RF-1200 Shoei Review

The new version of RF-1100 is an advancement in the field of sporting helmets made by Shoei with lot more capacity to make an impressive move in the market. Its high sporting features are just an impression of the market presence and understanding of needs by Shoei. Low weight, size differentiation and effective wind noise management, and high-end aerodynamic feature are some of the new add on in the helmet


There is a highly efficient level of perfection that Shoei has worked up before releasing its RF-1200. This helmet is a true endeavor of the fact that the company has passed up the obstacles of 56 years in the market and has worked a lot to understand every niche requirement of the customers. This helmet has been made with an intention to be made a market leader. The helmet is one of the most comfortable helmets and at the same time a safe game for the riders as it meets both DOT and SNELL M2015 safety parameters.  

But if you are more like a dark knight rider, you should check with its Pinlock visor functionality that though eradicates in a foggy day but creates issue at night.

Who should buy it?

The helmet is a great option for all those:

  • Who believe in a safe ride than a fun ride.
  • Who don’t wish air pressure to affect their ride experience
  • Who are a bit curious about the Visor functionality.
  • Who are a fan of RF series.
  • Who Get fascinated towards the aerodynamic configurations.

Buyer’s Guide

When a biker is on his ride the basic worry that he faces is the protection of his head while riding, the DOT and SNELL M2015 standards of security are the highlights of the same. RF-1200 is a hit product in the market as it is compatible for both the security standards. The helmet has been made up of all the advanced and well researched technology.

  • The product has been very well designed and the sleek feature makes it attractive
  • The new introduction of Matrix AIM+ Shell that should be thanked for this curvaceous look.
  • It is made up of 6-layer organic fiber in the shell part.
  • You can even choose well among the sizes ranging from extra small to extra large
  • The company has this time come up with a good range of colors.
  • For the purpose of customization, the cheek pads can be interchanged.
  • A very comfortable long riding option for the riders
  • The graphics choice of the company is really commendable.
  • Moreover, it has been introduced in the market with almost
  • The helmet is a full-face product with amazing fit
  • The capacity to absorb all the unnecessary sound is just amazing.
  • The vision is maintained at high clarity without compromising with protection
  • It has a piece of thin red nylon string at the chin space, making the strapping in the helmet a bit easier.

Pricing & Purchasing Details

The company claims that this helmet has come up with the pinch of perfection in this range. The manufacturer has kept a single price range for the product and can be bought at Shoei RF-1200 Matte Black Full Face Helmet.

Product Description:

This helmet though has secured many compliments from the public lenses but while we review it for you we would prefer going in an in-depth analysis for each aspect of the product. Anyhow RF1200 is a better version of RF 1100 but there are few features that beat the rest.

  • Comfort: If you have tried any of the RF series helmet before, the inner oval curve won’t be a new spree for you. Though the shape of this helmet has been made to ensure that it fits in most of the head patterns, but if your head shape is but spherical then probably this helmet isn’t a product for you. Also, the thick neck roll ensures no intrusion of noise.
  • Visibility and noise intrusion: Shoei or any other brand of this range shall never compromise with this feature and so has this helmet been taken care of. The CRW-1 guard makes up for any of the confusions that anyone may have. Even on a racing field the noise makes in no intrusion and all the shields made on the sides are settled in such a way that it creates no issues in visibility.
  • Weight and its management: Shoei has though marketed this helmet as the lightest helmet according to the standards but hasn’t released the actual figures. Though the riders feel that the claim is well justified. But when it comes to the personal experience it should be mentioned that the helmet feels up to be the smallest that we have ever tried beating the size of Schuberth S2 and Icon Airmada. The RF1200 has been worked with a small outer size and a medium inner.
  • Ventilation: So, the helmet comes with similar number of venting outlets as that of RF 1100.The usage of their rare outlets has though become easier as there happens to be one switch to operate the open or close functioning.
  • Graphics and designing: We stand to be really impressed with the designs that Shoei has come up with. As we tested on Black Matte finish the texture is undeniably very sporty and the lusty black matte finish makes it more attractive, and added is the quality of switchgear. This is so true that many of the models have real cool designs that may undeniably attract you. But we really feel that solid colors look more handsome and probably are a bit understated.
  • Even the price comparisons attractive as the features that Shoei provides at a price of $498 at Amazon, and almost some hundred dollars less than the equivalent competitor Aria Defiant. But we would also call it preferable in comparison to Schuberth’s S2 that costs $700 or so.

Pros and Cons

Amazing overall qualityCostly affair
The liner is really comfortableVentilation may disappoint a bit
The gasket happens to have thicj eye portNoise level gets 4.5 on 5
The chin curtain in expandedIssue for spherical head person
Vents can be operated with single switch
Vent outlets water


Social Proof

  • Customers with a round head find the helmet to be disappointing but anyhow manufacturer has tried to settle for most of the sizes.
  • There are some customers those who have even found issues while putting of the helmet, so you need to understand the trick before using it.
  • People had been skeptical about the sizes but one needs to understand the sizing before buying the product
  • Most of the customers with a normal head size are really happy with the helmet, especially the modified look.


Alternative Choice #1: Arai RX-Q.

If you have another head size that Shoei hasn’t covered then probably you can try your hands of Arai RX-Q. Though both the brands are of Japan but have certain differences in the specifications. Venting is better in Arai. Though in case of noise deduction Shoei stands better but Arai does no less.

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Alternative Choice #2: Shoei Qwest

Other one in line is Shoei’s home brand Qwest, though Quest isn’t Dot Approved but is SNELL approved and comes with comfortable inner padding. Though when comes to ventilation RF1200 gets more points. The Airflow also goes in the court of RF1200 as it has differences.

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Alternative Choice #3: GT-Air

GT-Air is yet another in the stream, with somewhat better fits and has an in-built sun visor. But we presume RF1200 to have better air flow.

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Alternative Choice #4: Schuberth’s S2

Another one in the list is Schuberth’s S2 but this one comes from a higher price range but has similar features and light weight. But Inner visor of Rf1200 is more satisfactory.

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This model is more like back in the market model for Shoei which had been not working a lot on its innovation. And when you are to buy it, you end up getting great looks, out of the class quality, and a great value for your money. So, if you are a rider, touring person, or any for your track days or a racer, this helmet is a great choice to be made.

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