Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Jacket Review

Bike riding can be a real nuisance particularly during heavy downpours and even hot summer afternoons. And at these times, an air jacket can prove to be a wonder product which shields riders from unsuitable climatic conditions. But choosing the right air jacket can be a bit painstaking at times. And it becomes even more tedious if there is a vast multitude of options to choose from. Nowadays, a number of air jackets promising this and that and offering attractive features have been introduced in the market. Below mentioned is a detailed review on some of the air jackets being offered with best features and at affordable prices which motorcyclists can consider buying in order to enhance their overall bike riding experience.


Traveling in the heat can now be easier with Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Jacket. This jacket is a total life saver even in extremely hot weather. In order to facilitate total breathability during those hot summer days, the extensive mesh paneling work is a great feature that has been incorporated in the jacket. Offering an extra protective layer to the back and front parts of the body, the Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Jacket – Part I is definitely the trendsetter product for the motorcyclists out there. Apart from the protective elements, the jacket is also high on the style quotient and offers an aggressive as well as stylish cut.

Who Should Buy These

The Jacket doesn’t stand as an unisex jacket it is not made up with a certain sex in mind except the male. It is a male oriented jacket tailored to suit their style. The looks too are crafted keeping in mind the same. It is mainly for riding purpose. Its main aim is to provide comfort to the rider while he drives through city or towns.

It can also be bought as an suit for natural outgoing. It obviously is suitable for a person sitting on a back seat of the rider. We all know the experience isn’t that different minus the riding and handling woes. So for the on road and off road drivers and also not to forget the back seat riders they can wear it too.

Buyer’s Guide

Before investing in the Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Jacket, potential buyers must consider overall features and benefits of the same in order to make an informed decision.

  • Durability Factor-It is important that air jackets are designed using durable materials in order to offer a long lasting protection to the rider. The jacket has been specially crafted using durable Denier Polyester material which also offers resistance from abrasive forces. Apart from this, the polyester material also provides a long lasting performance to the rider.
  • Proper Breathability-One wouldn’t want to experience discomfort while riding motorcycles especially during hot summer blues. In order to promote breathability to the entire body, special airflow mesh panels have been designed in these jackets.
  • Protective Padding– The extra protective PE foam padding offers protection to the sensitive areas of the body such as chest and back. Also, these paddings have been checked to ensure safety standards.
  • Sleek Finish- Having a sleek design makes it lightweight and easy to carry around which is one of the salient and best features of the Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Jacket.
  • Secure Fit- Many air jackets out there do not offer customized sizes and the last thing riders would want in their jacket is an extremely loose or a tight fitting. The Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Jacket provides customizable Velcro and D-ring waist arrangements which would provide just the right fitting to the user.
  • Safekeeping Documents– The internal pocket has been designed using a waterproof material which would keep documentations safe and dry.
  • Improved comfort- The 3D mesh collar along with padded textile wrist cuff promotes a comfortable riding experience.
  • Nighttime Visibility- The jacket has been crafted using reflective fabric which would help the riders be visible during the nighttime.

Pricing & Purchasing Details

Features that the Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Jacket offers the buyers is definitely worth the money. The jacket is on the affordable list of jackets and is even offered with discounts on shipping at many online shopping platforms as well. Motorcyclists would not be disappointed with the product at all.

Presenting The Product


Alpinestars T-GP is a durable and convenient jacket designed with male individuals in mind to love bike riding. It comes with various comforts like zipper pockets, head to toe coverage ensured by alpinestars waist down pants which is an extra buy. These pants suits well with the jacket with no messing and menace. The Polyester Fabric makes it water resistant and durable. It also has several air pockets to allow smooth airflow throughout the ride. This ensures proper cooling in heated conditions and many others.

