Sena 20S Review

The introduction of Sena 20S is more like a newer product to SENA’S list of intercoms. Undeniably, it is one among the best communication systems for motorbikes in market. Though the manufacturer has tried their level best to introduce the product with built quality better than its predecessor SMH10, but there may be some un-useful features too. There are certain features that are new in the system, now it’s the user’s choice to ascertain if they actually require it. This one comes with three features to scroll down the features, out of which the centre one can also be used as a jog dialer too.


When Sena 20S was introduced in the market there were many who wanted to understand the basic features available in the device and its differentiation with SMH10. We have tried covering most of the points in our report to let you make a thoughtful choice. Now let’s try to understand the package kit, it comes with two intercoms, each one contains 20S intercom units accompanied with a mic and a speaker and a helmet mount. So once you get the device first thing that you need to do is to get the latest version of Sena Device Manger, and install the same in your computer, and the updated version of firmware for Sena 20S.

Who should buy it?

We won’t say judge you as the correct buyer or not, but one definitely needs to understand if they actually nee this communication system or not. So, if you are of following type then this is a device for you:

  • A long route traveler
  • A biker gongs off for a long vacation
  • A bike geek
  • Biker comfortable with technology
  • And if you have sufficient modules in your bike to use this device.

Buyers’ guide

  • This Sena 20S comes with an advanced Bluetooth functionality with the latest 4.1 version. This version is the advanced performer as it offers two-way communication, which hence effects the performing capacity, technical specs and flexibility of Sena 20S. Further allows the users to even try multi-functioning in the device at the same time.
  • The best feature that we felt about SENS 20S is that it can overlap the audios heading from two variant sources. For example, if there is FM radio connected and at the same time navigation needs to instruct you something, the audio shall pick up that of navigation along with the radio. We definitely feel that the advancement brings a better market to the device as it has taken a step head from the basic interruption of audio.
  • Now if you are a biker going off for a long road trip, you may understand the need of this functioning. The device has a dual-way intercom facility with a high quality of voice and can be well connected to another bike having the second piece in a radius of 1.2 miles.
  • This device has really amazed us with the easy user interface that makes it a better choice in the range. For example, the intuitive voice instruction system that can be well taken care of with the hands free. This also makes a better track for the music, voice connectivity, GPS commands, and nothing less than that of a phone call. So, there is a good list that you can do even without touching the device.


Some of the feel that the price is on a higher side, but if you actually understand the worth of these features, you would defiantly not step back from buying the Sena 20S-01D

Product Descriptions

There are certain features that we feel that you should be aware of while buying Sena 20S, we have finely measured each and every part of it, and this is what we found out:

Build Quality: there is no doubt to the fact that the company has tried its best to upgrade the build from that of SMH10. Moreover, it’s not just the build but even the fact that it can be now connected to the helmet too, though this functionality wasn’t there in the previous generation and same had annoyed the users too.

Microphones: we found the microphones to be very responsive and flexible. The flexibility if the microphone has nothing to do with its firmness. When you open the kit, you may even find a wired mi. this can be connected from the port till the mount of the helmet. You can also fit it in the chin bar, so that the voice remains unaffected by the wind noise and can stay safe too.

Pairing: We were happy seeing the pairing of the device with Android phones, the NFC system did impress us a lot. All you need to do is to initiate the NFC on our phone and then tap the device to pair it. But when it came to tapping the device, we weren’t very satisfied seeing the sensitivity, it takes a few taps to let the work go ahead.

Voice Command: You would expect the device to start working with a command like “Hi SENA” but it would be disappointing to know that it rather needs a tap to start working. Though post to it voice navigation can be initiated, but we won’t call this functioning very satisfying or we actually had better expectations from SENA. There may be chances when the device may not recognize your command.

Music Streaming: Now this may annoy some but others may feel good about it, we were though a bit annoyed when you connect the device with your Smartphone, the next time you play a song on your Smartphone, it shall stream the same song as paired with the device. That’s a situation where you don’t wish to hear the music as soon as you connect, in other words you need to pause it and then put in efforts of 2 seconds to reconnect the intercom. For all those who won’t mind this, it’s fun, then probably the device has got nothing wrong with it.

Music Sharing: For the purpose of music sharing you really need to be thoughtful, as you need to memorize the correct buttons to initiate music sharing. Also, you need to put the antennas in as correct position to ensure better performance.

Audio Multitasking: As discussed before, the user has a special benefit of the multitasking. So be it a FM radio or GPS navigator or it comes to take a command, the device is smart enough to initiate a good multi tasking. Users can play with the background volume too, it isn’t that the first audio gets paused to let the second audio overlay, rather it goes at a slow volume in the background to let the second one overlap. But you can anytime play with the settings if you need to make some customization.


To quickly understand that why you should prefer Sena 20S than others in the market, we have put down certain pros and cons of the same:

  • There is no outside interference, so you can get it connected to your family or friend’s device easily but totally at your choice. Also, the Bluetooth range that it gives is really impressive.
  • The audio quality is really impressive, you may shut your ears towards what others have been saying about music quality, and all we know is that your ears will like what it hears.


  • Though we find the device in overall structure to be really attractive, but we are a bit dicey on the part of pricing. But if features make better influence on your purchase then the device is all yours.

Social Proof

We have jotted down certain ratings of the customers, like features can be rated at 4.1/5. We have been speaking of its looks and styling, and the same gets another 4.1/5. Ease of installation and removal is added benefit and this is on a range of 4.5/5. Sound clarity, which happens to be a USP of the product, gets a 4.3/5. On an overall basis, it is more of a 4.2/5 rated product.


Alternative Choice #1: Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom 

This one is a close competitor as it is a home brand and moreover comes with a good sound range and connectivity. Though Bluetooth may not be upgraded version but performs well.

Check Lowest Price

Alternative Choice #2: Sena 20S-02 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System with Slim Speakers

This one is more like a product of the same generation with lesser features. Though this too offers good Bluetooth connectivity but, other features may have to face the pain.

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Alternative Choice #3: Sena SMH10D-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom with Universal Microphone Kit (Dual)

This one too has a lower Bluetooth version, but if pricing is an issue on your pocket then compromising with the features may have to take a seat in the choice criterion.

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It is a great product either for short road trips or if you need to have an extended weekend trip. We won’t suggest it for long road trips. If the price isn’t an issue, then the features shall definitely amaze you. Choosing this Sena 20S as an option won’t be a big deal then.

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