Gerbing’s 12v T5 Hybrid Gloves-Men’s-Motorcycle Review

Gerbing’s T5 is a hybrid heating glove for motorcycle riding enthusiast. These gloves run on 12v battery or by connecting them to the electrical system of the motorcycle. The gloves are made up of pure grain leather. There are rubber strips on the palm for better grip. The knuckles had compartments which help a user in case of an accident. There are three types of settings for heating purpose and when running on high heating mode, the battery runs about an hour while in the other two modes, the battery runs near about 2 hours and 4 hours respectively.


Gerbing has been known for its heated clothing’s for quite some time now. The clothing includes jackets, pants, and vests. They have a wide array of customers which includes army personnel, motorcycle riders and also for personal use. Gerbing’s T5 gloves are an innovative product as apart from connecting to the motorcycle battery, it has a 12v battery of its own for heating the gloves. These Gloves has a microwire system which helps the heat to flow uniformly all over the gloves. There are no possibilities to see or feel the wires of the microwire system because of its design. The styling of the gloves is great and hence they are efficient in serving the purpose, for which they are made for.

Who should buy it?

A heating glove is a great option for all those:

  • Who ride in the extremely cold places.
  • Who prefer inbuilt battery gloves in their Hybrid heated gloves.
  • Who wants a good grip even when the gloves are wet.
  • Who is a fan of Gerbing heated apparels?
  • Who wants to protect themselves from tear and cut during a slide.


Buyer’s Guide

Gerbing’s T5 hybrid gloves are best for those who ride in extremely cold weather and are bit allergic to wind. If your hand gets numb due to cold then it would be a dangerous problem while riding because at that time it would be a problematic to hold the clutch or accelerator properly. Hera is a few things to consider before buying the Gerbing’s T5 Hybrid Gloves.

  • The material from which it is made is very important as that material is responsible for holding the heat inside the glove.
  • The leather and outer cover are as important as other things in the gloves because it is responsible for less tear and abrasion during an accident.
  • As this is run by battery, a 12v battery should be a must for hating it properly in extremely cold conditions.
  • The weight of the product is extremely important as a battery is 12v, hence there must be a battery pack to carry the battery without any discomfort.
  • A battery can go off at any time if used continuously and that can be a problem while riding in an extremely cold weather. Hence a hybrid system is must, so that if the battery runs out you can for the connection to the battery of the motorcycle.
  • The other features to consider are the thermal lining, wrist straps, Velcro, and the elastic closure, so that you can avail maximum comfort.


Pricing & Purchasing Details

The seller of this product has kept it in the range of $79.99- $189.99. As you go up higher in the price range, you can get more and more features of the same. You can easily get the product at your desired price in You can check out the product here

Product Description

The Gerbing’s T5 Hybrid gloves are made especially to give comfort in cold weather. They also help in prevention abrasion and resistance apart from keeping you warm.  These gloves are for men and are the hybrid type. The Hybrid system ensures that you don’t run out of heat when you run out of battery. The product has a lot of exciting features; let’s take a look at them one by one.

  • Material used

The material used in manufacturing the gloves is full leather. The quality of the leather is quite good, pliable and soft. The above feature gives it more flexibility as a result of which you get the best possible comfort and fittings. The knuckles are made up of Kevlar reflective fabric and are very helpful during a slide. The palm portion, the knuckle portion and the back of the hand portion consist of sewed padding.

  • Design and ergonomics

The gloves have a seamless finish all over it. For better grip, they had provided rubber strips on the palm. There are flex panels after each panel in the knuckle protector section. The gloves are completely waterproof as it is made up of aqua-tex and breathable skin and also the leather absorbs very little or no amount of water. There are straps across the wrist portion, which are elastic in nature so that it can hold the gloves properly to the jacket and also give nice fitting.

  • Power Source

The product runs on BATLI121 batteries that are manufactured by Gerbing. These batteries have a turn on/off switch along with voltage regulation settings and an indicator to display the current setting. These lithium ion battery package configuration is that of 11.1 volts along with 1.2 amp hours which is equivalent to 1200 mAh. There are different types of settings viz high, med and low where battery backup is 1 hour for high, 2 – 3 hours formed and 3.5 – 4 hours for low. As these are hybrid gloves hence you can connect them with your motorcycle battery source as well. When connected to a motorcycle, instant heat is generated which is greater than the heat, generated by a battery that comes along with it, in the same amount of time.

  • Other important features

The weight of the gloves has a thermal lining which is a mere 100 grams and there is also an Aqua-Tex skin that protects you from the water. The weight of the gloves are pretty high and are responsible for better insulation properties as this will help you to keep warm for a longer period of time during extreme cold weathers.

Pros and Cons

Better heating even in extremely cold weather.Loose fabric on the inside.
Outer aquatic covering for waterproofingThe battery is just a mere 1200 mAh.
A good leather finish on the outsideNot easy to remove the gloves.
Nice safety measures to protect the hand, especially on the knuckle portionThe inner liner is problematic while removing the gloves from the hand.
Hybrid system and comfortable fittings


Social Proof 90 x4

A product success is directly proportional to customer’s consent and there is no exception for this product as well. The product selling site featured 60 customer reviews where it had been rated as 4.5 on average out 5.0. Here are some of the points that customer feels after buying a Gerbing’s T5 gloves.

  • A buyer commented that the outer covering gets wet after 10 hours of riding in the rain but on kept hands warm on the inner side.
  • One another user of the glove complained about protection issues. These gloves are specially made for heating purposes and do not provide that much of safety. So as a customer we should always ensure the purpose before buying a Glove.
  • Some customers complained about the fittings as they were tight on their desired size.


The Gerbing’s T5 gloves are a good buy in the price range but there are products of the same category too which you may want to try out.

Alternative Choice #1: Venture MC1645

Venture MC1645 is a hybrid heating glove which can be used as an alternative of Gerbing t5. These can run on a rechargeable battery pack or from connection with the motorcycle. There are 3 heat settings so that you are comfortable with the heating. The gloves are made out of Nappa leather hence they are very soft but at the other end they can go through wear and tear during a ride.

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Alternative Choice #2: Volt Heat Leather

The Volt Heat leather is yet another heating glove in the hybrid category. These are specially made for heating purposes and provide heating to all parts of your hand for example side of your palm and back of your hand. A waterproof zipper is added to the battery pack and the gloves have a breathable skin layer. The inner paddings are great to wear in an exhausting ride.

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Alternative Choice #3: Hyde Hero Gloves

Another product from Gerbing and alternative to Gerbing’s T5 can be the Hyde hero Gloves. They provide maximum heat in which we can have a comfortable ride in an extremely cold weather. The gloves had microwire all over it and aquatic waterproof skin for protection from rain and water. There are also impact protected gel pads at the palm to save you from any discomfort. The best part of the product is that the index finger is touch screen compatible.

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Alternative Choice #4: Firstgear Heated Rider Gloves

These gloves are best when generating heat at 12 volts. They generate a maximum of 15 watts of heat which is quite impressive for long winter rides. A porelle, breathable and waterproof skin covers the whole gloves so as to protect the user from rain and water. The wrist closure is elastic and the closed loop is made up if hooks so that you can adjust to your desired size and also with comfortable fittings.

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The Gerbing’s T5 gloves are great to use in very extreme winter or rainy season. These gloves need some modification as well because when in rain for a longer period the leather outside soak water. The battery power is less and is only 1200 mAh which is somewhat less but the plus point of these gloves is that they can be connected to motorcycle electrical system without any problem. Overall these gloves excellently manage to produce heat when needed.

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