Youth Offroad Gear Combo Helmet Gloves Goggles Review

The Youth Offroad Gear Combo provides the best riding experience with awesome safety features. The products have the retention characteristic which leads to the long lifetime which is needed for all the riders. The Youth Offroad Gear Combo offers the rider with optimal features such as washable and removable inner linings with convenient paddings. The product is also available in different sizes for the convenience of different kinds of people. With the best safety features and the shielding abilities, the Youth Offroad Gear Combo is a very good companion for celebrating the wonderful bike rides.


From the tradition of having fun through rough motor rides with sporty motorcycles has become a modern culture in recent years. Apart from the fun part of these amazing rides in the rough roads, there is always a possibility of facing the accidents which have changed the life terribly of various people. Thus, the usage of helmets, gloves, and goggles are considered as one of the main accessories for the riders who involve in sporty rides or even for the transportation. The youth must have the awareness and also be conscious of having the safe riding. With the help of, the Youth Offroad Gear Combo, the riders can have a wonderful journey by creating cherishable memories.

Who Should Buy These

  • Parents who worry about their kids getting while they are riding bikes may have found the solutions to their problems. The helmet provides for any injury in the head, provide clear vision, the gloves provide the perfect grip.
  • Young bike riders often feel that wearing your safety gear cramps your style, look no further. Presenting the perfect combo that provides for your safety as well as style.

Buyer’s Guide

Before buying the Youth Offroad Gear Combo, the customer has to have a good knowledge about the product. The customer can read the reviews and buyers guide for gaining the knowledge about the product.


  • While shopping through online, the buyer has to check the product for the actual suitable size for the individual through the size chart.
  • The price may for the different size of the Helmet, Gloves, Goggles, but the user has to opt for the perfect sized helmet, glove, and goggles.

Safety Features

  • The product must be approved by US Department of Transportation (DOT) and SNELL certificate for its quality.
  • The product must have the amazing safety features for headgear safety and it should also be available at affordable rates.

Body Design

  • The product must have a perfect interior lining along with the comfortable padding for covering the neck and cheek region of the user.
  • The design of the product should have a removable lining for washing the lining when needed. This quality is very much essential for the long riders.
  • The helmet should also have a chin covering for the projection of jaws and face during accidents.
  • The product must be a full faced helmet which is designed in such a way to cover the entire head and to protect the skull.


  • One of the benefits of having Youth Offroad Gear Combo is to have an enjoyable ride with the convenient shielding which is also considered as the safety feature.
  • The biker can have a tired less experience with the safety shield yet with ventilation facility.
  • The inside padding along with the inner lining comforts the user which leads to the efficient riding.
  • The goggles and gloves help the rider to have a comfortable ride without facing the health problems.

Pricing & Purchasing Details

Since the product has the inner linings and removable padding the Youth Offroad Gear Combo is the bit expensive. But while considering the safety features and the quality of the of the product, the product is presented at the nominal rate. The price of the product varies with the change in size from small to large and medium. The size of the Helmet, gloves, and goggles must be checked with the size chart before ordering the product. The size of the gloves can be changed while purchasing the product through online.

Presenting The Product


The helmet is lightweight and the dimension is apt for kids and teenagers quite different from the oversized helmets which the adults use. The helmet has been designed keeping in mind the safety and the comfort level of the rider. Attention has been given to provide ample vents for regular air flow. The visor provides protection from the glare of the sun as well as gives a stylish look to the rider. The goggles are stylish and made off hard coated Lexan lens so that they are not easily damaged. The gloves are double layered to provide for superior grip.

Product Information

  • Brand: Typhoon Helmets
  • Model: KYB07RED165L-CO
  • Item Weight: 2.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer Part Number: KYB07RED165REDCOL
  • CAPA Certified: DOT Certified
  • Vehicle Service Type: atv & utv
  • Safety Rating: DOT Certified
  • Shipping Weight: 5 pounds

Features and Benefits

Keep in mind the requirements of our customers of ensuring their safety as well as not compromising on their style this gear combo meets all the requirements

  • The helmet is light weight and weighs under 3lbs means children can easily wear it and it is not much of a discomfort for them.
  • The helmet has been provided with various vents allow sufficient air flow. This allows the forehead to be cool and prevents sweating which can cloud his vision.
  • Hard Coated Lexan Lens provides protection against the glare of the sun rays and also prevents dirt and dust particles from entering the eyes of the rider.
  • The pre-curved pattern on the surface of the gloves provides a superior grip and double layered palm makes it more comfortable to hold the handle bars.
  • The combo product has been designed for safety as well as to make the rider look stylish and is available at a very affordable price.Available in multiple colors to choose from it ensures safety as well as makes the rider look uber cool.

Pros and Cons

Light Weight –under 3lbLimited period offer
Pocket Friendly

    Social Proof

  • After searching the internet for quite a bit of time I found some reviews that state various advantages and provide a positive insight to the product.
  • A total of 8 users have reviewed the product on Amazon and all of them came away satisfied with the product. Some of the users came away amazed at the design and quality of the product, while one of the customers was very happy with the price of the product. All of them rated the product 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Since none of the users who have reviewed the product have mentioned any problem with the product currently there seems no problem with the product.
  • The average ratings provided by the users was 5 out of 5 stars.

Alternative Choices

The Youth Offroad Gear Combo offers the best bike riding experience, but the cost of the combo product may be expensive for few people. Thus, there are similar products which has similar features and which are also available at affordable prices.

Alternative Choice #1: Youth Offroad Gear Combo Helmet Gloves Goggles DOT Motocross ATV Dirt Bike MX Motorcycle Yellow, Large

The product is designed to satisfy the expectation of the riders with various special features. The product’s actual weight is 3 lbs and the weight may vary according to the size of the helmet. The product has been certificated by the DOT by reflecting its high quality of outer and inner design. For the convenience of the users, the product is available in different sizes.  The inner lining of the product is removable and can be washed.

Check Lowest Price

Alternative Choice #2: TMS Youth Kids Green Flame Motocross ATV Mx Off-road Dirt Bike Helmet DOT (Medium)

The product is designed in an adorable way and to provide the experience of light weight for the bikers. The product is approved by DOT for its excellent performance and lifetime. The padding is manufactured with the heavily cushioned and yet thick pads for providing comfort for the riders. The product is designed in such a way that it is great for the ventilation service for the riders. The outer body style of the product is designed in a modern style with the UV protective finish. The product is also available for affordable rates at the markets.

Check Lowest Price

Alternative Choice #3: XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Combo    

The product is designed in a creative way with the extra durable material and also to provide the lightweight feeling for the rider. The product is available in various different sizes such as small, medium and large. The product also comes with the combo pack including the helmet, goggles, pair of gloves, and helmet bag. The outer surface is designed to be finished with UV protection which leads to giving the best shielding performance for the riders. The interior of the helmet is cushioned for providing the comfort for the riders, especially during long rides.

Check Lowest Price


Whether it’s riding just for enjoyment or going to a far-off place there are certain risks to safety.  This risk can be associated with a lot of factors momentary loss of vision due to the glare of the sun rays, slipping of the grip on the handlebars due to sweaty palm, head injury while slipping due to water on the road etc. All these risks have to be avoided and it can be safely negated with the Youth Off Road Combo of Helmet, Gloves, and Goggles. If any gear ensures safety and makes the user look cool shouldn’t it be used? The Youth Off Road Combo gear is a perfect blend of the very kind which ensures the safety of its user and at the same time make him/her appear very stylish.

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