • The cost may put some chins down
  • The face shield removal functioning isn’t very satisfying.

Social Proof

According to different reviews available in variant places all over the internet we made a quick understanding on the basis of major factors like. Safety, it gets a 3/5 rating. Comfort has made up well with 4.5/5. Noise cancellation has a way to go as it gets 4/5. Features and specifications grabbed a 4.5/5 and the pricing managed a 3/5. On average users feel it to be a 3.8/5 but we feel the lack of safety standards that HJC didn’t pay attention on. But if you are looking for comfort, then this helmet is for you.


Alternative Choice #1: Schuberth C3

The company has always managed to stay on a higher end when it comes to comparison. This helmet can be bought with a better feature range with quick functioning.

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Alternative Choice #2: Shark Evoline 3

This helmet can also be your choice if features are your priority.   

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This helmet is definitely not a cheap pick but it is a great performer. The good built and the other useful features have managed is a 4.6 rating which is undeniably a good choice. So if a flip-up, sun shield, and Pinlock visor is your demand then this is the perfect option available in this range.

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