Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Outdoor Active Backpack – Stealth Review

Riding on a motorcycle and keeping your belongings safe in your backpack is no more a tough task. Ogio Backpack is a bag that comes with all the safety lines, top quality fabric, and spacious pockets. The backpack is suitable for outdoor use and sports as well. The sleek design, classic finishing, and smart buckles keep the bag secured to your bag. The bag is made of durable material and won’t get worn out in any weather conditions. Ogio Backpack is a reliable friend to keep your expensive gadgets all safe and secure.


The backpack is something that comes loaded with all the extravagant features and specifications that one is looking for in a backpack. The bag is for multipurpose use, and one can stuff heavy gadgets into the bag as well without worrying about it getting torn from any corner. The adjustable straps, buckles ensure that it remains secured in one place and rules out any chance of damaging your belongings. The water-resistant lining, sleek design, and comfortable bottom are some of the highlights that make it the best choice among motorcyclists.

Who It’s For / Who Should Buy These

  • When it comes to biker backpacks, no one would want a loose strapped bag which expands according to its own convenience, isn’t it? That would considerably increase the air drag and the biker is bound to slow down to avoid accidents. Times change and so does the backpacks for various conditions too. Now, biker backpacks have transformed into compact cases making it easier for them to adjust speed without worrying much about air drag.
  • Outdoor games and activities would require this backpack due to its extensive rubber covering on the external, which proves as a tough protection against external force or natural conditions such as rain. It comes as a tough shell, waterproofed effectively, just like that of a tortoise. So, if one is up for sprinting, he could forget about the weight!

Buyer’s Guide

Features to look for in a backpack

  • The first and foremost thing is that the backpack should be water-resistant. There’s no point of buying a backpack which cannot protect your essentials while you are riding on the bike in tough weather conditions.
  • Another thing that one should look for in backpacks is the number of compartments. A good backpack should have enough compartments to accommodate almost everything- right from your laptop, tablet to shoes
  • Adjustable straps and buckles is a must. An uncomfortable backpack will be a trouble while you are riding on the bike. It should also have paddings in the desirable areas such as- shoulders.

What a good backup must have

  • A good backup must be a problem solver and one stop solution for all your needs. It should be loaded with features such as enough compartments with paddings to keep the laptop and other expensive gadgets safe.
  • Weatherproof material and reliable fabric so that the bag remains durable all the year round.

Things to ensure about before buying

  • The backpack should not weigh much and should have enough straps to secure it to your body.
  • The backpack is of no use unless it has zippers and compartments. Ensure that your backpacks do have a lot of compartments
  • A foldable bag has an advantage that it can be kept anywhere.

Pricing & Purchasing Details

The product is amazing and available at an unbeatable price. A backpack with so many features at such a good price is a deal that one cannot overlook. If you are looking for a good backpack with exorbitant features but are low on budget, no need to worry as Ogio Backpack comes at an affordable price.

Product Presentation



The airflow which has been enabled due to the aerodynamic design reduces air blast while driving a bike. Designed with an external moulded shell of carbon weave graphic design which makes it waterproof as well as weather resistant. The backpack consists of durable and protective compartments which are fleece lined to exhibit insulating properties enabled with secure zippers. The backpack is provided with a soft nubuck leather carry strap which enables for carrying a helmet and also keeps it scratch proof.

The hip belt accessory pouch is lined with fleece and is also removable to prevent scratch on the gas tank of the bike. The shoulder straps are fully ergonomically adjusted to bring about comfort to the rider and also a secure fit. The compartments are aerodynamically lined to enable search for components easier.

Product Information

  • Product Dimension : 7”x20.5”x14.5”
  • Weight : 4 pounds
  • Capacity: 24.17L
  • Colour : Stealth
  • Manufacturer: Ogio

Features and Benefits

As the demand of the market for rough terrain and outdoor activities has changed, so did their expectations for a compact and sleek backpack which would be able to enhance performance. Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack offers to the customers with various advantages including its sleek design and no drag output, also that it does not scratch the bike or the helmet.

