UCLEAR Digital AMP Pro Bluetooth Helmet Audio System Review

The UCLEAR AMP is a more powerful and faster audio device launched to enjoy high music conversion. This audio system comes with upgraded AMP series so as to offer stable and stronger connection. This device is paired with extraordinary features and noise cancelling technology as to neglect background noise to offer extensive sound quality. It also incorporates duplex intercom technology so as to make the countless riders to stay connected. The speaker also offers massive and faithful reproduction of your lovable music. This wonderful device makes the driving enthusiasts to have joyful and thrilled driving beyond their dream. The overall usefulness of this product is mentioned below in detailed manner.


People who are expecting to have wonderful sound experience can prefer for AMP-pro Bluetooth helmet as it offer unmatched audial quality with Hi-Fi features as well. The excellent studio sound of the speakers will create natural voice and powerful bass at clean highs as your earlobes will be highly thankful. The audio engineers have worked vigorously on the device so as to bring high studio quality along with Stereo audio as well. Ranging from clear-audio to outstanding music playback, the engineers show their Excellency. This helmet audio makes the sound motorists to have their best sound for their hip-hop songs.

Who should buy it?

Bluetooth helmets are considered to be highly suitable for these peopled

  • Who wish to have hi-fi sound system when riding
  • People who wish to have exceptional music playback with crystal clear audio
  • Riders who wish to connect through private intercom while riding
  • Who desires to have a safe and secure ride will get benefit from their Bluetooth helmet
  • Who wish to get connected with their loved ones while going for the ride can prefer this device.
  • People who love to listen to their desired songs from smartphone can also make use of this excellent product.
  • This product is extensively useful for teenage group people because they are greatly addicted to hearing hi-fi songs during their ride.

Buyer’s Guide

The Bluetooth helmet device is created with famous HBC series and advanced Bluetooth technology as well. This device is connected well with top-most pulse pro speakers which features excellent studio sound system to get powerful bass in warm and natural voice.

  • The Bluetooth helmet comes with full face, modular, half or three-fourth so it is essential for the user to check the appropriate one as per their head size.
  • The helmet is light weight but comes with extensive protection for the riders who loves riding for a long time.
  • The users can enjoy utmost convenience through clearlink app which is applicable through UCLEAR digital. This app helps the riders to stay connected with the Bluetooth to AMP control unit.
  • More than ten users can stay connected with full-duplex private-intercom in the array of 700m. The intercom range seems to be extended open-endedly.
  • The speakers must deliver faithful and superb reproduction of audio in terms of your desired music. The surrounding noises will be completely eliminated by this ABF technology as well.
  • The pulse pro microphones are also considered to offer preeminent audio transparency while riders move on roadways. The users will be extensively getting benefit from crystal-clear audio experience to remarkable music playback as well.
  • The pulse-pro headset offers extremely clear audio for the sake of voice communications. Riders will love to get benefit from best sound quality by using helmet audio system.

Product Description

UCLEAR Digital Bluetooth Helmet is a new system developed by the institution of famous HBC series. It consists of cutting-edge Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and hence the novel AMP series provides a stable and stronger connection as well. In addition to the amalgamation of pulse pro speakers, this device features high-quality sound system to deliver natural and warm voice devoid of powerful bass at massive highs.

Hi-Definition Speakers: This product holds Hi-definition speakers along with in-built microphone. With the aid of dual-microphone, this device offers tremendous voice clarity. In addition to that, the highly innovative Beamforming technology permits the sound-lovers to have discreet dual-microphone so as to extract and capture desired sounds thereby eliminating all unwanted background noises.

Ultimate Audio Experience: Ear protection and property fitted helmets are considered to be the most important features in order to safeguard one’s hearing. That being the reason, it offers good audio awareness as well. You can enjoy music and conversation while you drive on the road through this premium helmet audio device

Sizing: The size of the helmet ranges from half, modular, three-fourth and full-face which offers acoustic challenges and hence assists to offer excellent audio performance. People can choose the helmet based upon the size of their head.

Weight: UCLEAR Digital Pro is highly known for its light-weight as it is just 1.1 pounds. An indefinite amount of driving enthusiasts is connected through the AMP full-duplex intercom technology.

Noise-Cancelling Feature: With the inclusion of this tremendous feature, the background noises that are found virtually seem to be eliminated and hence offer excellent sound clarity. The noise cancelling is possible through the ABF technology.

Multimedia Features: This device helps to connect with numerous Bluetooth enabled devices like smartphones via cross-band compatibility so that it gets connected with the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet and GPS systems.

Weather Resistant: The riders can highly ride with confidence since the Bluetooth helmet system is highly resistant to weather condition whether it is cold or warm and dry or wet.

Pros and Cons

The helmet is of light weight so the user can wear it for long rideWhen the helmets are used are high volumes, you will get cause hearing loss.
Even in the noisy environments, Bluetooth helmet offers crystal clear audio in terms of voice communication.The helmets are not available in eye-catching colors
This device comes with good audio awareness so that riders can able to observe and respond what is going on in the surrounding environment
High definition sound feature helps the riders to listen to the unwavering high tones in all situations.
Intercom connection helps the rider to get connected with other riders while driving

Social Proof

  • Most of the customers are greatly satisfied by means of its Bluetooth connectivity and other important features.
  • Some customers are greatly thankful for its lightweight and comfortable technical features.
  • Few people complaint that the Bluetooth helmet has inadequate bass distortion.
  • The individuals who brought this item revels that it is excellent quality for the riders who loves to listen to their desired music while on the roadside irrespective of any background noises.

Pricing & Purchasing Details

The pricing of the product seems to be $399.99 with free shipping. UCLEAR Digital-AMP Pro Bluetooth Helmet-Audio System – Dual Kit has been available in various sizes. You can pick up your desired size with fullest perfection. Check the features one you get your product delivered.


Alternative Choice #1: UCLEAR Digital (HBC200)

With this Bluetooth technology, one can greatly enjoy hands-free option in your mobile-phone in addition to browsing music and creating phone calls. This device helps to connect with boundless number of riders simultaneously and privately. The full-duplex intercom equipment neglects ambient noise found in the environment like road, wind or else engine noise. It offers exceptional audio clarity with high stereo sound.

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Alternative Choice #2: UCLEAR digital AMP-(Single Kit)

This device is highly resistant to weather and it makes the riders to ride with extreme confidence in all sorts of weather condition as well. Hi-Fi studio sound and pulse pro speaker will offer a high-quality sound which assures to provide powerful bass, natural and warm voice in greater distance as well.

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Alternative Choice #3: UClear (HBC200) helmet-communicator

This latest Bluetooth technology permits you to create and make phone calls in order to stay connected with the loved ones. It also permits you to listen to your desired music. This system seems to be highly installed in most of the present-day helmets so as to get benefit from enjoyable music. With the availability of microphone, one can have clear conversations with other riders thereby eliminating noise coming from other environments.

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The UCLEAR digital AMP Bluetooth helmet kit has licensed microphone system and boost plus speaker. The drivers can enjoy a Hi-Fi audio system with clean voice clarity and crisp audio systems beyond expectation. The intercom communication as well as microphone is combined into the single housing system to make the helmet highly simple and lightweight. Overall, the helmet produces exceptional sound clarity when the users like to have long journey.

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