Shark SHKAMP 5800BT6800 Bluetooth Marine Audio System Review

There are many bike and motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. All of them, up to some extent love the experience of riding the motorcycles. This riding experience can be enhanced when the riders of a group can communicate with each other on real time basis, especially during a long road trip. In fact, these features become essential for the groups. Otherwise, it becomes too frenzy when the group has to stop when each decision has to be made. Hence, a new set of speakers are introduced which keeps the riders in constant touch throughout their rides. It is analogous to a conference call but with added features.


The Shark SHKAMP5800BT6800 is one-of-its-kind Bluetooth motorcycle speakers. It has the state-of-the-art technology that is waterproof and has good audio receiving and transmitting capability. It enables the rider to attend a call hands-free, get voice instructions from the GPS and listen to music. This also allows the rider to communicate with other riders in a group having the same console. These speakers are a growing trend amongst many bike groups and motorcycle enthusiasts. The speakers are wirelessly tethered to the riders’ mobile phone through Bluetooth. The riders can customize these speakers according to their needs.

Who It’s For / Who Should Buy These

  • The product is an audio device designed especially for motorcycles, ATV’s, sports cars, water vehicles, golf carts, scooters etc.
  • People who wish to listen to music/radio on these vehicles can use this audio system to meet their needs.
  • Anyone owning these vehicles can enhance their driving experience using this device.
  • It is a completely revolutionary idea that most music/radio lovers will find enjoyable and entertaining.

Buyer’s Guide

There are innumerable such speakers available in the market. The following point out the reasons to opt these particular speakers.

  • One of the main aspects which attract buyers is its compatibility. It can be connected to any device through Bluetooth and AUX cable. It also has slots designated for SD card and USB storage.
  • The speakers console provided by the manufacturer is of the highest quality. It is 100% waterproof with mirror brackets included. Each speaker has a 300W capacity with an area of 4X3 inches. They can be customized according to the user needs with rich texture chrome works.
  • The console has a LCD screen to display the song which is being played. It has the standard 3.5 mm auxiliary input jack.
  • The speakers have a channel separation of 50 decibels with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 KHz.
  • They are directly connected to the rider’s phone through Bluetooth. If not, there is a feature which allows the user to connect to the phone through a military grade amplifier which uses frequency modulation.
  • The speakers console is robust when it comes to external usage. Being waterproof, it can handle any types of weather during the ride.

Pricing and Purchasing Details

The product does have many competitors in the market. It is available online on major shopping portals. Although its price may be a bit more than the others in the category, this product gives the guarantee of sound and robust functioning in external environment. The purchase can be made from any of the major portals and the shipping varieties can be accordingly chosen.

Presenting the Product

Product Image


The audio system is both wired as well as wireless. It has an antenna and it is black in color. The device uses Bluetooth technology to facilitate the wireless feature. The wattage of the device is 600 Watt. It can be used by people who own motorcycles, ATV’s, sports cars, water vehicles, golf carts, scooters etc . who wish to listen to music while driving these vehicles. It has 2 speakers and a remote. It has an auxiliary port, SD card port, and USB port. The device has 2 channels.

Product Information

  • Connectivity Technology: bluetooth, usb, aux
  • Size of the amp: 4.5 inch (length) X 4.5 inch (width) X 1.75 inch (height.)
  • Inclusions: amp 5800bt 600 watt amplifier, 2 remotes, 1 wired and 1 wireless marine antenna mirror brackets for the speakers.
  • Speaker: 2 300 watt speakers with mirror brackets,

Features & Benefits

  • The audio system contains high-quality speakers that have mirror brackets. The speakers are completely waterproof
  • The speakers will work normally when submerged in a swimming pool filled with water. The speakers require 300 Watts each. The dimensions of the speakers are 4 * 3 inches
  • The speakers of the audio system come with a powerful amplifier
  • Bluetooth can be used to sync music to the device so as to provide wireless sound service. For people who do not like the mess wires cause this feature is extremely helpful
  • The device also has an external antenna jack that hosts a powerful antenna. Music can be transferred to the device via USB, SD card, and auxiliary cable.
  • The audio system has a 3.5mm AUX input and a marine grade antenna.
  • It has a big-sized LCD screen that will display information regarding the sound played by the device
  • The maximum power is  300W X2ch 600W RMS. The sensitivity of the device is 150mV  and the fuse rating is 10A. The device has a frequency response of 20HZ~20KHZ
  • The Shark SHKAMP5800BT6800 contains mute switches and power switches.
  • The FM radio is fully functional on this device.


Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Sound quality of the product is incredible
  • Bass effect of the sound produced by the product is lacking a bit
  • This device is used for vehicles like motorcycles and golf carts
  • This device cannot compare to powerful sound systems used in four wheelers and homes
  • The Amazon rating for this device is 4.1 out of 5 stars. This rating is incredible for such a rare product.
  • Even though the Amazon rating of this product is as high as 4.1 out of 5 stars, there exist products with higher ratings in the market
  • The input ports of this device (USB, Auxilary and SD card) function perfectly.
  • The wireless remote that comes with this device has received complaints. It seems to be not working that well
  • Most parts of the audio system are waterproof
  • The amplifier has been accused of not being waterproof


Social Proof

  • The internet possesses a large number of positive reviews about this product. People love the audio system and claim that this product has now enabled them to listen to music on their cycles, golf carts etc.
  • Some of the positive points discussed in product reviews include the fact that this device is extremely easy to set up and far easier to use. The sound produced by this device has been described as clean, crisp, and awesome.
  • The powerful Bluetooth connection has been praised by many users.
  • One or two complained about the bass not being powerful enough. But the product is still produced remarkable sound for its size and price. Amazon rates this product 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Alternative Choices

As mentioned earlier, there are other products with various other features to choose from this particular product doesn’t meet the needs of a particular rider.

Alternative Choice #1: 250 Watt 3 Channel Motorcycle Boat Speakers

This particular product is similar to the previous with the major change being in the speakers’ capacity. In this console, each speaker has 250W limit with a 3 channel motorcycle amplifier that has FM radio and in-built antenna. They also support subwoofer inputs from the user’s mobile phone. The speakers are 100% waterproof with remote controls for volume and power options. The product is tested with all the major MP3 players and mobile phones in the market. The size of the amplifier is 6X3X2 inches overall. Amongst the other consoles, this one has a lesser price tag.

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Alternative Choice #2: Shark Motorcycle Audio 22050

This speaker has an audio capacity of 200W (each side having 100W) which can be controlled using a knob in-built. These speakers are totally waterproof with the added feature of handlebar volume control. All the necessary brackets are available with the product. There is a one-year exchange warranty given by the manufacturer and the speaker console runs on the standard 12-volt specification. The speakers are compatible with wires that need RCA jacks as well as 1/8” standard earphone jack. Amongst the available speaker consoles, this particular product is the cheapest but it does have enviable features which attracts buyers.

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Alternative Choice #3: BOSS AUDIO MC500 Chrome Motorcycle/ATV Sound System

This particular product can play songs from the user playlists as well as tune into the nearest radio station. It also has great call connectivity with 3 inch speakers. The console is waterproof as well as dustproof. These speakers are compatible with major brands of motorcycles and cruisers around the world. The price of these speakers is higher than the average available in the market. The controls for this console can be given on the handlebars of the motorcycle as well.

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Car, truck, bus, and van drivers enjoyed the blissful luxury of listening to music using built-in sound systems. But the option of listening to music while driving motorcycles, ATV’s, sports cars, water vehicles, golf carts, scooters etc. was not available. Now the audio system w/ 3.5 speakers + wired/wireless remote antenna – Black – Part II is a revolutionary device that solves this problem. Because of this motorcycle audio system, everyone can listen to music. The luxury is not restricted to the four-wheel drivers anymore. The product has wireless and wired options to sync music. It is waterproof and it comes with an LCD display. The product possesses all the qualities that are necessary for an audio system that produces good sound.

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