  • The air foam which has been reinforced into the backpack has made it easy for the air to pass through between the bag and back. This feature makes the backpack considerably comfortable for use during long trips.
  • This backpack comes with an adjustable shoulder strap according to the person’s height and is soft enough to prevent chaffing into the skin. The shoulder straps are also provided with foams in order cushion the shoulders from excessive weight, hence increasing the surface area on the shoulders to distribute the weight accordingly. This lessens the pressure felt on the shoulders.
  • Ogio Mach 5 comes with a load of compartments to store electronic products, gears, laptops etc. inside the compact shell. The backpack weighs 4 pounds and is designed to distribute the weight of the elements in the bag accordingly in order to give a reduced weight effect.
  • The bag is designed with shell like outer covering. It is weather resistant and the exterior shell has been moulded with a carbon weave graphic design which gives a waterproof material. This would enable the components inside the back to remain dry even after being caught in a heavy downpour. It offers with a sleek and dynamic design which cuts through air blast effectively.
  • The backpack offers the buyers with an aerodynamic and ergonomically friendly backpack which produces no drag effect. The backpack has been provided with a leather strap of soft nubuck make which enables the user to attach the helmet without causing it with any scratches. The interiors of the backpack have been brilliantly line with fleece and a deluxe panel, organised with pouches which are provided with secure zippers.
  • The compartments inside the backpack consist of 15” laptops and padded effectively to protect it from any damage. It is also pocketed for keeping a tablet and a phone. There is a small pocket provided for containing in it with stationaries and a shoe compartment covered with tight elastic grip. The backpack has been perfectly designed to last for a long trip.
  • Ogio Mach 5 Backpack comes with a warranty period which is said to cover the expenses of any manufacture or material defects found during the purchase of the product. This will enable the product to be repaired or replaced, free of cost. The warranty period does not cover the expenses of any damage caused by wear and tear, accident or improper use.
  • The product comes for an effective and an affordable price and hence is said to be pocket friendly buy. It offers with a range of features and advantages in that price range making it a worthy purchase.
  • The aerodynamic moulding makes the exterior sturdy and benefits in elimination of air drag.
  • The backpack is provided with many compartments which are fleece lined and ergonomically packed with secure zippers.
  • The exterior compact shell is made up of carbon weave graphic design which makes it weather resistant and waterproof.
  • The backpack is provided with a leather nubuck strap for attaching a helmet.
  • The shoulder straps are ergonomically padded with a sternum fit design making it comfortable and secured.

Pros and Cons

Aerodynamic and ergonomic designLimited warranty period
Light weight- 4 pounds Warranty period excludes damage of parts after purchase or due to wear and tear
Fleece lined straps
Multiple storage compartments
Weather resistant

Social Proof

  • After digging deep into the internet, there are some reviews which determine the product’s aspects and advantages.
  • The average score rated by most of the purchasers range from 4.5 – 5 stars.
  • However positive be the ratings and reviews, demand of the market sometimes cannot be met. That’s how negative reviews are also garnered with 1 star rating.

Alternative Choices

There are some similar products as well which are extremely good alternatives to this backpack and available at affordable prices.

Alternative Choice #1: Seibertron Motorbike Backpack

The backpack is quite remarkable from quality-wise as well as performance wise. The bag is water-resistant and comes with enough zippers and compartments. The laptop can be fitted in this backpack quite easily and does not weigh much. The straps in the backpack secure it to your chest and waist without any difficulty. It can be adjusted according to one’s need as well. Overall, this product is a total value for money. The features it boasts of is actually true and the stylish and sleek design is a cherry on the top.

Check lowest price

Alternative Choice #2: New Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack

This limited edition bag is the perfect solution for the biking needs. The backpack comes with features that are a must for every bag. The aerodynamic design helps to manage the airflow while riding the bike. The straps that it comes with are enough to keep the helmet and also secure the bag to your waist. This is a perfect bag for motorcyclists who want to invest in a bag for daily use. The material is weatherproof and durable as well. It has a lot of space to stuff many things as well as 15” laptops.

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Alternative Choice #3: Seibertron Roving Rucksack Backpack

This stylish looking black colored backpack is amazing for motorcyclists and especially for those who want to travel long distances. An additional advantage of this backpack is that it comes with the rain cover to give an extra protective layer to your belonging and to restrict the entry of water as much as possible. There is plenty of room in the bag to stuff as much as you want without worrying about it getting torn off because of the load. The bag is made up of amazing quality which is durable and will last longer. It is quite comfortable as well and won’t feel heavy on your back while you are riding the bike.

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Air resistance is a bit like the water forcing against an opaque body. It acts as a retarder of speed and can cause accidents if not solved with aerodynamic remedies. That is when the Ogio Mach 5 backpack comes into the scene and solves the complication. Firstly, the aerodynamic and ergonomic design has made the backpack comfortable. Secondly, the weather resistant property of the bag is another factor working to make it sturdy and waterproof. These factors make the product a worthy purchase.

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