Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves Review

The Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s cold weather Motorcycle riding gloves help in total warmth while riding in extremely cold weather for longer hours. The glove has pre-curved finger friendly design and there are a secure hook and loop closure in the wrist. It is made up of full grain leather and has a waterproof coating as well. There is high-density polymer on the knuckles and the insulation material is that of Thinsulate. Overall the gloves are usable for windy or cold weather.


The winter had come and gone and it’s summer already but with summer the rains and monsoon are also approaching. So, in this rainy season, a perfect glove is always better when in a long ride. A perfect glove for this rainy season can be the one which has insulation for warmth along with rain and water cover and no gloves can be better than Joe Rocket Wind Chill men’s motorcycle riding gloves.  These are made to withstand extreme cold weathers and to keep the hand warm during rainy or winter days. The outer cover of the glove consists of supple drum dyed and the waterproof cover is by dry tech midline. Furthermore, the glove consists of 100g Thinsulate for better insulation. The knuckle protectors are made up of integrated high-density armor.

Who should buy it?

These riding gloves are a great option for all those:

  • Who ride in extreme winter season or rainy season.
  • Who wants a good waterproofing in their gloves.
  • Who like the drum dyed texture on the outer covering of the gloves.
  • Who has used wind chill gloves before and are comfortable with them.
  • Who gets fascinated by the classy look of these gloves.

Buyer’s Guide

The Joe Rocket wind chill motorcycle riding gloves are a useful safety measure apart from providing protection to your hands but there are few things to consider before buying these gloves. The things to consider are the material quality, designing and ergonomics, product weight and dimension along with other special features.

  • Before buying a wind-chill glove the most important thing would be the material with which it is made and if it is certified to withstand abrasion or not.
  • Don’t compromise with the safety while buying a riding glove while these gloves are made keeping the full safety of the user in mind.
  • The inner lining is very important as it plays a vital role in the thermal insulation and thus keeping the hands warm.
  • The padding also plays a crucial role in giving comfort to the rider and also if the padding is not good then it can cause pain in the palm portion if worn out for a longer period of time in a ride.
  • Also, the design and ergonomics matter the most while buying a riding glove. A pre-curved rider-friendly design gives the user more comfort. Similarly, a secure hook and loop closure panel on the wrist will help you to get good fittings.
  • The weight, size, and dimension do matter the most as they play a crucial role in the comfort of a user

Pricing & Purchasing Details

The Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men’s Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Gloves is the best buy because they are providing a lot of features in this category under $76.64. You can find the best price of the product from The link to the product page can be accessed from here

Product Description

The Joe Rocket wind chill Gloves provides excellent resistance against weather and cold climate. Not only this, but they have also provided a greater abrasion and resistance. The Product has a good weather lining. The size of the product is such as it gets perfectly fitted to your hand. Let us look at some of its features in details.

  • Product Details: The product has a curb weight of 4.8 ounces. The dimensions of the product are 13.1 x 6.2 x 1.6 inches. The item is available in only black color on the seller site and you can choose from various sizes whichever is desirable to you. The strongest part of the product is its weight which is a mere 8 ounces. So it might not be a problem while driving for a long ride.
  • Ergonomics and Design: The gloves are made with pre-curved finger-friendly design. There is full flex expansion on the fingers as well. The wrist has a secure hook and loop closure. There is a toggle and draw at the top of the cuff as well. There is a dry tech mid-liner which is waterproof the outer covering is made of supple drum dyed cowhide outer. The insulating material is that of 100g Thinsulate and there is high-density armor at the knuckles.
  • The material used for manufacturing: The whole thing is made up of grain leather. The palm has vibration resisting gel palm and is very useful while in cold or rainy weather. These materials help the gloves in total warmth and abrasion.

Pros and Cons

100g Thinsulate for thermal insulation.You have to be careful while choosing the size
The inner liner and padding are really comfortableNot enough airflow.
Waterproof dry tech midline works fine
Integrated high-density knuckle armor for abrasion and resistance.
Secure hook and loop closure for accurate fit.


Social Proof

The consent of customers who used it is all that matters and there were positive reviews about the product. It got a total rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 22 reviews on the seller site. Few customers complained of some minor glitches on the product. Let’s see what the customers have to say about the product.

  • Many customers complained about the size as they had tight fittings when bought a size of their arm. There are so many things to keep mind before choosing your desired size. The place where it has been made has a different size chart Furthermore the gloves manufacturer may have a different size chart for the same. Before buying look for any size chart on the seller site or it is recommended to buy one size greater than your desired size and it would suit you better.
  • There is a problem with the thumb finger pulling the clutch and also says that he is not satisfied with the seam. This is actually a manufacturing defect and will resolve through modifications made on their future set of gloves.
  • Some customer found it slippery in between fingers and this is also a manufacturing defect which will get resolved in future versions of the product.


If you are by any means not satisfied with the product or want to try out other product then here is a list of products alternative to Joe Rocket wind chill motorcycle riding gloves.

Alternative Choice #1: Alpinestars Arctic Drystar

The arctic dry star produced by Alpinestars is an all terrain motorcycle riding gloves. These are built especially for those who wants to who do not want to compromise on their weather protection. It comes with dry Starliner and Thinsulate to give the best of thermal insulation. The glove is not that bulky and you can use it as an alternative to Joe Rocket wind chill gloves.

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Alternative Choice #2: Joe Rocket Latitude

Another all-weather glove from Joe Rocket are the Joe Rocket latitude. This glove is made out of goatskin leather. For advanced mobility, they had injected it with the heavy duty stretch poly outer shell. It has a soft coat anti-microbial lining and has got a tremolite insulation of 200g at back of hand and 100g at the palm area. The knuckles are made up of goat skin leather and have paddings inside it too.

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Alternative Choice #3: Icon Patrol

The Icon Patrol heat gloves are manufactured with waterproof textile chassis. They are abrasion resistant and are made up of premium grade goatskin. The armor has been reinforced with rubber knuckles. The design of the gloves includes reflective graphics and also the thumb is goggle wipe capable.

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Alternative Choice #4: River Road Resistance

These gloves are very helpful in protecting your hands from cold and by keeping your hands warm. They are street cruiser type of gloves and also provide resistance/abrasion. They can be worn by both men and women.

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The gloves are really good but have some glitch or manufacturing defect like the size matter. But it can be resolved by looking at the size chart provided by the seller or manufacturer before buying. The Gloves are made with good quality of materials to withstand even extreme cold weather situation. It is recommended to use this gloves for a winter or rainy-day ride.

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