Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket Review

If you are one to ride with the wind, cruising through on your bike then there must have been a point of time where you felt the need to invest in a riding jacket. A motorcycle jacket undoubtedly adds more charm to your look and makes you look even better while riding whilst providing you with the comfort you need. A motorcycle jacket is usually equipped with special features which adds to the comfort level while you are riding. These jackets are specifically designed keeping in mind the aerodynamics of the rider and also the environment while riding. If you’re looking for motorcycle jackets then here is a good one.


The Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket is one of the best riding jackets in the market adding style and comfort to your ride. It is equipped with special features allowing you to wear this jacket in any weather. Made with a specially synthesized waterproof material, this motorcycle jacket can be worn in the rains as well, giving it an added advantage. It is available in five colors, with one being black and others being blue, orange, white and green contrasting with black. The jacket has a CE approved armor which gives an added advantage of extra safety in case of an accident and a removable thermal liner and vents which allow adjustments in different weather conditions.

Who should buy these?

  • This waterproof jacket is specially designed for bike riders and works as an all-weather jacket with special safety precautions for night riders. It is popular for its design and stylish look.
  • It is highly durable and has a special fleece lining for warmth and extra comfort. This jacket also acts as a safety tool with extra padding near the shoulder blades, elbows, and forearms.
  • This jacket can be specifically used by a regular motorcycle rider who not only needs long-lasting protection from all kinds of the extreme weather outside but even comfort and equal levels of functionality to ensure that the riding experience is not affected in any way.

Buyer’s Guide

What to look for

  • A riding jacket naturally needs to be sturdy and well equipped with armor pads located at strategic points. The shoulders and elbows should definitely have armor pads which when pressed with your finger, don’t go in too much
  • If you are looking for a riding jacket that serves every weather then the number one quality to look for is the waterproof ability. If your jacket is waterproof then you can easily use it in the rains.
  • These days riding jackets are provided with vents. Vents are basically small opens which allow air to pass through your jacket, thus keeping the inside well ventilated. In hot weathers, the jacket may feel to stuffy to wear in long rides and these vents can be easily opened with a zipper and can help in dynamically reducing the internal temperature. Look for jackets with zippers in the arms and chest regions.


  • Your riding jacket needs to first and foremost provide you with safety and comfort. Certain jackets may feel stiff, thus reducing maneuverability.
  • Jackets should not feel extremely uncomfortable and stuffy while riding so a proper ventilation system needs to present in the jacket in the form of vents.
  • Some jackets come with a thermal lining which is removable, this allows you to adjust according to the weather.

Pricing and Purchasing Details

Compared to other jackets, the Milano Sports Gamma may seem like a pricey choice. But given the added advantage of the removable thermal lining, making this an all weather jacket, it is certainly worth every penny. The jacket can easily be purchased on online shopping sites by simply typing in the name of the jacket. They are available for a single day delivery as well and can be paid for online.

Presenting the product


This motorcycle jacket is designed by Milano Sport and manufactured in Pakistan. This 4-pound jacket does its job credibly which various extra features to make the rider feel more comfortable and at ease. With a brushed lining that has a collar that can be adjusted is made for weather control and prevention. It also includes a Velcro near the belt and hip area to prevent it from flying and holding the whole jacket in place for better grip. Besides providing maximum comfort for your body while you’re wearing it for long periods of time, the ventilation zippers make the whole jacket breathable with continuous air flow and prevents billowing. It also includes two pockets outside and one pocket inside the jacket.

Product Information

  • Brand: Milano Sport
  • Model: MJGAM0314LA
  • Item Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 23.3 x 16 x 4.4 inches
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Item model number: MJGAM0314LA
  • Manufacturer Part Number: MJGAM0314LA
  • Folding : No
  • Vehicle Service Type: motorcycle