Product Information

  • Brand: Alpinestars
  • Model: T-GP-PLUS AIR
  • Item Weight: 3.9 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 27.5 x 15.2 x 6.1 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2820-2210

Features and Benefits

  • Meshed elbow armor and shoulder protector CE Bio certified. If any accident was to happen it obviously do less harm to the rider.
  • Chest and Back pad foamed compartments as an additional security and impact protection to the rider
  • Excellent flex fir and pre curved arm design to reduce fatigue.
  • External zippered pockets and numerous internal pockets with Velcro enclosure.
  • Privileged and premium reflective piping technology which makes sure the rider is visible in various conditions increasing visibility.
  • Made of durable Denier Polyester Fabric. It lasts for long time.
  • Extended air panels to keep the air flowing thus keeping the rider cool.
  • It is lightweight so it isn’t heavy on rider’s body. While riding it feels like nothing.
  • Large external zipper pockets to make you feel safe and lift up all the concerns about any precious object kept inside.
  • The cuffs are padded and enclosed in a mesh thus provides safety to rider.

Pros and Cons

We all know that no product is full of features. None is perfect. So is this product wit its own pros and cons. Lets go through.

Pros Cons
  • Water proof jacket.
  • Zippered external pockets.
  • Padded protectors for shoulder, elbow and chest.
  • Continuous airflow keeps body cool.
  • Poor quality zippers used.
  • Internal threading too is of cheap make.
  • Fails to provide bionic back protectors, needs to be bought externally
  • No zippered air pockets to control air flow.

Social Proof

  • Before reviewing an intense search was carried out on various platforms searching and discussing various products. But this was the one which made it through all the tough benchmarks needed to be the best. It fits totally perfect to everyone’s choice.
  • There were almost three to four reviews on Amazon to check with so as to get an extra information about the buying product. One review highlighted this wasn’t an all weather product.  But after some more research it was known that the product was made to withstand heat and provide body with low thermal temperatures. It was evident it wasn’t to be used in areas rather than hot and arid regions.
  • Amazon personally rates it 4.4 out of 5 in over thousands of products. It is an average score based on its review ratings. It has scored well and several other platforms and seems to be easy going with its owners.

Alternative Choices

Apart from Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Jacket, there are a number of other models that motorcyclists can choose from. The below-mentioned air jackets offer qualities and features that are on par with the Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air Jacket. For convenient navigation, motorcyclists can click on the links mentioned below which are adjacent to the products and thus, choose the models which best suit their requirements.

Alternative Choice #1: Pilot Motorsport Men’s Direct Air Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The Pilot Motorsport Men’s Direct Air Mesh Motorcycle Jacket is the first alternative on the list. The company has been designing motorcycle gear since 1995. So one shouldn’t have any doubts regarding the quality offered. The jacket is one of the best in the market and has been made using special Pilotex 210D Micro Mesh unlike inferior quality meshes. The multi-layer perforation facilitates proper airflow. This would prevent heat from accumulating in the interiors of the jacket.

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Alternative Choice #2: Xelement XSPR105 The Racer Men’s Racing Jacket

There are very few jackets which fulfill both protection as well as style requirements. And Xelement CF462 Women’s Black/Pink Tri-Tex Fabric Motorcycle Jacket is one of them. The jacket is brilliantly designed in terms of Velcro, zippers as well as the fabric. All these elements have been chosen by experts and offer maximum protection along with style to the rider. The jacket manages to keep the rider dry during heavy downpours and warm during cold weather conditions. Also women looking forward to buying jackets can go for this model because of the unisex appearance.

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Alternative Choice #3: Viking Cycle Touring Textile motorcycle Jacket

Viking Cycle Enforcer Armored Adventure Touring Textile motorcycle Jacket For Men is another jacket on the list. This adventure touring jacket comprises of commodious multi-pocket interiors which is a safe place for keeping cellphones, wallets, keys and even documents. Apart from serving on-road travels, the jacket can be worn off-road as well.

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Lastly, all the aforementioned models of air jackets are the ones with best quality and are definitely worth the buy. Investing on either of them wouldn’t burn a hole in one’s pocket. But in order to make an informed decision, going through even more reviews on the internet would optimize the decision making process so that buyers can choose the best. The product is an absolute buy. It almost solves all rider problems known to those who drive in hot and arid regions. It provides air pockets to keep the body cool. It also provides with an elbow, shoulder, chest and cuff armors to ensure security of its rider. It also has certain accessories to pair with so that it becomes a total head to toe covering set.

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