Cortech GX Sport 3 Men’s Textile Armored Motorcycle Jacket Review

There are those who are on the lookout for riding gear that always helps them in their tasks and ensures that they stay safe and protected at all times and even giving them accessibility with features that look to attract riders from all walks of life. A riding jacket is said to be one of them and there are many on the market that look to attract riders from all walks of life and provide features that sometimes work but in the end, are unnecessary gimmicks. There are only a few products that not only entice but are able to genuinely impress people with their quality as well as usefulness and we are going to take a look at one of them here.


The Cortech GX Sport 3 Men’s Textile Armored Motorcycle Jacket is one of those rare products that with its looks and features is able to live up to the expectations of customers and at the same time being extremely accessible to all riders. Cortech is a company that is known for making jackets that not only look good but even goes above and beyond to help the rider for that extra mile covered. This jacket is well made with a performance cut shell with ballistic polyester material making it strong, it has waterproofing abilities and features a mandarin collar to allow the rider to breathe and also includes sleeves to improve the riding position.

Buyer’s Guide

Things to consider when buying a riding jacket

When buying a rider’s jacket there are many factors that go into play when choosing one as each product differs from the other and targets that same audience but with a unique take. Here is how one can choose which riding jacket is best for them according to their requirements

What makes a good riding jacket?

A good riding jacket is one if it is made from a company that is reputable in the sales as well as service fronts as well as being extremely well built so that cements the durability factor and ensures one will not encounter any issues whatsoever when riding. Also make sure that when one is buying a riding jacket, it fits them well and there are no issues on the breathing side of things.

What features should the riding jacket have?

The riding jacket should at least be made of a ballistic material mixed with polyester or leather giving riders full-time protection from any accidents also while having waterproofing abilities and sleeves and pockets that are accessible as well as improve the breathing of the rider.

What benefits should the riding jacket provide?

First and foremost, durability, a riding jacket should be extremely durable and should be able to stand the test of time without any issues for a few years. Secondly, it should fit well and provide enough space for ventilation so that the rider can move inside it easily and have no breathing issues. Last but not the least it should be priced just right so that it becomes a great investment for the long term and one can wear it out by not having the need to replace it in a few year’s time.

Pricing and purchasing details

The Cortech GX Sport 3 Men’s Textile Armored Motorcycle Jacket is placed in a segment where manufacturers tend to go all play and no work here but this jacket doesn’t go that way as it has excellent and useful features all the more being extremely affordable for people who want to start in the motorcycle world or can be an upgrade for those who are into full-time riding.

Who It’s For / Who Should Buy These

  • This well-tailored jacket is specially designed for motorcyclists to have a safe ride.
  • Riding a bike means remaining exposed to extreme weather conditions. This jacket is designed to beat extreme hot or cold weather conditions and comes with a comfortable fabric and linings.
  • Jacket definitely keeps you safe and apart from that has an aerodynamic design for easy flow of the air
  • A recommended product for those who are new to the motor training activity as it gives the best protection

Presenting the Product


The product is well-built and available in different sizes for every type of men. The jacket has enough padding and linings to give an all round protection and save you from any scratches. The jacket comes with thermal lining to protect from strong winds or winters and this lining is removable as well. The jacket is suitable for all weather conditions whether it is harsh summers, cold winters or rains. The material used is water-resistant and durable. It won’t get worn out even after daily use.

Product Information

  • Brand: Cortech
  • Model: 8984-0317-05
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 23.2 x 20.3 x 6.3 inches
  • Origin: Bangladesh
  • Item model number: 8984-0317-05
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 8984-0317-05

Features & Benefits

  • The removable thermal liner protects from strong cold winters and can be taken off during summers. The jacket can be used round-the-year.
  • The ventilation system allows easy flow of air and the environment inside remains breathable. Hence, it enhances the performance.
  • The polyester material on shoulders and elbows and padding protects the torso from any injuries during the accidents.
  • The jacket is well-fitted and comfortable. The rider will face no problem while riding their bikes and pre-curved sleeves increase the performance.
  • The water-resistant material of the jacket and waterproof zippers doesn’t let rain water enter and wet your body.
  • The jacket has polyester material in elbows and shoulders.
  • It is enabled with a proper ventilation system for an easy flow of air. There are waterproof chest vents, sleeve vents, and rear exhaust vents
  • The jacket is available in different sizes and gives a custom fit because of the well-tailored built. There are adjustable straps as well to adjust the forearm and biceps area.
  • The sleeves are a bit curved which increases flexibility and eases performance while riding
  • The jacket is quite spacious and comes with a lot many pockets with waterproof zippers to stuffs small things like mobile phones, keys etc.
  • 100g detachable thermal lining is available to protect from harsh winters
  • The collar is mandarin cut and gives a soft trim
  • The jacket is waterproof and has breathable fabric.

Pros & Cons

  • The jacket gives full protection as the padding is rock solid
  • The ventilation system is amazing and the internal atmosphere remains cool
  • The thermal lining is very effective to beat the cold weather conditions
  • The jacket is a little difficult to clean and place the armor back.
  • The arm ventilation could be better

Social Proof

  • The customers are highly satisfied with the jacket. Many customers who have used this jacket for motor activities have highly recommended the product. There are many customers who have written about their experience with the jacket. Most of them have given the product 4 stars on average.
  • A few of them has mentioned that they felt that vent system could be improved a little but still, they are fully satisfied with the quality. The armor is solid-built and that is why it could be difficult to clean.
  • However, the customers have felt that these are just minor setbacks. They are highly satisfied that they are getting such robust features at affordable price. The product is recommended because of the solid protection it is providing and weather proof ecosystem.

Alternative choices

If this jacket does not suit one’s requirements or taste’s, there are always alternatives to suit them and these may even entice clients to try them out and eventually buy it.

Alternative choice #1: Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Men’s Riding Jacket

The Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Men’s Riding Jacket is an excellent alternative to the Cortech one while having almost all the same features except this one betters the Cortech on the ventilation system, build quality and is even more affordable than the former making it a very enticing and unique proposition that one should never miss. Also, this jacket is available in a sleek black color making it a stealthy option for riders who do not want to be noticed.

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Alternative choice #2: Joe Rocket Phoenix Motorcycle Riding Jacket

The Joe Rocket Phoenix Motorcycle Riding Jacket is the elder brother to the 4.0 version and improving upon it by providing riders with an all important mesh material for added protection and having zippers for custom adjustment, a removable spine pad and having a very important feature known as hand warmer pockets and spaces for sunglasses making it a very interesting product to buy in the market even though it is a little expensive.

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Alternative choice #3: Tour Master Sonora Motorcycle Jacket

The Tour Master Sonora Motorcycle Jacket looks to be a much better-suited alternative to the Cortech jacket while being built with the same material, having the exact same collar and even including reflective piping for nighttime riding helps the usability and improves the value of the latter for investment. One should definitely take a look at this when choosing a riding jacket.

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The bikers are always on the mercy of weather conditions and always more prone to injuries and accidents as compared to car drivers. The Jacket is highly recommended for individuals who are passionate about the motorsport. It comes with a lot many features and benefits and that is why it becomes a one stop solution for all motorcyclists. The jacket gives full protection and looks absolutely stylish. They are available in different colors as well. Customers who have used this product mentioned how it protected them from severe cold and ventilation system doesn’t let formation of sweat.

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