Features and Benefits

  • This jacket can be worn for all kinds of weather and is designed specifically for rough and regular usage.
  • The material used is for colder regions with special thermal padding and collar which also acts as a windbreaker. This thermal quilted liner is one of the key features offered in all the models and gives a snug fit around the neck.
  • The added safety features include armor or padding in strategic positions along with radium or reflective strips on the arm for night security. These pads and armors are removable.
  • From dirt bikes to street bikes, sports bikes, dual sport, off-road, and motocross. It can be used for any motorcycle due to its versatility.
  • The fit is a complete athletic fit with adjustable belts that give a sturdy grip to your pants and ventilation flow system that can be adjusted with front and back zippers.
  • Special armor which is CE approved provided near the shoulder and elbow for extra protection in case of a mishap. This armor is removable according to your needs and preferences.
  • Completely waterproof and all weather-proof
  • Thermal liners across the front and back to ensure full coverage and wind breaking.
  • Special vents provided on the front and the back which are zippered and dependent on the need of the hour
  • Comes in a varied number of colors and sizes. Sizes include small to triple XL. All the XL sizes also include the same cut and athletic fit to it.
  • Reflective radium strips made for night time commute and added safety and visibility.
WaterproofNot for tropical regions due to its thermal design

Protection elbow and shoulder pads

Some models could be heavy
Athletic cutWarranty is Vague
Four colors Unavailable in certain countries
For regular rough useSize runs smaller


Social Proof

  • This motorcycle jacket has been gaining a lot of popularity in various e-commerce websites like Amazon, GSM Arena etc. Maximum reviews regarding this jacket remain positive giving special heed to its durability and functionality.
  • With an average rating of 3.9/5 in Amazon, 51% of the audience who have given it 5 stars and more than 23% who have given it four, the only problems ever stated in the feedback is related to shipping, size or the thermal qualities of it.
  • The thermal nature can be reduced by removing the armor provided while the one to two sizes bigger than your normal have to be chosen.

Alternative Choices

You may feel that this particular jacket does not suit your needs or the price is not right. The look and feel of every jacket is different and everyone may not appeal to the same taste. Here are a few alternatives which have similar features but slightly differ in terms of price and a few other technicalities.

Alternative Choice #1: Pilot Motosport Air Jacket

The Motorsport jacket is yet another magnificent jacket with extra breathability given the 210D Micro Mesh incorporated in it. Triple and double stitched seams provide additional strength. It has a removable PU armor in elbows and shoulders that impact absorbing and dispersing. It comes with additional light strips of contrasting materials to give an added advantage of visibility. Shape and design are wildly generic allowing an easy choice. The Pilot Motorsport Men’s Slate Air Jacket is available in a number of sizes and the size chart is accurate to the point. It can be bought on online shopping sites and comes with no delivery charge.

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Alternative Choice #2: Viking Cycle Motorcycle Textile Jacket

Is a rather simplistic but highly efficient motorcycle jacket giving extra maneuverability and visibility. The motorcycle jacket is classified as an all-weather jacket with a waterproof layering allowing you to ride in the wains as well. Comes with an in built custom adjustment system allowing you to alter the jacket to cater to your exact fitting criteria. Comes with a number of removable lining, all armors which can be placed back. It is available on several online shopping stores with a small shipping fee. Comes in a number of sizes with an accurate size chart.

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Alternative Choice #3: Xelement CF380 Mesh Jacket

The Xelement CF380 is a fantastic new addition to the range of motorcycle jackets by this reputed company. The jacket is rather stiff but provides excellent maneuverability. It comes equipped with a quilted liner and mesh but is removable. Upper and lower back has additional armor which can be removed as well. The jacket is available in a number of sizes but just one color. Velcro waist strap securely fasten and fit the jacket without allowing excessive ventilation. It is available on online shopping sites and has no shipping fee. The sizing chart is accurate and the jacket is bound to fit perfectly without any hassle.

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The best aspect of this product remains its safety factor. It omits the need to take any other safety precaution such as loose pads. This jacket comes with padding. This padding covers the shoulder blades and the elbow area decreases the impact. The armor is easily removable and re-attachable. This padding might make the jacket a bit on the hotter side which makes it extremely thermal. For those living in tropical regions, this jacket provides good ventilation and is lightweight and comfortable. According to your preference, you can choose a size or two bigger than your usual. A good regular maintenance regime also goes a long way in increasing the product life span.

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